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Август / August

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Хочется уже посмотреть новый хороший фильм с Джошем(надеюсь он таким и будет)! А то Джош в этом году не особо порадовал своими фильмами... :P


Ещё  про фильм "Август "с фестиваля Санденс 2008 :
Sundance Movie Reviews

Daily Herald   

(Spectrum; 1 hr., 28 min.)
I have no idea what this movie's title is supposed to mean. Maybe "I Was a Snotty DotCom Weenie" was already on the books, so the filmmakers jumped on the first alternative that came to mind. The snotty weenie is Tom Sterling, CEO of LandShark, a company that, as Tom puts it, does "e." Actually, LandShark definitely does "E" -- these guys are serious. Except about making money, that is. Like everyone caught on the dotcom bubble in 2001, LandShark has big ideas and small "ROI." Which is bad news for blustery Tom (Josh Hartnett) and his brother, Josh (Adam Scott), LandShark's idea man.

The movie's dialogue includes a measured amount of semi-irritating cultural mileposts, just so you'll know that the filmmakers did some homework. And there's the occasional reverse anachronism, as when Tom disparagingly observes that "even Bezos" has a private jet. That insignificant e-nobody Bezos! (Yes, Jeff Bezos, top dog at Har.) The energy is right, however, and director Austin Chick makes excellent use of Rip Torn (who, as Tom's father, makes a pointed critique of LandShark's daily operations) and David Bowie (razor sharp in a single scene). The real star, however, is Hartnett. His character is pure ego, devoid of substance, but Hartnett's performance is spot-on. At just 88 minutes, the movie feels a bit lightweight, but Hartnett gives it punching power.



Короче, смысел статьи такой: сценарий г..но, но Джош рулит.


Miaow написал(а):

смысел статьи такой: сценарий г..но, но Джош рулит.

спасибо хоть за малые радости :)


Еще про фильм Август, извините без комментариев :)
Sundance screening spotlight: Hartnett heats up 'August'
PARK CITY, Utah — Some ambitious men are their own worst enemies.
That's the central theme of August, a Sundance Film Festival drama starring Josh Hartnett as a vibrant young technology CEO who is skimming the surface of the dot-com bubble as it prepared to burst in 2001.

Hartnett's character, Tom Sterling, is a human time bomb whose loud mouth and charisma threaten to light his own fuse. His story unfolds in the month before 9/11, and numerous details allude to the coming tragedy.

He runs a corporation called LandShark that may not actually produce anything, and he frivolously hemorrhages funds on corporate jets and other accoutrements of wealth to make potential investors think business is skyrocketing.

This celebrity CEO's charm in front of the camera becomes boorish to his family, lovers and friends. As he spirals out of control, it threatens not only the company but also the livelihood of his brother (played by Adam Scott), who is the technical genius behind their operation.

Hartnett says playing the bad guy as hero was a lot of fun.

"We all have a self-destructive side," he says. "I'd been looking for a role like this, and it just struck a chord with me. The main character has this kind of passionate nature, but he doesn't know which direction to spread that passion."

When the company hits financial catastrophe, he faces the concept of colossal failure for the first time — and he doesn't take it well.

"It's just pure anger at the world being out of his hands for the first time in his life," Hartnett says.

Screenwriter Howard A. Rodman says he's not worried about making the brash Young Turk someone audiences root for. "Some people really care if their main characters are likable. I just care if they're compelling," he says.

Hartnett imagines an elaborate back story: "The first time I had this picture of him as this skateboarding kid from the Lower East Side who ditched his family when he was, like, 14 years old. So he never had to deal with any responsibility until this company. He had always been very good at convincing people of his ability, and that's what he kind of went on."

But, Hartnett says, Sterling lacked one major component — a product. "Luckily, his brother had a good idea," he says.

Ссылка : … gust_N.htm


На фестивале Санденс 2008 представлено два фильма  Сценариста Ховарда Родмана : August  и Savage Grace :
'An embarrassment of riches'
Screenwriter Howard Rodman penned two 2008 Sundance Film Festival picks: 'Savage Grace' and 'August'
    This year, screenwriter Howard A. Rodman considers himself "really lucky." He penned not one, but two dramatically different films at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival: "Savage Grace," which is part of the Premiere category, and "August," which is part of the Spectrum category.
"At its best, an indie film is like, 'Hey, let's build a tree house,'" he says. "But there's always a better chance that the spirit and the intention of the work will be honored. My work that gets made independently always tends to feel more like me."

Rodman comes to Sundance a veteran. In 2000, he wrote the festival's opening film, "Joe Gould's Secret." He notes the festival has changed some, become more of a market, but it's still his favorite. "I love the audience at Sundance," he says. "It's a group of people that are here to see strange and beautiful film."

Dramatically different in scope and subject, both of Rodman's "strange and beautiful" screenplays were completed five or six years ago, and for two very antithetical reasons.

Rodman built "August" on the story of Romulus and Remus, the mythological founders of Rome, and on the 1948 film "Force of Evil." "What I liked about 'Force of Evil' was that every hairline fracture could create a big huge abyss," he says. "It's about complex villains."

Directed by Austin Chick of 2002's "XX/XY," and starring Josh Hartnett as the hero and David Bowie as the villian, "August" captures the energy of the youthful dot-com era, with the story of two brothers fighting for their sinking empire, and risking their relationships with loved ones and dear friends along the way.

"I set it in the dot-com era because it seemed like fun to me Writers love technical language and the characters just started speaking to me," he says. "It was also an exciting and interesting time when I knew people who were millionaires on paper but could barely afford a bag of Ramen. It was a time that was really about hubris, which is, in some way, one of our best national qualities."

"Savage Grace," starring Julianne Moore, covers an equally dark topic. Originally a 1985 biography written by Natalie Robins and Steven M.L. Aronson called "Savage Grace: the True Story of Fatal Relations in a Rich and Famous American Family," the film dramatizes the wild and tragic tales of the rich and eccentric, disturbingly dysfunctional Baekeland family subject matter that did not appeal to Rodman when he was initially approached by producers.

Ссылка :


Ещё о фильме Август можно почитать здесь : … p;nid=2562


Интервью с режиссером фильма  Август Остином  Чиком : … august.php


Интервью с Остином Чиком про Август (  :evil:  на предыдущем сообщении ссылка не работает) а здесь более полный вариант

Austin Chick talks about his new novie, 'August', starring Josh Hartnett, David Bowie and Rip Torn
Austin Chick, August
"It was definitely a challenge to do something that was period when, in all the obvious ways, the world looks the same."

THE REELER: Take a second, if you don't mind, to tell us what August is about and what drew you to it.

AUSTIN CHICK: It's the story of two brothers; it's set in August, 2001, in the dot-com world of New York just before 9/11. I'd say that the core of the story is Josh Hartnett's character -- a guy who, as the dot-com market is crashing, is trying to raise a second round of financing to keep his company afloat. The market's already been crashing for a while, and most of the people he's dealing with see the writing on the wall and either don't trust him or don't believe the hype anymore.

One of the things that interested me initially is that [screenwriter] Howard Rodman really did a great job capturing this time in New York. It was really just an 18-month period; the market started crashing, but there was still the idea of money -- these young multi-millionaires running around town. Most of their wealth was on paper, yet there was this strange sense of decadence even while the market was crashing. People still believed it was going to turn around. It was a really interesting time in our near-history, both here in New York and the nation as a whole. It's something that disappeared after 9/11.

R: The film feels personal in some senses; a viewer might leave with the impression that you had your own intimate involvement with that period as well. Was that the case?

AC: I wasn't part of any dot-com venture, but I had a lot of friends who were. The company -- it's mentioned in the movie -- I had friends who worked there. There are a number of companies mentioned in there where I knew people who worked there or who dealt with those companies. I felt it was pretty prevalent in New York from the late '90s until 9/11 -- everything was dot-com.

R: That very recent history you integrate early in the film -- news clips and events from 2001, for example -- really do feel like a different time and place. Do you attribute that sense of chronology to 9/11, or might it just be our accelerated culture?

AC: I think that 9/11 drew a really sharp line -- even though it's only seven years ago, it's a very different time. It was definitely a challenge to do something that was period when, in all the obvious ways, the world looks the same. The big challenge was how to establish that time period and remind audiences that this is not now -- a few years ago, in a very different time.

R: As a viewer, I've had a pretty mixed relationship with Josh Hartnett. Yet this felt like the right role for him at the right time. Did you have a similar impression when you cast and directed him?

AC: It's a very different role from the stuff he's done in the past. He gets cast in these kind of passive, pretty-boy roles, and I thought it would be interesting to take some of that boyish likeability and push him to play a more aggressive character who is in some ways a little more questionable morally -- a bit of a prick. I thought the juxtaposition of qualities would be interesting. And Josh definitely knew it was a challenge; I think that's what excited him about the project. It's also a much talkier character than he usually plays. It was a challenge for both of us.

R: I love David Bowie's role here -- he's funny, he's horrifying and totally surprising. How did he become associated with August, and how did you approach the challenge of directing him?

AC: Before we shot that scene he and I had spoken on the phone a couple of times, but we hadn't met about it. We hadn't rehearsed. He showed up, knew his lines and was an absolute joy to work with. He had a bunch of stuff he'd worked out on his own -- a bunch of different colors to the way he eviscerates Hartnett in that scene. He was really game to playing around with it, and one of the things that he and I talked a bunch about was the idea that Ogilvie really takes pleasure in what he's doing. He sees a bit of himself in Hartnett's character and sees this as an opportunity to teach a young man a lesson -- not destroy him forever. But you can tell he sort of relishes it. I spent the whole day saying, "Oh my God; I'm directing David Bowie."

R: But why David Bowie? And how did you get him?

AC: I got a call from someone saying David's agent had read the script and asking if we'd be interested in him for the role. I'm a huge fan, but I hadn't really thought of him. Yet even as he's this cultural icon, he also brings this power and class to the part. The first thing we were told, though, was: "David's read the script, and he loves it. But we have to warn you: It's really, really difficult to get him to commit to anything." They kept trying to lower my expectations. I got a call a few days later saying David's really interested in independent cinema and he sees everything, but that he watched my first movie, XX/XY, and it wasn't his cup of tea. And I thought, "Yes! David Bowie saw my movie." I didn't fucking care if he liked it. Anyway, he still had to think about it.

Two or three more days went by and I get this call saying David only watched the first few minutes of XX/XY. He watched the rest, and he loved it, and he wants to do August. Then we had that series of phone calls. Everyone was on pins and needles that day.

R: You went to Sundance with XX/XY as well. What are your thoughts or expectations upon returning.

AC: That was a long time ago -- six years ago. I actually went out last year before we shot August because there was another Josh Hartnett movie [Resurrecting the Champ] in the festival. But it was a completely different world. This time I'm going to try to take a little bit more time for myself; with XX/XY, it was kind of overwhelming. I have a better idea of what to expect and how to keep my sanity -- just take it as it comes.

Ссылка: … 48626.html


ой, а когда этот кинчик в кинотеатрах будут показывать??


ЮЛЕЧКА написал(а):

ой, а когда этот кинчик в кинотеатрах будут показывать??

к сожаленью, дата премьеры фильма Август в России и Украине не определена :cry: 
22 января 2008г. состоялась премьера в Америке


Everydika написал(а):

кстати, актриса очень симпатичная, правда, афроамериканка.

Но это как сказать.Мне она не очень. :confused: А что бы могло значить "правда, афроамериканка"? :rolleyes:

Людмила написал(а):

к сожаленью, дата премьеры фильма Август в России и Украине не определена

Вот,блин,почему мы всегда сами-знаете-где?!Во всем мире кино уже покажут,а мы одни как сами-знаете-кто сидим и тупо ждем! :mad:


Людмила написал(а):

22 января 2008г. состоялась премьера в Америке

не совсем так... это был типа "предпоказ" на кинофестивале Санденс, а в официальный кинопрокат (т.е. в кинотеатры) фильм попадет только летом (насколько я понимаю, 1 августа) - это в Штатах. у нас, естественно, черт знает когда, если вообще появится...

Julia написал(а):

Но это как сказать.Мне она не очень. :confused: А что бы могло значить "правда, афроамериканка"?

я смотрела с ней "28 дней спустя", она мне там очень понравилась...
а насчет "афроамериканка" я имела ввиду, что темнокожая. собственно, это мне все-равно, но применительно к Джошу.... не знаю....  :confused:


Когда фильм выйдет? :(


еще одно сообщение такого рода и будет бан за спам! в каждом топике каждого фильма указана ДАТА ПРЕМЬЕРЫ


Назначен релиз «Августа» с Джошем Хартнеттом

Драма актера и продюсера Джоша Хартнетта «Август» была выбрана студией First Look для июльского релиза.

First Look получила права на показ премьерного фильма фестиваля Санденс в Северной Америке. В центре драмы «Август» - основатель веб-компании (Хартнетт), который в преддверии трагедии 11 сентября пытается разобраться со своими рабочими и личными проблемами.

В фильме режиссера Остина Чика также заняты Наоми Харрис, Адам Скотт, Робин Танни, Эммануэль Чрики, Рип Том и Дэвид Боуи, который играет роль корпоративного рейдера.

«Август» - один из «звездных» проектов, которые постепенно развивают работу с дистрибьюторами после не самого удачного в этот раз январского фестиваля Санденс.

Чарльз Корвин, Джош Хартнетт, Элиза Пуглиз, Дэвид Гай Леви и Клара Маркович выступили продюсерами фильма, Ховард Родман написал сценарий.

First Look назначили ограниченный релиз фильма на 11 июля 2008 года. 



смущает меня это... раз у них фильм пойдет в ограниченном показе, то у нас сабж ждет та же судьба, что и "Воскрешение чемпиона"....  :disappointed:


Everydika написал(а):

не самого удачного в этот раз январского фестиваля Санденс.

Что они имеют в виду? Не удачного - в коммерческом плане? мало продали фильмов? мне кажется трагическая смерть Хита Леджера в разгар фестиваля сыграла свою роль...

Everydika написал(а):

ограниченный релиз фильма на 11 июля 2008 года.

обидно,что ограниченный показ...


Everydika написал(а):

Элиза Пуглиз

:D  :D не повезло женщине с фамилией...

Everydika написал(а):

то у нас сабж ждет та же судьба, что и "Воскрешение чемпиона"....

Что такое сабж?  o.O


Людмила написал(а):

Что они имеют в виду? Не удачного - в коммерческом плане? мало продали фильмов? мне кажется трагическая смерть Хита Леджера в разгар фестиваля сыграла свою роль...

ну они, если быть точнее, написали disappointing - разочаровывающего... вероятно имели ввиду, что мало стоящих премьер было

Miaow написал(а):

Что такое сабж?

сабж - subject - предмет разговора... в данном случае - фильм "Август" :)


Вы только посмотрите на этот ШИКАРНЫЙ постер!!!!!!!! ХОЧУ!!!!!!


Еще появился трейлер к фильму, смотреть тут


Maja написал(а):

Вы только посмотрите на этот ШИКАРНЫЙ постер!!!!!!!! ХОЧУ!!!!!!



Maja написал(а):

Еще появился трейлер к фильму, смотреть тут

Ну если даже фильм будет и не очень , зато Джош тут великолепен !


Maja написал(а):

Вы только посмотрите на этот ШИКАРНЫЙ постер

Какой  Джош  красивый на постере, я засмотрелась.... надеюсь фильм будет таким же удачным :)

:love:  :love:


Maja написал(а):

Еще появился трейлер к фильму, смотреть тут

Спасибо преогромное , Maja !!! посмотрела с большим удовольствием))) очень хочется поскорее увидеть фильм! кстати,  можно увидеть, что Наоми Харрис больше всех повезло на съёмках :D

Здесь ещё одна ссылка на этот же трейлер  и комментарий к нему: … t-trailer/


Maja написал(а):

Вы только посмотрите на этот ШИКАРНЫЙ постер!!!!!!!! ХОЧУ!!!!!!

ОМГ, вот уж точно, шикарный!!!  Джош тут суперсекси получился!

ролик тоже отпадный - скажу честно, если бы не Джош, проект бы меня не заинтересовал, но как он тут здоровски смотрится!!!! и очень понравился Джош в комментарии к фильму totally sexy!


Maja написал(а):

Вы только посмотрите на этот ШИКАРНЫЙ постер!!!!!!!

Ему за этот постер надо яй-яй-яй, за пропаганду курения...  :mad: ему бы еще бутылку в другую руку, а под мышку - воблу в пакетике...  :D


August - Starring Josh Hartnett
Thursday, 15 May 2008
First Look Studios announces the theatrical release of August, a selection from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, on July 11, 2008. Josh Hartnett leads a stellar cast, including David Bowie, Naomie Harris, Rip Torn, Robin Tunney and Adam Scott. Director Austin Chick (XX/XY) presents an insightful look at the financial crash of the dot com era, bringing to life the economic chaos and ambiguity that ensued during this tumultuous time that marked the end of an era.

August is the story of two brothers, Tom and Joshua Sterling (Josh Hartnett and Adam Scott) whose Internet start-up, Landshark, is as hot as a New York City summer - only this is the summer of 2001, their company is in lock up, its stock price is plunging and, in a few weeks, the world will change forever.

But right now Tom is living the hedonistic life of an Internet star, the kind of guy we might have seen profiled on 60 Minutes: he dates multiple women, drives a '69 Camaro convertible and hangs out at a new club called Bungalow 8. But, like an emo version of Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale in American Psycho), it somehow never seems to matter that Tom is not quite able to explain what his company actually does.


Людмила написал(а):

First Look Studios announces the theatrical release of August, a selection from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, on July 11, 2008

У них показ запланирован на 11/07/08, а у нас, интересно, как?

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