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Джош Хартнетт выходит на сцену! / Josh Hartnett goes on stage!

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Людмила написал(а):


Мужик прикольный рядом с Джошем!  :D


Win a Weekend theatre break :flag:


YOU and a mate can win a fabulous weekend theatre break to see the new West-End production of Rainman, starring Hollywood heart-throb Josh Hartnett.

The lucky winners will receive top-price tickets to the show and post-show entry to private members bar The Rex with 2 complimentary cocktails on arrival.
Plus, you'll win two night’s accommodation at The Trafalgar Hotel, by definition the most central hotel in London, with a unique contemporary concept.
Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett, will make his West End debut playing the role of Charlie Babbit, famously played by Tom Cruise in the1988 Oscar-winning film Rainman.

When 16 year old Charlie Babbit borrows his dad's car, he calls the cops.

Determined to make it on his own, Charlie leaves.

When his dad dies, Charlie gets the car and some rose bushes – but not the money. Hot on the trail of the cash Charlie discovers an unknown autistic brother, Raymond, with an extraordinary talent for numbers.

Intent on saving his business, Charlie takes Raymond on a rollercoaster journey involving Las Vegas, gambling, learning to dance, and kissing. Raymond discovers a world beyond the hospital gates and Charlie realises the meaning of unconditional love.

Starring alongside Josh Hartnett in the role of Raymond Babbitt is British actor Adam Godley whose work includes films Love Actually and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Rainman is showing from August 28 - December 20, 2008 at The Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1V 7DH.

To book tickets call the Box Office on 0844 412 4658.


Competition ends Monday August 18, 2008 Соревнование  закончится 18 августа. Что бы принять участие и выиграть два билета на 29 или 30 августа на  спектакль "Rain Man", нужно дать ответ на один вопрос.


that´s a great thing to do. will anyone try it?


Алоха написал(а):

will anyone try it?

I tried!!! The question was like: who was the actor who played Charlie Babbit in Rainman in 1997..... or whatever. So, Tom Cruise, of course... I don't think that I'll win, but...  :dontknow:


what do you have to enter to be able to get to it? really only email? I´m not sure if that all is serious


Небольшие? перемены в постановке спектакля. Режиссер  David Grindly покинул проект по семейным обстоятельствам? Если я  поняла неправильно- поправьте, пожалуйста!!!
UK 'Rain Man' Starring Hartnett Switches Directors; Additional Casting Announced

Monday, August 11, 2008; Posted: 12:09 PM

What's On Stage is reporting that director David Grindly has stepped down from the upcoming production of Rain Man. He was replaced with director and playwright Terry Johnson. Producer Nica Burns released a statement saying Mr. Grindly had to step down from the production for family reasons and that their thoughts were with him.

Rain Man will mark the West End debut of popular film star Josh Hartnett. In addition to Hartnett the cast will feature Adam Godley (Raymond), Colin Stinton (Dr. Breuner), Mary Stockley (Susan), Charles Daish, and Tilly Blackwood.

The play will run from September 8th to December 20th at the Apollo Theatre.

The play is based off of the 1988 movie starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman that won six Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actor (Hoffman).

It tells the story of a young man named Charlie Babbitt (Hartnett) who learns after his father dies that he has left all of his estate to an estranged brother he knew nothing about because he was placed in a home for autistic children right after he was born.

The adaptation is written by Dan Gorden who has also written Terms of Endearment for the stage.



Rain Man Changes Directors & Confirms Full Cast
Date: 11 August 2008
David Grindley has stepped down as director of the premiere stage adaptation of the 1988 Oscar-winning film Rain Man, in which Hollywood screen star Josh Hartnett (pictured) will make his West End debut (See News, 1 Jul 2008). Grindley has been replaced - at the beginning of rehearsals, which started this month - by director-playwright Terry Johnson. The production will open at the West End’s Apollo Theatre, as scheduled on 9 September 2008 (previews from 28 August) for a limited season to 20 December.

In a statement, producer Nica Burns - who has previously worked with Johnson on a number of productions including the Award-winning revival of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest starring another Hollywood heartthrob, Christian Slater – said today: “Director David Grindley sadly had to withdraw for family reasons. Following discussions with David and members of the cast, all roads led to one director. We are lucky that Terry Johnson was able to step in … The production schedule remains unchanged and all our good wishes go with David.”

Johnson has directed Hartnett’s co-star, British actor Adam Godley, in his own play Cleo, Camping, Emmanuel and Dick at the National and in the film Cor, Blimey!, and has previously met Harnett and collaborated with several other members of the cast.

Josh Hartnett is Charlie Babbitt, played on screen by Tom Cruise, with Adam Godley as Raymond, the part for which Dustin Hoffman won a Best Actor Oscar. Raymond is the elder brother Charlie never knew he had, an autistic savant who’s been hidden away in an institution for most of his life. When Raymond is released into Charlie’s care, Charlie harnesses Raymond’s genius to save his business and the brothers embark on a rollercoaster journey beyond the hospital gates.

The full cast of Rain Man, now confirmed, also features Colin Stinton (The Graduate, Man and Boy, The Goat or Who Is Sylvia? on stage) as Dr Breuner and Mary Stockley (The Common Pursuit, Anything Goes, Merrily We Roll Along) as Susan, as well as Charles Daish and Tilly Blackwood.

Rain Man is adapted by Dan Gordon and designed by Jonathan Fensom, with lighting by Jason Taylor. It’s produced by Nica Burns, Jane Walmsley, Michael Braham and Max Weitzenhoffer in association with MGM On Stage, Darcie Denker and Dean Stolber. Barry Morrow, the creator of the original film, based the character of Raymond on a real-life savant called Kim Peek, now in his 50s, who’s been the subject of TV documentaries and medical studies. The film won four Academy Awards in total, including Best Picture.



Людмила написал(а):

Режиссер  David Grindly покинул проект по семейным обстоятельствам? Если я  поняла неправильно- поправьте, пожалуйста!!!

Да-да, и ещё загадочная фраза "and that their thoughts were with him" - у этого режиссера что-то случилось в семье?  :huh:
Надеюсь, смена режиссера не отразится негативно на проекте. По крайней мере, в статьях ничего страшного не пишут! Так что пожелаем Джошу хорошо порепетировать и подготовить роль идеально!  :flag:


странно... вообще, от режиссера зависит ОЧЕНЬ и ОЧЕНЬ много.... будем надеяться, что спектакль не пострадает....


[реклама вместо картинки]


I love that picture


Незнаю фотошоп ли это или правда у них такое на улицах висит?


That is the Billboard for the play at the theatre.


Пух написал(а):

Незнаю фотошоп ли это или правда у них такое на улицах висит?

судя по цветокоррекции фотошоп...


Пух написал(а):

Незнаю фотошоп ли это или правда у них такое на улицах висит?

С фоткой точно что то делали))) а вот афиши такие в Лондоне есть! :cool:


Крупный план: Адам Годли     Кратко :
Актер волнуется-ему предстоит играть роль, которую до него исполнял сам Дастин Хоффман.
Все предыдущие роли актера никак не подготовили его к этому. "Это захватывающе- играть роль, сыгранную до этого твоим идолом". В ходе подготовки к спектаклю, Адам Годли пытается разобраться, как это - видеть мир глазами аутиста.Он много читал о них, общался с людьми, связанними с аутистами.  "На репетициях я пытаюсь найти в себе аутиста ". Адам Годли наслаждается возможностью играть вместе с Джошем Хартнеттом.  " Он страстный и строгий актер" - говорит Адам о Джоше.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Close-Up: Adam Godley

No wonder he's worried – the actor is stepping into Dustin Hoffman's shoes
He watched on as his son was shrunk to Tom Thumb-size in Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), helped take down Hermann Göring in the 2006 BBC docu-drama Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial and proved a thorn in Scully's side in The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008). But nothing has quite prepared Adam Godley for his latest role – playing the autistic-savant Raymond Babbitt in the new West End adaptation of Rain Man. Appearing opposite Hollywood heart-throb Josh Hartnett will be one thing, trying to follow the Oscar-winning performance of Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 film, will be another.

As a veteran of film and stage (he was nominated for an Olivier in 1999 for his portrayal of Kenneth Williams in Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick and in 2002 for his performance in Mouth to Mouth), Godley remains undaunted. "Hoffman is one of my great acting heroes and it's exciting to tackle a role played by one of your idols," he says. "I try to think about it in the same way I would any other role that has been played by another actor before, and I've done plenty of those."

In preparation, he read up on autism and spoke to people who worked in the field. "I needed to look inside the head of someone with autism, which is a different place, where the world is experienced in a different way," he explains. "I wanted to store everything and then, once we started rehearsing, I tried to find what was useful to create the autistic-savant within me."

He is relishing the opportunity to play opposite Hartnett: "He's a passionate and rigorous actor and that's inspiring to be around. We're going to take the audience on a moving, fascinating journey."

'Rain Man' is at the Apollo Theatre, London W1 (0844 412 4658,, from Thursday to 20 December



Rain Man Arrives on the London Stage Aug. 28    [реклама вместо картинки]


The stage version of the 1988 Oscar-winning film "Rain Man," which boasts the West End debut of Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett, begins performances at the Apollo Theatre Aug. 28 with an official opening scheduled for Sept. 9.

Rain Man, which is currently booking through Dec. 20, has been re-imagined by writer Dan Gordon, and is reset in the present day. Terry Johnson, who replaced David Grindley during rehearsals, directs.

Josh Hartnett plays Charlie Babbitt (originally played on screen by Tom Cruise) with British actor Adam Godley as his autistic savant older brother Raymond (originally played by Dustin Hoffman, who won the Best Actor in a Leading Role award). The cast also features Mary Stockley, Colin Stinton, Charles Daish and Tilly Blackwood.

The production is described as such: "Raymond, who has been hidden in an institution for most of his adult life and is dysfunctional in many senses, is also touched with a kind of stellar genius, which his brother Charlie, an L.A.-based automobile dealer and hustler, harnesses to save his business. The two brothers embark on a rollercoaster journey together that shows Raymond a world beyond the hospital gates and Charlie the meaning of unconditional love."

Hartnett, whose films include "Pearl Harbor," "Black Hawk Down," "30 Days of Night," "Virgin Suicides," "The Black Dahlia" and "Lucky Number Slevin," said in a previous press statement, "It has always been my intent to work on the London stage. While I've had many opportunities it was only when I read the complex and charismatic character of Charlie Babbitt that I knew the time was right. I feel very fortunate to make my London bow with such an esteemed producer and director and I'm also looking forward to working with Adam Godley, who is such an extraordinary talent. Can't wait to live and work in London a city I adore!"

Godley was Olivier-nominated for his stage performances in Johnson's Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick (National Theatre) and Kevin Elyot's Mouth to Mouth (Royal Court, subsequently transferring to the Albery). Other productions include Private Lives (West End and Broadway), Paul, The Pillowman and Mike Leigh's Two Thousand Years (National Theatre). His film credits include Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" and upcoming "X Files: I Want To Believe."

Adaptor Dan Gordon has written 11 feature films, including "The Hurricane," "Wyatt Earp," "Murder in the First," "The Assignment" and "Passenger 57." His new play, Irena's Vow, is scheduled to open in New York in the fall. Other theatre credits include the stage adaptation of Terms of Endearment, which recently toured the U.K., and the stage adaptation of Murder in the First. His version of Rain Man is based on the MGM motion picture, which featured a screenplay by Barry Morrow.

Rain Man is produced by Nica Burns, Jane Walmsley, Michael Braham, Max Weitzenhoffer in association with MGM ON STAGE, Darcie Denkert and Dean Stolber.

To book tickets contact the box office at 0844 412 4658 or visit



Людмила написал(а):

Rain Man Arrives on the London Stage Aug. 28

Удачи Джошику & Co!!!  :cool: Может кто фотки выложит потом...


Julia написал(а):

Удачи Джошику & Co!!!

Присоединяюсь к пожеланию и завидую счастливчикам, которые попали на спектакль!


Людмила написал(а):

" Он страстный и строгий актер" - говорит Адам о Джоше.

ох, какая чудная характеристика!  :love:


Пух написал(а):

Незнаю фотошоп ли это или правда у них такое на улицах висит?

Дорогая, висит - не то слово!!!!! Своими глазами видела... Нас привезли 14 августа вечером в Лондон, и наша группа собралась, нас погрузили в автобус и повезли из Хитроу в гостиницу. Едем, на Пикаддилли Сёркус постояли в пробке, я и гида спрашиваю: "Скажите, а улица Shaftsbury Avenue тут далеко?" Он говорит: "Сейчас по ней проезжаем!" Гляжу я и вижу: ВИСИТ ОГРОМЕННЫЙ БИЛЛБОРД С ДЖОШЕМ, НА ЭТОМ САМОМ ТЕАТРЕ APOLLO.... ЧТО СО МНОЙ БЫЛО!!!!! Чуть инфаркт не получила!!!!  :tired: Не успела приехать в Лондон, а тут - ТАКОЕ!!!!

Everydika написал(а):

судя по цветокоррекции фотошоп...

Настоящий, фотки мои смотрите...  :yep:


Джоша можно поздравить с премьерой! :flag:


Miaow написал(а):

Настоящий, фотки мои смотрите...

ну по твоим видим, что так и есть, а на той фотке, которую обсуждали было все чб а постер цветной, неестественно))) нахимичили что-то...

фотки на фанхосте Джоша - там одна только на сцене есть, и все-таки интересно узнать, как он сыграл, кроме того что WOW FANTASTIC  :D


Вот чего пишет наши сайты о последних лондонских событиях с Джошем: во-первых, фото выбрали ужасное, во-вторых, фамилию перековеркали, в третьих, не с 9 сентября, а с 28 августа!!! Блин, ну что у нас за журналисты???  :mad:  :suspicious:

Кто здесь: Джош Хартнетт готов к премьере

Ответ на утреннюю загадку. Это Джош Харнетт, прыгнул в машину возле Apollo Theatre, где последние дни репетирует роль в спектакле "Человек дождя" по одноименному оскароносному фильму. С 9 сентября любой лондонский театрал сможет оценить игру Харнетта, он там исполняет роль Чарли Бэббитта (в фильме его играл Том Круз).

Олеся Калиниченко, 20:11 29.08.08
Источник: … emere.html


Miaow написал(а):

Вот чего пишет наши сайты о последних лондонских событиях с Джошем: во-первых, фото выбрали ужасное, во-вторых, фамилию перековеркали, в третьих, не с 9 сентября, а с 28 августа!!! Блин, ну что у нас за журналисты???

:D  :D  :D ну хоть вообще очнулись)))


Джош на днях выходит из театра: … rche-.html


И вот ещё, некий очевидец, по-моему, несколько нетрадиционной ориентации, увидел Джоша после премьеры, и радостно пишет об этом:
http://confessionsofamuscler.blogspot.c … inamo.html

Фото, снятые очевидцем, после спектакля. Во-первых, знакомая мне улочка за театром "Apollo"; во-вторых, видны наши подруги-банниз (за спиной Джоша, у двери, с фотоаппаратами): Соррел, Мэг, кажется, Kasuydo....


Решила эту новость добавить сюда :) :flag:  :flag:  :flag:   Джорджио Армани (Giorgio Armani) разработал костюмы для лондонского спектакля «Человек дождя» («Rain Man»), в основу которого был положен сценарий одноимённого фильма 1988 года. Итальянский дизайнер создал гардероб для главного героя спектакля Чарли Бэббитта (Charlie Babbitt), роль которого исполнит Джош Хартнетт (Josh Hartnett).
«Я давно восхищаюсь Джошем Хартнеттом как одним из самых талантливых актёров своего поколения, – говорит Армани. – На экране и вне его он демонстрирует магнетический шарм и харизму».
Дизайнер создал для актёра, для которого участие в этом спектакле станет сценическим дебютом, два костюма.  Армани и Хартнетт сотрудничают уже давно: в частности, недавно актёр стал новым лицом аромата Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men. ... " Костюмы сделаны специально для роли, и помогут Джошу чувствовать себя более непринужденно и преодолеть страх перед аудиторией"...   Армани и сам надеется увидеть Джоша в спектакле!
Armani On Stage

23 September 2008, 04:03PM

GIORGIO ARMANI is taking to the West End - dressing Josh Hartnett for his stage debut as the disinherited Charlie Babbitt in the adaptation of 1988 film Rain Man.

"I have long admired Josh Hartnett, who represents one of the most talented actors of his generation," says Armani. "Both on and off screen, he has a charm and charisma that is magnetic. I wish him the best of luck for his debut and hope to get the chance to see him onstage."

The designer has provided Hartnett with two made-to-measure suits for the role, which will doubtlessly help the actor feel a little more at ease should stage fright strike; Armani is an old-time ally of his, having dressed him for his first film premiere and recently announcing him as the new face of Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men. черт...до чего ж хорош!!!



Вчера дневной спектакль "Человек дождя" был отменён по "техническим причинам" o.O 
Hartnett under the weather

t never rains it pours. Josh Hartnett has become the latest high-profile Hollywood star to be hit by problems on his West End stage debut. Theatregoers hoping to catch the star of such films as Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down in a stage version of Rain Man, have been left high and dry after this afternoon's performance at the Apollo Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue was cancelled.

Some insiders tell me Hartnett has a mystery illness, having recently had to battle with a bacterial infection, and has been on antibiotics. But the play's producers insist the reason for the cancellation is "technical problems". "It does make you wonder how American screen actor Josh Hartnett is coping with the rigours of London stage work," says my man in the stalls.

"Oddly, he acted in the show last night and will be appearing again tonight. Might the audience at today's 3pm matinee not be justified in asking for a doctor's note?"

The opening night of the play was originally delayed by a week to allow for extra rehearsals. It came after the original director David Grindley pulled out for family reasons. Hartnett plays Charlie Babbitt, portrayed by Tom Cruise in the film.

A spokesman for the Apollo theatre tells me: "The whole matinee has been cancelled today. It has nothing to do with Josh Hartnett being ill. He is not ill."

This is not the first time that theatregoers have been left in the lurch by delays to productions featuring celebrities. Last year Billie Piper's stage debut in the play Treats was delayed with the actress admitting she was "quite stressed and having a tough time."

In 2002 Madonna's West End stage debut was put on ice due to "technical problems" which forced the producers to cancel the first three performances of the play Up For Grabs by David Williamson.


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