Resurrecting movie reality

Originally published July 28, 2006

Abig tip of Mr. Flip's cap goes to Hollywood hunk Josh Hartnett for keeping it real, even in Tinsel Town. 

This week's Sports Illustrated reports that Hartnett, who stars as a reporter in the coming film Resurrecting the Champ, made sure the movie's script reflected the current reality.

It seems that the 6-year-old son of Hartnett's character is a Los Angeles Clippers fan, a choice that Alan Alda's character declared to be "pathetic." Hartnett knew that the Clippers, led by Dunbar alum Sam Cassell, are on the rise, having made the playoffs for the first time in nine seasons this year. Quick as a whistle, the reference was changed from the Clippers to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Of course, the sad-sack Blazers have another Charm City denizen, Calvert Hall grad Juan Dixon, on the roster. You can't have everything.

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, whose son hasn't been a fan of a pathetic basketball team since the BayRunners closed up shop.