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У Джоша новый проект с Робертом Дюваллем?/Utah-Huge Robert Duvall Film

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Из интервью с Робертом Дюваллем

I’ve talked to you many times. I know you’ve made a lot of movies, you’ve directed movies, you’ve worked in the independent world. To get really great scripts made, it seems as if the major studios aren’t as interested in them.

No they’re not. This (film) seems more like it’s from an independent filmmaker outside the system. Which used to be within the system in the 1970s. (The major studios) are interested in making money. They make money with the big action films. It’s easier to raise $100 million than three. I just did a film of my own that I wrote and directed for $2.2 million in Utah. It’s called Wild Horses. It’s kind of a western. It’s modern day, about a family, it’s complex. I got James Franco and Josh Hartnett. I got the Texas Rangers to be in it. I got top horses from Texas. So, working in Utah was great. I said, “I love working with you people, you drinking and non-drinking Mormons.”

So, you really like going behind the camera?

Some. My wife was in this film. She’s wonderful. She plays a lady Texas Ranger. She’s outstanding. She won’t listen to me as a director, so I let her do her own deal.



В инстаграмме появилось малюсенькое видео съемок драки


Людмила написал(а):

В инстаграмме появилось малюсенькое видео съемок драки

Джош в драке - это круто!


This is the page of VOLTAGE PICTURES company that produces wild horses

When Texas Ranger, Samantha Payne (Pedraza), reopens a 15-year-old missing person case, she begins to believe that the boy was murdered by Scott Briggs (Duvall), a wealthy family man. During the investigation, Briggs' son (Franco) returns home after a long absence, uncovering another side to the story. Samantha will stop at nothing to discover the truth about the boy’s death and his whereabouts, putting her life in jeopardy in order to do so.  Wild Horses is a dynamic murder mystery set against the backdrop of south Texas.
DIRECTOR:  Robert Duvall
STARRING:  Adriana Barraza, Bruce Greenwood, James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Luciana Pedraza, Robert Duvall



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Проясняется сюжет. Расследуется 15 летней давности исчезновение подростка. Список подозреваемых меняется, после возвращения в городок Саманты Пейн. Расследуя убийство Саманта подвергатся смертельной опасности. Действие происходит в Южном Техассе.


Новые фото со съемок!



Упоминание о фильме Wild Horses в статье от 19 января 2015г. про Роберта Дювалля

Duvall is hoping to be back in the saddle again soon. He is planning a new film, The Day the Cowboys Quit, adapted from a book by Elmer Kelton. "It's about some cowboys who went on strike against some big ranch owners who would not let them have their own band of horses and small herd of cattle."

James Caan (a friend from Godfather days) has agreed to appear in it and Peter Berg is in talks to direct. The hitch now is finding the financing. Westerns aren't exactly a popular genre even if Duvall sees them as the quintessential American form of storytelling. "You (in Britain) have Shakespeare, the French have Molière, the Russians have Chekhov and we (in the US) have certain things and the Western is one of them!" he declares.

If the film does go ahead, the octogenarian star will be on horseback himself. He confides that when he was appearing opposite John Wayne in True Grit (1969), the Duke used to cheat a little bit when it came to the close-ups of the horseback scenes.

"They put a two-by-four (piece of lumber) on the back of a pick up truck and the saddle on the two-by-four and he sat on that for the close-ups."

There won't be any such short cuts from Duvall. To his great pride, he was made an honorary Texas Ranger in 2011. "They're like the State version of the FBI but to me more effective." The veteran star describes TV mini-series Lonesome Dove, in which he played a former Texas Ranger, as "probably his favourite part ever". He is also very proud of another new film, Wild Horses, which he directed and in which he stars opposite James Franco and Josh Hartnett.


The South By Southwest Film Conference and Festival, which has become a leading launching pad for new talent, arguably second in the U.S. only to the recently completed Sundance, released its 2015 programming announcement Tuesday. Running from March 13-21 in Austin, Texas, the festival will show 145 features, with 100 World premieres, 13 North American premieres and 11 U.S. premieres, chosen from a record 7,335 submissions.

Robert Duvall’s “Wild Horses,” starring the recently Oscar-nominated actor alongside James Franco and Josh Hartnett


Фильма не упоминается ни в одном из киносайтов, а его уже собираются на фестивале в Остине представлять. Что же, успехов!


Upcoming  comedies such as Paul Feig’s Spy with Melissa McCarthy, Warner Bros.’ Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart combo Get Hard and a rough-cut of the Judd Apatow-directed comedy Trainwreck are just some of the big studio titles that are part of this year’s 22nd annual  South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival lineup, running from March 13-21 in Austin, Texas.  The film festival has built its reputation as a counter-culture-indie event, however, in recent years it has become a prime launchpad and testing ground for big studio comedies and mini-major fare like Lionsgate’s The Cabin in the Woods and Summit’s Source Code.  Apatow received a big embrace from the Austin, Texas crowd here in 2007 when he premiered Knocked Up for the first time and since then has returned frequently, showing off comedic titles that he serves as producer on, read 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall  and the HBO series Girls.  Even non-Apatow fare like Universal Pictures’ summer comedy Neighbors was hit with the Austin auds.

Also making their world premieres at SXSW are Robert Duvall’s Texas Rangers film Wild Horses starring James Franco, Josh Hartnett and Duvall;

High profile narrative features receiving their World, North American or U.S. premieres at SXSW.

Wild Horses
Director/Screenwriter: Robert Duvall
A Texas ranch family’s idyllic life unravels as the Texas Rangers reopen and investigate a 15 year-old missing person case. Cast: Robert Duvall, James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Luciana Duvall, Adriana Barraza, Jim Parrack, Angie Cepeda, Devon Abner (World Premiere)

ПРОГРАММА Фестиваля+ Подробности


wild horses


Section: Narrative Feature
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Language: English with Subtitles
Year: 2015
Director: Robert Duvall

Executive Producer: Arnold Rifkin, Mark Mathis

Producer: Rob Carliner, Michael Mendelsohn

Screenwriter: Robert Duvall

Cinematographer: Barry Markowitz

Editor: Cary Gries

Production Designer: Adam Henderson

Music: Timothy Williams

Principal Cast: Robert Duvall, James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Luciana Duvall, Adriana Barraza, Jim Parrack, Angie Cepeda, Devon Abner

Distributor: Entertainment One Films U.S.

Public Film Contact
Steve St. Amant
Entertainment One Films U.S.
416-783-8383 x. 254


Film Badge, Gold Badge, Platinum Badge, Film Festival Wristband
Narrative Feature
Screening Section
Narrative Spotlight



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О предстоящем фестивале в


Джош Хартнетт: премьера фильма «Дикие Лошади»

Стало известно, что премьера нового фильма оскароносного режиссера и актера Роберта Дюваля «Дикие Лошади» (Wild Horses) в главных ролях в котором снялись Джош Хартнетт (Итан Чендлер в сериале «Ужасы по дешевке») и Джеймс Франко, состоится в рамках кинофестиваля SXSW в Остине, Техас.

Точная дата показа еще не известна, но в расписании фестиваля указано, что кинопоказ запланирован в период с 13 по 21 марта.

Интересный момент. Премьера сериала Penny Dreadful также состоялась в прошлом году на этом фестивале — зрителям показали первую серию. Стоит ли надеяться на продолжение традиции  и в этом году?



Дата премьеры фильма "Дикие лошади"- 17 марта! Как раз в день Святого Патрика!
С нетерпением жду Джоша Хартнетта  на фестивале, надеюсь на фото и интервью.

Robert Duvall shared some behind-the-scenes photos of movie wig magic. He recently wrote and directed a film titled "Wild Horses" that also stars James Franco and Josh Hartnett, and is showing at SXSW on March 17.


Что не так с фильмами Джоша Хартнетта??? Теперь и у "Wild Horses" судебный иск... Что на этот раз не поделили???

Robert Duvall-Directed ‘Wild Horses’ Opens To Lawsuit Before SXSW Debut

EXCLUSIVE: Being at the center of a distribution legal battle was probably not the launch the Oscar winner wanted for his latest directorial feature effort before its world premiere next week at this year’s SXSW. But with a Breach of Contract complaint filed today in L.A. Superior Court, that is what Robert Duvall and Wild Horses are getting.
In their 5-claim filing, distributors Phase 4 Films claim that Wild Horses producer Michael Mendelsohn’s State of the Union Distribution and Collections last month reneged on a deal for the Toronto-based company to handle domestic duties for the Duvall pic. State of the Union informed Phase 4 in late February that the rights to the picture have gone to Millennium Entertainment AKA Alchemy, who are also named as a defendant. “Phase 4 brings this action to enforce its exclusive domestic distribution rights in Wild Horses and to avoid the irreparable harm that it will suffer if Licensor is permitted to sell those rights out from under Phase 4,” says the 9-page complaint (read it here).

In addition to a variety of damages, the jury trial seeking complaint from Phase 4 is asking for “a preliminary and permanent injunction prohibiting Licensor for transferring to Alchemy or any other distributor all or a portion of the domestic distribution rights that Licensor conveyed to Phase 4 under the License Agreement.”
While The Judge actor himself is not named as a defendant, his work is obviously mentioned a number of times in the filing as is ICM Partners agent Peter Trinh. The latter allegedly negotiated the agreement last fall and earlier this year for Mendelsohn that Phase 4 would purchase, as emails accompanying the filing detail, domestic distribution to the Duvall directed, written and starring family drama. Premiering at SXSW on March 17, Wild Horses also stars James Franco and Penny Dreadful’s Josh Hartnett among others. The deal that Phase 4 believed it had with financier Mendelsohn included “theatrical, VOD, digital, home video, and television distribution” in the USA and Canada.

Phase 4 thought they had a deal “closed,” to quote an email from ICM’s Trinh, on January 20 and started handing out dough to promote the film. At Sundance this year, Mendelsohn and Phase 4’s president Berry Meyerowitz met and discussed the film and doing future business together, the complaint says. “All in all Phase 4 acted and were treated like they were the distributor of the film. In that first month alone, Phase 4 devoted hundreds of hours, and invested tens of thousands of dollars,” they say of their efforts in February of this year.
Now that is all a waste because State of the Union is insisting there was no done deal but only “preliminary negotiations” with Phase 4 since last October. “Over Phase 4’s objection, and in deliberate disregard of that License Agreement and the rights granted to Phase 4 thereunder, Licensor has continued to negotiate with Alchemy to sell distribution rights in the film out from under Phase 4,” says today’s filing.

Phase 4 are represented by Robert Klieger and Randall Jackson of LA firm Kendall Brill & Klieger LLP.



We are on our way to Austin, TX for the opening of #WildHorses at the @sxsw Film Festival.

До премьеры фильма "Дикие лошади" на фестивале в Остине осталось 2,5 дня!

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