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Звезда Хартнетта покоряет Калгари

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Tue, August 1, 2006

Star Hartnett hearts Calgary


More than 70 cast and crew members of the locally filmed Resurrecting the Champ, starring Josh Hartnett and Samuel L. Jackson, took over the Mynt Ultralounge Friday night for the film's wrap party. It was time to blow off a little steam as the party, kept tight by security, was a fitting end to a fabulous shoot.

Hartnett was at the wrap party and he seemed to enjoy mixing and mingling with everyone. The actor was more than happy to pose for photos with fellow cast and crew members and the handful of fans lucky enough to be in attendance.

"A very cool and down-to-earth guy," says Darcy Chalifoux of Mynt. "He went out of his way to thank us for the hospitality they all received over the last few months, and said he absolutely loved the Mynt space." Resurrecting the Champ is expected be out in theatres sometime next year.


Brushes with fame -- the unexpected elbow rub with celebrity stays with us for a lifetime. I'm sure I'll tell my kids a million times about meeting Sting or Tommy Chong until they're too embarrassed to bring friends over. Meeting famous people is fun. I hit the bricks yesterday to chat with folks about the brushes with fame they've had or the celebs they'd like to meet some day.

Lee Anderson, 30: "I work at Joey Tomato's in Eau Claire. I recently met Josh Hartnett and Samuel Jackson. They were really friendly. Jackson was nice. Hartnett was a little more guarded."


Короче, в двух словах - Джош затусил на вечерухе, посваященной съемкам "Воскрешая чемпиона" в Калгари и всех покорил своей простотой и отзывчивостью :)

Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Новости. News » Звезда Хартнетта покоряет Калгари