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Где был замечен Джош / Places where Josh appeared & was noticed

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сентябрь 2019
Happy's Irish Pub



Любопытное фото
апд. Фото со съемок фильма "Инкассаторский грузовик"

Ok so......... this is what happens when two american guys are jet legged and caught red handed in a cat nap and the rest of the cast fuck with you. Thanks guys. #guyritchie #movielife @guyritchie

и ещё

Sincere thanks to our director @guyritchie for a memorable #thanksgiving with the lads. @jeffreydonovanofficial @scotteastwood #joshhartnett @niamh_algar @rocciboy #loreoftheland is a great pub with excellent food. I’ll be back.

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Hopping on a private jet with my buddy #joshhartnett. I gotta save up and get one of these.



On the set of Die Hart with Kevin Hart, Josh Hartnett, & Nathalie Emmanuel
Credit john travolta facebook

Все, что пока могу написать: Кевин Харт опубликовал в фейсбуке фото со съемок нового сериала  Крепкий Харт, вместе с ним на площадке Джош Хартнетт. В фильмографии Джоша сериал не вижу, но он есть)))
ссылка на сериал в imdb … flmg_prd_3

Релиз сериала с кинопоиска:
Актёр устал сниматься в комедиях и хочет стать звездой боевиков. Ему подворачивается шанс получить роль мечты, но сперва он должен пережить обучение в школе для экшен-героев, которой руководит безумный преподаватель. Теперь ему предстоит пройти через серию немыслимых экшен-сцен в компании других студентов.


Massato Paris


Empire Podcast #439: Josh Hartnett, Emily Mortimer

Josh Hartnett was born in America, but now lives in England. Emily Mortimer was born in England, but now lives in America. That's not why we asked them both to guest on this week's Empire Podcast. That's just an incidental fact with which you can amuse your friends and dazzle your enemies. But they do both guest on this week's show, talking to Chris Hewitt about Target Number One, getting a bottle of wine from Sofia Coppola, and writing (Josh), and Relic, retaining your accent after years of living/working abroad, and writing (Emily). Word of warning: the Emily Mortimer interview delves deep into the subject of death, so tread carefully. Timings are Hartnett:34:03-51:57 and Mortimer: 1:15:53-1:37:15.

Elsewhere, Chris is then joined in the virtual podbooth by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer to discuss the death of Sean Connery, the ideal filmgoing experience, a bunch of horror film news, review About Endlessness, Target Number One, and Luxor, and somehow, despite the fact that there are only two colleagues of such lethal cunning, deliver another instalment of the Three Fact Structure.


Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Биография. Biography » Где был замечен Джош / Places where Josh appeared & was noticed