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Бродвейское шоу Сэма Розена / Sam Rosen's "Ham Lake"

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Ham Lake - SAM ROSEN's new off-Broadway show

Ham Lake - местность в Минессоте.
Что это такое? Бродвейская постановка. В официальных источниках (типа imdb) этот проэкт с фамилией Хартнетт не ассоциируется. Однако, еще весной была информация, что Джош выступит продюсером этого проэкта. Кроме того, появился ролик, в котором Джош появляется (и не только он, а и Скарлетт) в роли актера... Пока ничего не ясно,  но информацию по этому проэкту будем коллекционировать в этом топике (а там видно будет)  :D

Ролик лежит в теме Разное видео с Джошем


In 'Ham Lake,' a Narcissist Stuck in Adolescence, Whether He Wants It or Not

Published: May 31, 2006

If you've ever found yourself cornered by a talkative narcissist in a bar, "Ham Lake," a seriocomic monologue by Nat Bennett and Sam Rosen, will be distressingly familiar: a young man raking over his childhood and most recent romantic disaster as he nurses a beer.
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Fortunately, though, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Rosen find a haunting pattern of yearning and denial in the threads of this nameless narrator's 80-minute monologue, tautly performed by Mr. Rosen and imaginatively directed by Ian Morgan (though, given the claustrophobic stage of the SoHo Playhouse's Huron Club, choreographed is more appropriate). The show is produced by the actor Josh Hartnett, Jefferson Bjoraker and Paddy Mulloy.

Having been abandoned by his girlfriend in Ham Lake, a small Minnesota town, the 20-something narrator recounts the history of his relationships with Tanya, a single mother who is a waitress at a topless bar; Ed, his older and more mature brother; and his father, divorced from the narrator's mother and addicted to collecting unfunny dirty jokes. As the monologue bounces back and forth in time, the narrator reveals his stunted emotional development, that he is seemingly stuck forever in adolescence.

Unable to step into adulthood with his brother, the narrator circles endlessly around his suspicion that he remains a child, unable to take responsibility for his own life or anyone else's. In doing so he proves an amusing raconteur, but by the end of the play he also stands revealed as a coward, flawed but unworthy of pity because of his self-imposed immaturity: Peter Pan's bitter doppelgänger.

The gangly Mr. Rosen moves precisely around the small playing space, occasionally stepping toward the audience to deliver an intimate observation, and it is a telling quality of the script and his performance that these moments never seem forced or self-conscious. Unlike most talkative narcissists, Mr. Rosen knows when his listeners will concede intimacy and when they'll withhold it. There are plenty of bars in SoHo and plenty of talkative narcissists, but it's unlikely you'll find in any of them a monologue as evocative as "Ham Lake."

"Ham Lake" continues through June 24 at the SoHo Playhouse, 15 Vandam Street, near Avenue of the Americas;(212) 691-1555



Movie hunk JOSH HARTNETT is set to add theatre producer to his impressive resume after signing on to take charge of pal SAM ROSEN's new off-Broadway show HAM LAKE. If the play, about a man stranded in a freezing town by a vengeful ex-girlfriend, is a hit when it opens later this month (APR06) at the Soho Playhouse, Rosen hopes to turn the project into a movie. Hartnett has expressed an interest in playing a part in the film adaptation too, according to sources.

13/04/2006 21:20


На фанхосте в теме "Фотографии Джоша"  скрин из видео ролика постановки "Хам-Лейк"


The film "Secrets of the Lost Souls" includes seven short stories about six different people. The film of short films, the first of which - "The same," starring Josh Hartnett. This is certainly one of the most interesting works of Josh! SOURCE!

Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Фильмы. Movies » Бродвейское шоу Сэма Розена / Sam Rosen's "Ham Lake"