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Дикие лошади / Wild Horses

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Дикие лошади / Wild Horses     

год           2015
премьера 17 марта 2015
страна   США
слоган   «Nobody is above the law»
режиссер   Роберт Дювалл
сценарий   Роберт Дювалл
продюсер   Роб Карлинер, Майкл Мендельсон, Марк Дж. Мэтис, ...
оператор   Бэрри Марковиц
композитор  Тимоти Уильямс
монтаж   Кэри Грайз
жанр   криминал

время 100 мин. / 01:40

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Синопсис:  Техасские рейнджеры расследуют исчезновение мальчика, произошедшее пятнадцать лет назад. Улики приводят их на ферму, однако нынешний ее владелец отказывается от какого-либо сотрудничества.


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И сразу же сюда  в тему повторяю хорошие новости для этого проекта:

Стало известно, что премьера нового фильма оскароносного режиссера и актера Роберта Дюваля «Дикие Лошади» (Wild Horses) в главных ролях в котором снялись Джош Хартнетт и Джеймс Франко, состоится в рамках кинофестиваля SXSW в Остине, Техас.

Точная дата показа еще не известна, но в расписании фестиваля указано, что кинопоказ запланирован в период с 13 по 21 марта.



Премьера: Март 2015 США
Кинофестиваль «На юг через юго-запад» (SXSW в Остине, Техас)

Сайт фильма "Дикие лошади" на  Твиттере:

Сайт фильма "Дикие лошади" на  Фейсбуке:

Timothy Williams Scoring Robert Duvall’s ‘Wild Horses’
Timothy Williams is currently scoring the upcoming western Wild Horses. The film is directed by Robert Duvall who also stars in the movie alongside James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Luciana Duvall and Adriana Barraza. The movie centers on the impact on a Texas rancher’s family when the Texas Rangers reopen an investigation into a missing person case. Duvall has also written the screenplay and is producing the project with Michael Mendelsohn (Rage, I Am Michael) of Patriot Pictures and Rob Carline (Crazy Heart, The Apostle, Assassination Tango). Wild Horses is set to premiere next month at the SXSW Film Festival.

Williams’ previous scoring credits include Walking with the Enemy, Red Sky and Symbionic Titan. He also contributed additional music and orchestrated for such features as Guardians of the Galaxy, 300 and Sucker Punch. His recent projects also include the sci-fi horror film Debug. A soundtrack album featuring the composer’s music will be released digitally on February 24, 2015 and physically on March 10 by Lakeshore Records. Visit Amazon to pre-order the album.


Многообещающе звучит! Будем ждать!)


Sana написал(а):

Многообещающе звучит! Будем ждать!)

Мне бы твой энтузиазм))) если фильм "выстрелит" буду у всех просить прощенья  :yep:

Сегодня фильм "Дикие лошади" уже и на!

A detective opens up a fifteen-year-old missing persons case and begins to suspect that the boy it belongs to was murdered - and that a local rancher was involved.


День премьеры приближается. Роберт Дювалль, в своих интервью на оскаровских вечеринках рассказывал о  фильме "Дикие лошади",  появляются публикации.
Robert Duvall Rides Again In 'Wild Horses'

Robert Duvall co-stars with James Franco (left) and Josh Hartnett (right) in the modern-day western, which Duvall wrote and directed.

Robert Duvall will be back in the saddle again – and, just as important, back in the director’s chair – for Wild Horses, a modern-day western set to have its world premiere next month at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin.

Duvall appears alongside his wife, Luciana Duvall, and co-stars James Franco and Josh Hartnett in the independently produced drama, which he shot last year on location in Utah after co-starring with Robert Downey Jr. and Billy Bob Thornton in The Judge.

So what’s it all about? According to the SXSW website:

Texas Ranger Samantha Payne reopens a 15-year-old missing person case, and uncovers evidence that suggests that the boy was likely murdered on a ranch belonging to wealthy family man Scott Briggs. When Scott’s estranged son unexpectedly returns home during the investigation, Samantha becomes even more convinced that the Briggs family was involved, and will stop at nothing to discover the truth about the boy’s death -- even putting her own life in jeopardy.

While attending the Academy Awards last weekend, Duvall talked about Wild Horses – and about his Oscar-nominated performance in The Judge – with The Hollywood Reporter. Cue the video:

Источник + видео


It's back to work today. Today we’re adding wind, music, and sound design to #WildHorses.
Вернулся к работе. Сегодня мы добавляем ветер, музыку и звуковой дизайн для #WildHorses.

Working on #WildHorses. Franco's performance is fantastic. @JamesFrancoTV
Работа на #WildHorses. Производительность Франко является фантастическим.

Первые кадры!


С твиттера Роберта Дювалля.

It was great working with #JoshHartnett in #WildHorses. He did a fantastic job as my son in the movie.


Надеюсь, вам понравится первый кадр из фильма! Ссылка


Рецензии на фильм не радуют. Мои ожидания оправдались, но от этого не легче, а наоборот. Когда уже Джош научится отказываться от таких, ожидаемо провальных проектов??!!

SXSW Review: Robert Duvall Directs James Franco and Josh Hartnett in Middling 'Wild Horses'

With "Wild Horses," Robert Duvall returns to the director's chair for the first time since 2002's "Assassination Tango." At 84 years old, his sheer perseverance deserves some measure of recognition. Unfortunately, this low budget western melodrama, which Duvall also wrote and stars in, lacks the sophisticated perspective on parochial American life found in "The Apostle," Duvall's best-known directing effort and the one with which "Wild Horses" bears closest resemblance. But whereas "The Apostle" was a passionate effort for Duvall that he spent years pulling together, "Wild Horses" feels more like a vanity project that eschews polished storytelling for half-baked conceits.

READ MORE: The Indiewire 2015 SXSW Bible

Something is slightly off from the very beginning, when Texan ranch owner Scott Briggs (Duvall) comes across his son (James Franco) sleeping with another man in his barn and throws him off the property at gunpoint. The murkily photographed showdown leaves the specific nature of the encounter unclear, much in the way the ensuing plot lacks precision about the kind of story Duvall wants to tell. In any case, the reverberations from that expulsion continue as the movie flashes forward 13 years to the present day, where local detective Samantha (Luciana Duvall) reopens a missing person case involving the subject of the Franco character's affections.

"Wild Horses" continually shifts between Samantha's investigation into the Briggs family's estrangement and Scott's own attempt to heal his relationship with his three sons as they reunite in the small desert town at his request. Along with Franco, the siblings include bit parts for Josh Hartnett and Jim Parrack, neither of whom develop much depth. Everyone and everything in "Wild Horses" is an archetype: the Southern twang, the expansive landscape and the ensemble of heartland figures all hail from a familiar playbook. Duvall's strangely muted tone makes it seem as though Duvall had only the basic ingredients of his story figured out when he started filming it.

The ensuing two-pronged narrative never congeals into a satisfactory whole, but Duvall's script at the very least contains a distinct feel for the isolated setting. With a supporting cast of non-professional actors, many of whom portray cowhands and bull riders clad in cowboy hats, Duvall fleshes out a world of insular, conservative-minded characters for whom the glacial pace of day to day existence takes priority over bigger questions. Such a temperament makes things difficult for Samantha as she continues her quest for answers, just as it does for Franco's character when he attempts to confront his father about his close-minded perspective on sexuality.

But even as "Wild Horses" depicts these compelling tensions between conflicting value systems with a sincere eye, Duvall never settles on a satisfactory tone. Most scenes feature awkward dialogue delivered in a listless fashion that suggests little attempt to clarify the kind of story Duvall intends to tell. One notable sequence in which Scott gathers his three grown children together for a major revelation surrounding their family history has sensationalistic quality of a soap opera, and the comedic nature of the dialogue suggests little in the way of self-awareness. At times, Duvall's cast wrestles control of the material, particularly in one amusing chapter that finds the three brothers bonding over their differences at a local bar before teaming up for a fist fight in the parking lot.

But such glimmers of life can't rescue the overall dramatic inertia of the proceedings, which suffer from flat compositions and bland exposition. In theory, the intriguing blend of genres — small town police procedural meets fiery portrait of family strife — suggests a John Sayles-like investigation into the antiquated value systems of the American west. But with its undercooked finale, which pivots on a fairly obvious revelation, "Wild Horses" ends with a shrug. The final title card deems the movie "a tale that is told," but like that fragmentary statement, "Wild Horses" has nothing fresh to say.



Robert Duvall: ‘Whatshisname should have won the Oscar’

Robert Duvall is a cinematic legend. The man who proclaimed “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!” in Apocalypse Now this year became the oldest person to be nominated for a supporting actor Oscar for his role in the film The Judge, though he lost out to JK Simmons for his turn as a sadistic music teacher in Whiplash. It was Duvall’s seventh Academy award nomination – he won best actor for Tender Mercies in 1983.

Duvall is a jovial presence, reclining on a sofa in the Driskill hotel in Austin, Texas, where he is debuting Wild Horses, a film he wrote, directs and stars in. “I didn’t mind losing to him,” he says of Simmons. “I lost to others where I thought it was a joke, but he was very good, and I liked the movie a lot.” Whiplash wasn’t his favourite film last year though – he loved Ida, which won best foreign language film. “I saw it twice! And I loved Wild Tales, from Argentina. It’s the wacko-est movie you’ll ever see.” Its director, Damián Szifron, he adds, is “coming to America, he’s making a western – he wants me to read it. Very interesting guy.”

Duvall is 84. His first film role was as Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird in 1962. Since then, he’s chalked up an astonishing list of classic character roles, including Tom Hagen, the Corleone family’s lawyer in The Godfather. The New York Times once called Duvall the American Olivier, but today he modestly waves that away with a “whatever”.

In conversation, though, it’s immediately evident that Duvall has a forensic feel for acting. He believes we’re in a golden age. “To me, the young actors are better than ever,” he says. “McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club – Brando would have taken his hat off if he was alive.” Brando, he adds, used to watch Candid Camera to study people’s reactions to bizarre scenarios.

Wild Horses is a western about an elderly ranchman, played by Duvall, whose son comes home years after an incident in which a local boy he was in love with disappeared, chased away by the disgusted patriarch. It combines non-actors like Duvall’s wife, Luciana Duvall, who plays a Texas ranger, with stars such as James Franco and Josh Hartnett. Duvall was inspired to mix non-actors – including some real-life Texas rangers – with actors by the example of his cinematic hero Ken Loach. “I came out of Kes years ago and said, ‘I know it’s not a documentary, I know it’s fiction, but how do you get that fine line?’ A first-time actor might have a purity, no bad habits, and he might put the professional actor on notice. What impressed me more than any other director of the time was what he did in that movie.”

Hearing Duvall, who has worked with so many of the greats, big up Loach is a salutary reminder of the director’s brilliance. But he doesn’t stop there. Saying that he could have fitted in in the UK, as he’s a character actor who got his start in the theatre, Duvall then pays homage to Leonard Rossiter, remembered in the UK as the star of sitcoms Rising Damp and The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. “One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on stage was Leonard Rossiter doing [Bertolt Brecht’s] Arturo Ui in England years ago,” he says. Given that Rossiter took the role in 1969, this is praise indeed.

That said, Duvall doesn’t splash around his admiration lightly. Though he is thrilled that black actors are now getting their due, he gives short shrift to the idea that the Academy showed its prejudice when only nominating white actors this year.

“So what?” he shouts. “They weren’t up for Oscars because maybe it wasn’t as good. Maybe the guy who did this was better than they were!” He puts his hands around his throat in a strangulated – and funny – impression of Eddie Redmayne doing Stephen Hawking. “You know what I’m saying? I mean, the guy who they brought over from England to play Martin Luther King was good,” Duvall says, meaning David Oyelowo. “He didn’t have the musicality that King had when he preached as a southern black man from America. But it was a well-made movie.”

As Hollywood royalty in his ninth decade, Duvall is well past feeling that he needs to self-censor. Like Kate Winslet in Extras, he suspects the Academy particularly admires actors who play disabled people. Going back to Redmayne, he says: “I thought whatshisname should have won, Michael Keaton, but the kid was good. It’s funny, I was down in Palm Springs and I’m watching this kid get his picture taken, and I’m saying, ‘All you’ve got to do is go [does Hawking impression] and you win an Oscar for it.’” Behind him, someone laughed. It turned out to be James Marsh, director of The Theory of Everything, the film in question. “He laughed and laughed. But it’s true in a way – look at Daniel Day-Lewis” – who won an Oscar for My Left Foot.

It’s exhilarating to spend a few minutes in Duvall’s company. He’s still working; he has complete confidence in his abilities as an actor, and he calls it like he sees it.



Наконец-то у нас постеры к фильму, дата выхода его на экраны и даже трейлер!

Ограниченный показ фильма в США стартует 5 июня, в тот же день он появится в сервисах iTunes и VOD (видео по заказу).

А вот и трейлер:

Yahoo Movies

Трейлер порадовал, если честно. Если б не читала раньше рецензий, то ждала бы с нетерпением! Но смотреть все равно буду, ради Джоша, конечно же. Джоша в ковбойской шляпе.


valerie написал(а):

Трейлер порадовал, если честно.

интриги, мужские разборки...)

valerie написал(а):

Если б не читала раньше рецензий

Тоже этим, к сожалению, грешу.
Раньше без рецензий смотрели фильмы, и в каждом, какой бы ни был,  находили что-то своё)
а теперь за недостатком времени проще прочитать рецензии и сделать вывод, стОит ли или лучше лечь спать)


Трейлер на ютюбе

valerie написал(а):

Джоша в ковбойской шляпе.
Буду смотреть, куда я  с подводной лодки...  от Джоша, да...
фан постер


Box Office Smash! ‘Wild Horses’ Official Trailer Starring James Franco & Josh Hartnett

As you know, or should know, 2015 is going to be a massive year in the box office. Already a ton of great movies have dropped with a lot more on their way. Today we get a look at another, this time around we get a look at the ‘Wild Horses’ Official Trailer Starring James Franco & Josh Hartnett.

The film finds Samantha Payne heading up a 15-year-old missing persons case after uncovering fresh clues. A wealthy family man Scott Briggs played by Robert Duvall comes into play, while James Franco plays Briggs’ estranged son Ben. The movie definitely looks to take some twists and dips, while was also an official selection at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.

Check out the gripping new trailer in the clip below and speak your mind on it after the jump. Be sure to keep it locked here to stupidDOPE for many more upcoming films coming very soon!



До премьеры осталось 2 дня!!!   :flag:  :flag:  :flag:

"Wild Horses" (June 5)

Fans of rural-set murder mysteries will want to check out Robert Duvall's latest directorial effort, "Wild Horses." The film follows a Texas Ranger who reopens a cold case and suspects a wealthy ranch owner and his family of the crime after their estranged son returns home. Duvall, who wrote the screenplay from a story by Michael Shell, stars as the determined Texas patriarch who will stop at nothing to protect his family. James Franco and Josh Hartnett play his onscreen sons and Duvall's real-life wife, Luciana Duvall, takes on the role of the strong-willed Texas Ranger at the head of the case.


Film Review


Новый клип

у меня не загружается(((  :'(


Film Trailer: Wild Horses – James Franco Plays Gay Man in Robert Duvall’s Film


Robert Duvall as Scott Briggs and Josh Hartnett in the movie "Wild Horses." (eOne Films)

Robert Duvall talks indie filmmaking and directing his wife in Wild Horses


VIDEO: Robert Duvall Talks New Film 'Wild Horses'; Early Career & More

Entertainment » Movies Wild Horses

Review An inconsistent 'Wild Horses' from Robert Duvall


Wild Horses bonus feature


Robert Duvall talks indie filmmaking and directing his wife in Wild Horses


Фильм я посмотрела. Лучшее, что в нем есть- Джош Хартнетт.
Сюжет, интрига, действие- все очень скучно и не интересно. Ничего нового, абсолютно никакого проблеска идеи, ничего захватывающего. Домашнее видео, скучный рассказ о работе рейнджера в штате Техас, об истории, приключившейся давно. Отец, желающий на старости лет замолить грехи, не вызывает сочувствия.
Джош играет роль одного из сыновей, сцен с его участием много в фильме, наблюдать за его игрой- удовольствие. Ожидала, что пейзажи произведут впечатление- но так, на четверочку, ничего особенного. Фильм идет долго, запасайтесь терпением.


почему-то всему верю...


gall написал(а):

почему-то всему верю...

gall  :'( Увы и ох...  "Дикие лошади" на первом месте в списке "Худшие фильмы" с участием Джоша Хартнетта. Ирония в том, что игра Джоша  становится от фильма к фильму сильнее, лучше, а вот сами фильмы...


‘Wild Horses’ back in the directors saddle for Oscar winner Robert Duvall

‘Wild Horses’ sees Robert Duvall back in the directors saddle for a movie that explores the complex relationship between a father and son all within the genre the Oscar winner loves, the Western.

Duvall outlines the plot: “He can’t accept reality so he kicks his son off the ranch because his son is gay and 15-years later the son comes back, they make amends. He comes back for the reading of the will. But in the meantime somebody has disappeared, supposedly the lover. It’s a closed case, a cold case, which is never really completely closed by the Texas Ranger. It is reopened by the disappearing boy’s mother.”

Duvall’s character has been estranged from his son Ben, played by James Franco, for 15-years after he discovered him having sex with another boy in the barn. Ben’s boyfriend, Jimmy, has been missing ever since.

The film was shot in a mere 23 days:“It worked out. James Franco gave me five days, and I gave him two afterwards for his project. Josh Hartnett came and he was wonderful to work with. Josh is very giving,” said Duvall.

An inquisitive female Texas Ranger tries to get to the bottom of the case.

She is played by Duvall’s real life wife, Luciana Pedraza:
“She is very bright. She has her own set of rules, but it was fine. She was terrific.She was very supportive but she had her own ideas and she did her research.”

As well as acting and directing Duvall wrote the screenplay.

‘Wild Horses’ is currently on release in the US.


Luciana Pedraza  перехвалили, так Щитаю...


Я тоже посмотрела "Диких Лошадей"....

Были какие-то надежды... но быстро ушли. Это первый фильм с Джошем, который я смотрела в 2 подхода, периодически перематывая в поисках сцен с ним.

Не буду долго изливаться - кино этого не стоит. А итог один - прежде чем соглашаться на съемки, надо бы сценарий читать! А то Джош раструбил везде: "Я сразу согласился на роль, даже не читая сценария!" А не мешало бы и почитать!

Радует одно - у Джоша тут роль никакая вообще, погоды не делает, хотя чья там роль что-то делает или решает? И справился он с нею замечательно. Всех собак повесили на Дюваля, вот пусть и разгребает, а о том, что Джош в этом снялся, вряд ли кто и вспомнит, ну, кроме нас, наверное. И то, нам тоже лучше забыть!


ААААААААА!!! 5 баллов за рецензию! 10!

Фильм «Дикие лошади» (Wild Horses) «Я не позволю превратить конюшню в притон для педиков!» (908)

84-летний актер и режиссер Роберт Дювалл на старости лет не только снял в своем фильме третью по счету жену 43-летнюю аргентинку Лусиану Педрасу но и продолжил такую нужную в среде ковбоев тему, заявленную Энгом Ли в "Горбатой горе". Мировая премьера картины состоялась 17 марта, релиз DVD запланирован на 17 июля 2015 года.

О ЧЕМ КИНО: 1999 год. Техасский фермер Скотт Бриггс (Роберт Дювалл) выгоняет с фермы своего сына Бена (Джеймс Франко) и его друга Джимми Дэвиса со словами: "Я не позволю превращать конюшню в притон для педиков!". После этого случая Джимми Дэвис бесследно пропал. 15 лет спустя престарелый Бриггс собирает сыновей для оглашения завещания, при этом в адвокатскую контору почему-то приглашена и его воспитанница Мария Гонсалес (Энджи Сепеда). Одновременно в городок приезжает техасский рейнджер Саманта (Лусиана Педраса). Мама Джимми Дэвиса повторно подала в розыск, а для техасских рейнджеров срока давности не существует...
ПОЧЕМУ СТОИТ ПОСМОТРЕТЬ: фильм Роберта Дювалла, в котором сыграли такие заметные актеры как Джеймс Франко и Джош Харнетт, примечателен участием 40-летней колумбийки Энджи Сепеда которая некогда возбудила половину мужского населения планеты в фильме "Сексназ капитана Пантохи"...

ВПЕЧАТЛЕНИЯ И АКТЕРЫ: (shuran-kutan) Было у отца три сына, старший блёклый был детина, средний был - тупой ковбой, младший вовсе - голубой… Проблема в том, что папаша был крупным землевладельцем в Техасе, и похоже, что "Горбатая гора" не входила в число его любимых фильмов. Застав младшего сынулю за невинными мужскими шалостями в компании мексиканского паренька, папаша изгоняет блудного отпрыска из дома. Мексиканец бесследно исчезает. Через пятнадцать лет отсутствие мексиканца заметили окружающие, подозрение падает на папочку - гомофоба…

Неизбежно напрашивается сравнение с фильмом "Судья" Дэвида Добкина. В обоих случаях главный герой - авторитарный отец семейства, подозреваемый в совершении тяжкого преступления. Но в «Судье» оппонентом деспотичному патриарху выступал харизматичный Роберт Дауни-мл., здесь же роль антагониста досталась Джеймсу Франко, который натужно изображает яростного гей-акти-виста, эдакого поголубевшего Мартина Лютера Кинга - у меня есть мечта, хочу чтобы мужчины безбоязненно чпокали друг друга. И это в штате Техас, где ещё не все знакомы с законом об отмене рабства 1863 года?
Апофеозом толерантности является кулачный бой ЛБГТ-семейки против сборной крепких ковбоев штата Техас. Радужный активист с братьями ласково зашлёпает мальборо-менов - видимо, к выходу этого фильма приурочено принятие закона о легализации однополых браков на всей территории США.

Роберт Дювалл пытается изображать величие, патриархальную мудрость, но получается плохо, он закатывает парочку визгливых истерик, чем вызывает у окружающих неприкрытые усмешки. Мышцы лица отказываются повиноваться старому миму, подёргивается веко, судорогой сводит щёку, зрелище жалкое. Режиссёр наметил две сюжетные линии: расследование преступления пятнадца-тилетней давности, и отношения Скотта Бригза (Дювалл) с детьми. Ни одна из них не доведена до логического завершения.
С сыновьями Скотту как-то не повезло. Старший запоминается только тем, что навязчиво интересуется - а как там у вас гомиков заведено, кто сверху, а кто снизу? Средний (Джош Хартнетт) зачёсан на прямой пробор, словно половой из трактира, постоянно поправляет засаленные волосёнки, пару раз гладит лошадку, и всё, этим его участие и ограничивается. Младший брат убеждает отсталых скотоводов отказаться от грязных сношений с тупыми девками, и предаться чистой мужской любви. Первые минут сорок в кадре появляется ещё и сестра (Энджи Сепеда), затем про неё благополучно забывают, её появление - свидетельство крутизны Скотта в молодости (ни Марий ни Мерседес он никогда не пропускал).

Женщина-рейнджер совершает пару никому не нужных подвигов, что ни на шаг не приближает её к разгадке исчезновения мексиканского подростка. Герои чинно катаются на лошадках и мужественно смотрят в закат, барбекю, коровки, травка, идеальная пастораль.
Зачем-то приплетены мексиканские контрабандисты, которых Дювалл неизменно находит у местной речки, и днём и ночью, мексиканцы робко стоят на её берегу, не решаясь перейти на другую сторону. Похоже это члены секты мексиканских мазохистов, они оживляются только с появлением в кадре Дювалла, получив от старичка порцию оскорблений или пару предупредительных выстрелов, они удовлетворённые расходятся по домам.
РЕЗЮМЕ: фильм похож на голубец - деликатно отодвинув в сторону капустные листы, зритель обнаруживает рыхлую начинку, которая тут же рассыпается и собрать её в единое целое невозможно.


Про драку, про контрабандистов, про шерифшу- в яблочко! Фееричная рецензия, спасибо автору!!!


"Дикие лошади" саундтрек 
диск CD 24 июля.

Wild Horses: Score By Timothy Williams + Special Track By Robert Duvall Available July 24

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Wild Horses, starring James Franco and Josh Hartnett — available digitally on July 24 and CD on October 16.  The album features songs by artists including Caitlin Eadie, Roy Gaines and his Tuxedo Blues Orchestra, Billy Joe Shaver, with score by Timothy Williams (Walking With The Enemy, Debug) and a special performance of Cheyenne by the film’s writer/director/co-star Robert Duvall.  eOne Films and Patriot Pictures presents Wild Horses, currently available on VOD (rent it on iTunes) and DVD.  See below for track listing and stay tuned for more details.

Texas Ranger Samantha Payne reopens a 15-year-old missing person case, and uncovers evidence that suggests that the boy was likely murdered on a ranch belonging to wealthy family man, Scott Briggs. When Scott’s estranged son unexpectedly returns home during the investigation, Samantha becomes even more convinced that the Briggs family was involved, and will stop at nothing to discover the truth about the boy’s death – even putting her own life in jeopardy.

Wild Horses (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

01. Where the Wild Horses Go – Kelly and James Adams
02. Martin Briggs – Timothy Williams
03. You Gonna Get Somebody Killed – Roy Gaines and his Tuxedo Blues Orchestra
04. Trouble at the Border – Timothy Williams
05. Save You – Caitlin Eadie
06. Off To the BBQ – Timothy Williams
07. When Fallen Angels Fly – Billy Joe Shaver
08. Benny’s Return – Timothy Williams
09. Wishing Well – Nicole Maguire
10. Secrets and Lies – Timothy Williams
11. Gambler of Us All – Michael Hodges
12. Memories – Timothy Williams
13. Wait for Me – Justin Young
14. Cheyenne – Robert Duvall



Саундтрек к фильму "Дикие лошади" 24 июля- предварительный заказ.

  Pre-order ‘Wild Horses’ Soundtrack

Lakeshore Records will release Wild Horses (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) digitally on July 24.  The album features original score by Timothy Williams (Walking With The Enemy, Debug) and tracks by various artists including Billy Joe Shaver, Justin Young, Nicole Maguire, Caitlin Eadie, and Roy Gaines and his Tuxedo Blues Orchestra, and the track, “Cheyenne” performed by writer/director/co-star Robert Duvall.  Wild Horses is now available on VOD (rent it on iTunes).  See below for more soundtrack details.



Релиз ДВД

You would be forgiven for thinking that eighty-four year old screen veteran Robert Duvall is slowing down with his cinematic work. You would also be wrong in thinking this. Since his Oscar nomination for his supporting turn in the otherwise average The Judge, Duvall has taken a role in James Franco's Steinbeck adaptation In Dubious Battle - as well as teaming up with the actor in his own film, Wild Horses. Duvall's leads, writes and directs this contemporary Western which serves as his fourth feature project as director.

Duvall and Michael Shell's narrative follows Detective Samantha Payne (Luciana Duvall) as she reopens a missing persons case in small-town Texas. Her chief suspect is local rancher Scott Briggs (Duvall) whose tempestuous relationship with his gay son Ben (James Franco) and sibling KC (Josh Hartnett) makes him ripe for investigation.

Wild Horses is admirable in the new ground it breaks. There's something inherently old-fashioned about Duvall's style of  subtle filmmaking and the settings in which his stories are told. The suspect Western patriarch angle is by no means fresh, but becomes so when combined with the gay dynamic in this surprisingly progressive tale. The film's prologue opens with Scott's disgust and violent outbursts after discovering Ben and the soon-to-be-missing Jimmy Davis embracing, Ben is soon kicked out the house. As the narrative progresses and Ben returns, Duvall and Shell take time to capture the evolving relationship of Ben and his father, with the latter becoming more acceptant to his son's lifestyle. Within this dynamic there's still intrigue as to what happened to missing Jimmy Davis and to what part Duvall's character was part of this.

There's complex character emotions at the heart of this piece which combines Southern family drama with the detective mystery. This allows for some evocative direction and cinematography from Barry Markowitz who captures the small-town Texan atmosphere in its open plains, rickety bars, and sun-baked ranches. Well-crafted characters ensure there's some strong performances to enjoy. Duvall's lead turn is a pained and complex performance - whilst Scott appears somewhat repentant about his treatment of son Ben, there's also a curmudgeony sense that Scott couldn't give a damn who he offends. Franco's supporting adds some impressive depth to Ben, with the actor's real life fascination with gay-life shining through in this unashamedly proud turn. Hartnett has less to do here than his on-screen sibling but nonetheless is a welcome presence. Luciana Duvall's performance feels somewhat shakier with line-readings often appearing stilted and unnatural.

Duvall's sense of plotting can be occasionally confusing and could have benefited from sharper editing. Attempts to weave multiple subplots into the fold - including corrupt deputies (featuring unnecessary car chases and shoot-outs) and family wills - detract focus from the mystery at the heart of the piece, whilst watering down the impact of the fractured Southern family dynamic.

Wild Horses is an impressively progressive picture from Duvall. In its frank discussions of gay life in the 'Western' setting, it breaks new ground, whilst there's enough mystery and intrigue found within its detective angle to engage throughout. Subtle direction and magnificent lead turns from Duvall and Franco ensure this is a film steeped in realism - and is all the better for it.


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