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Джош Хартнетт на просмотре фильма "Дитя Человеческое"

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"Children of Men" is set in the year 2027 in a bombed-out London that has no future: Women have been infertile for 18 years. The only hope is to bring a a child into the world, which becomes the mission of the characters played by Julianne Moore and Clive Owens.

At the Cinema Society and GQ screening Tuesday at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, no children were present. But guests found it hard to get their minds off them.

"I can't wait to be a father, and after seeing this film, I better hurry up,"   :O the actor Josh Hartnett said during the party at the SoHo Grand's penthouse after the screening.



Julianne Moore takes a night off from the lights of Broadway to warm up to Josh Hartnett at a New York City screening of her film Children of Men on Monday. The futuristic drama also stars Hartnett's Sin City costar, Clive Owen.


Короче... Джош пришел и ушел с этой вечерухи один, но вроде как говорил по телефону со Скарлетт (и как это они узнали, интересно  :D) Вроде как их недавно видели... Но подтверждений нет. Статья по теме:

December 20, 2006 -- JOSH Hartnett showed up solo to a screening of "Children of Men" at Tribeca Cinemas on Monday, but he was checking his phone and sending text messages throughout the movie. Was he sending love notes to longtime girlfriend Scarlett Johansson, who's now in L.A? The comely couple was spotted Friday night reigniting their relationship at TriBeCa restaurant Cercle Rouge. "They had a meal and got progressively cozier as the night went on," said our spy. "Then they started to make out in full view of the restaurant at their table and didn't really care who saw." Last month, Page Six reported Hartnett and Johansson's split due to conflicting schedules and film shoots. Rumors of Hartnett dating an actress in New Zealand emerged soon after. After texting his way through the screening Monday, Hartnett hit the GQ-sponsored after-party at Soho Grand (along with Molly Sims, Iman, Moby, Julia Stiles and Heather Graham) and chatted up some female guests. Much to their disappointment, the suave Hollywood hottie left solo. "He sort of snuck off and ran to the elevator without saying goodbye," said a guest. Reps for both did not return calls.


What happened to Josh Hartnett?
The film might be called children of Men, but the NY screening was more focused on the men themselves. Clive Owen looked dashing as always, and Josh Lucas we've loved ever since he stole Reese's heart in Sweet Home Alabama. But Josh Hartnett who used to be so hot seems to be trying something new with his hair (is it a combover???). Maybe he had a on a hat or something but we think Josh could use some serious help.


что им не понравилось в его прическе? вредятины  :blink:


я тож не знаю, по-моему далеко не самая худшая прическа :blink:

Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Новости. News » Джош Хартнетт на просмотре фильма "Дитя Человеческое"