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Скарлетт Йоханнсон и Джош Хартнетт съезжаются?

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Secret lovers SCARLETT JOHANSSON and JOSH HARTNETT are reportedly taking their romance to the next level after buying a $6 million (GBP3.3 million) loft home in New York. Despite claims from Hartnett's publicist that the couple isn't moving in together, a real estate insider has confirmed Johansson hunted for the home in trendy Tribeca and locals spotted the actress, her father and Hartnett pouring over floor plans in a nearby coffee shop. The purchase comes with conditions, the insider tells American publication Life + Style the loved-up pair has asked that the bedrooms are soundproofed. He says, "They asked that we change the design to include extra insulation between the bedrooms of the penthouse and the unit next door." The condominium boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two balconies.

10/08/2006 20:00


ага за 6 миллионов баксов дом купили и ремонт щас мутят,я на сайте американском видал фотки и все дела...там он с папой Скарлетт еще возится)


Малорик, фотки? очень интересно! может, ссылку дашь или выложишь тут?


Friday, August 11, 2006

Johansson and Hartnett Get a Place. Woody Allen Stands Out Front in the Rain.

Big-boobed Scarlett Johansson and just-plain-boob Josh Hartnett, romantically linked for awhile now, have apparently decided to take the plunge - no, not that plunge; I mean the one into mutual home-ownership (which once upon a time meant they had already taken the other plunge, but these being the times they are, it only means the two of them are sick of restaurant bathrooms). The loft, located in New York's uber-hip TriBeCa (you know it's uber-hip because Robert De Niro lives there - yeah right!), set the pair back six-million smackers, and for that amount of money it's no surprise Scarlett put in a little request to the building's owners - that they add a little extra sound-proofing to the bedroom. Scarlett, you naughty girl, what exactly were you thinking of doing in that bedroom? On second thought, don't tell me. I'd rather not think of the pounding poor Josh is going to take from those cannonballs of yours. Honestly, if I live to be a thousand, I'll never see the appeal. I mean think about it boys - your mom has a pair of those. Liza Minnelli has them. Fricking Nancy Grace has them. So how great can they really be? … woody.html

Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Новости. News » Скарлетт Йоханнсон и Джош Хартнетт съезжаются?