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Между станциями / Stuck Between Stations

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Интервью о фильме "Между станциями" с режиссером фильма Brady Kiernan и актрисой Зои Листер Джонс на 10-м кинофестивале в Трибека.

Brady Kiernan × Zoe Lister-Jones “Stuck Between Stations”

Minneapolis; the largest city in Minnesota, where there are many skyscrapers, even so, if you step out of the city, you meet a lake or quiet residential quarter.  Minneapolis native Brady Kiernan, the director of “Stuck Between Stations” shows the night scenery of the city he knows, through his eyes the city looks like a place cannot be found a map.

A young soldier Casper (Sam Rosen), coming home after his father’s  death, accidentally meets his childhood crush Rebecca (Zoe Lister-Jones), who is now a grad student and engaged in a problematic relationship with her advisor(Michael Imperioli), on the night before he is to return to Afghanistan.  Repressed emotions and apprehension of things uncertain unfold as Casper and Rebecca adventure through the night town.  Like Vienna let Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy fall in love while wandering around “Before Sunrise”, the sleeping Minneapolis allows Casper and Rebecca time and intimacy, and the distance between them grows closer even though they barely knew each other many years ago.

Just two people spending time walking around the city; a romantic moment like that doesn’t happens in life, you might think.  However the film suggests that anyone could experience that special time with the right person, especially those who find each other both stuck between stations; Casper and Rebecca are us.  With that person, the smell of the night, the taste of beer, the warmth of that person you go on a bike ride with, even casual things like those become something that you have never experienced.  And that reminiscence won’t lose its luster, and will remain in the deep of your heart with that part of yourself still figuring it out, even when times passes and our situation changes.

The film looks like “Before Sunrise in Minneapolis” to me.  Do you remember the moment you had the idea to make this film?

BRADY KIERNAN: Yes, the co-writer and lead actor Sam Rosen and I worked on a couple films together in years past, and have known each other for awhile.  We were at SxSW (South by Southwest) in 2009 and started talking about trying to make an indie movie over the summer.  He said, “My writing partner Nat Bennett and I have this script that we want to make in Minneapolis.”  Minneapolis is where I’m from and where I live, and they sent me over the script.  I immediately connected with it, and it was kind of breakneck speed from there.  We ended up shooting in October so we only had two real months of pre-production, a small window of time.

Sam is missing today but was this based on his experience?
  Could you talk about writing if you know?Brady:  I know that the story came from his and Nat’s experience and anecdotes from their lives, but I’d say most of it is invented.  During our rehearsal and re-writes process we ended up tweaking some stuff to fit more to Sam and Zoe, and I interjected a couple of my own personal experiences into it too that hopefully helped make it better.

  Nat initially started writing it as a play, which is why it was so heavily focused on two characters.  It was going to be a love story over one night, which seemed fitting for the stage.  Then Sam wanted to adapt it to a screenplay.

I personally sympathize with Rebecca’s character more than Casper, mostly because I have never been to war. Why did you decide for his character to be a soldier?Brady:  I think it came from the fact that a lot of people we know are dealing with going to war. The idea of a person like us going to war and coming back and having to deal with some horrific experience, it’s a very dramatic and compelling aspect to a character.  But the portrayal of soldiers seems to normally be: it’s a soldier, that’s what he’s all about, it’s the main thing that he’s dealing with.  And we thought it was interesting to have a guy, and a soldier is just an aspect of who he is.

Do many people in Minneapolis go to war?

Brady:  I wouldn’t say its necessarily more common than other places, but I have a good friend who I was in a band with who was in the first Iraq War.  He is a super-literate, way into punk-rock guy, not someone who you would think of as “this is the person who’s going to enlist and serve our country.” His motivation for doing it was he needed a job and something to do.  And I think, in the aftermath of 9/11 there was a swell in people who wanted to served and defend our country, so that plays into it as well.

What was it about the people and the city of Minneapolis that made you want to set the story there?

Brady: A big reason is that the writers Sam and Nat are originally from Minneapolis, they live here [in New York] now, I’m from Minneapolis and live there.  It’s the place where we all fell in love, and it’s a city that hasn’t been explored in that context.  It’s a wonderfully clean, beautiful, liberal place.  For me it’s an idyllic place to set a romance because of the landscape and architecture of the city: you have a very urban center immediately surrounded by parks and lakes, people with backyards and gardens.  It’s different from New York where it’s super urban and you have drive an hour to see any green; in Minneapolis you can drive 10 minutes and be on a farm.

This film portrays a very intimate moment of life between two people who haven’t seen each other in so long.  Could you talk about your character?  How did you create the right atmosphere between you and Sam?  How did you prepare for the roles?Zoe:  Sam and I were friends before making the film, so we didn’t have to do that much work to initiate chemistry.  When you meet an actor for the first time on-set and have to immediately go into such an intimate narrative it’s a lot harder because you’re playing catch-up, and for us we didn’t have to do that.  I think because Sam co-wrote it, and the crew was quite intimate and all had really wonderful chemistry as well, the environment was right for an intimate story.  It never felt like we were trying to play against our circumstances. 

You’re from New York, right?
Zoe: Yes

I think it would be difficult to experience that kind of situation in New York, what do you think?Zoe:  Oh I don’t know, I’ve stayed up all night meeting someone in New York [laughs].  I think it doesn’t really matter where you are, you could be at a house party in Bumblefuck, Anywhere, and at any stage in life, in any place that could happen.

But I think it could be difficult for New Yorkers to be isolated like them.
Yes, I think you are definitely on to something there.  What I think the setting of Minneapolis lends well to it is: Minneapolis has a vibrant night-life but at a certain point, the entire city goes to sleep.  You could be five minutes from downtown, sitting in someone’s backyard and feel like you are in the country. How did Josh Hartnett and Michael Imperioli become involved?Brady:  Josh is from Minneapolis originally as well, and he and Sam and Nat had known each other for a long time.  Michael was very familiar with Zoe’s work, and knew Sam from around the city, and we just showed him the script and asked him.  As soon as we had the idea of “what if we had these people in these roles?”, we all got very excited about it, and thankfully they responded to the script in a very positive way.  And then we just tried to make it easy on them, easy to say “yes”.  :cool:

I think the story is universal, and I think you guys have been “stuck between stations” before.  What did you learn from your experience?Brady:  I learned alot about how to make a movie.  I think the main thing about going through the script and the rehearsals and working and creating this project, and what I hope people take away from it, is you can’t superficially judge what the depth of a person is by meeting them for five minutes.  We have Casper as a soldier and Rebecca as a grad student, but what there is to them and the sum of their experiences is more interesting and complicated than what you’d think.  What they represent and what they contain is deeper than what they are.  I’ve learned that that is endlessly fascinating.

Zoe:  I think that the universality is that people can always relate to a love story, especially on these terms where it started as unrequited and then you have this high-stakes, very small window to suddenly make something work that you have always fantasized about.  And I think that when two people who are very different categorically, as Brady said, but who are both at a moment in their lives that is uncertain, and they are both a bit lost, find each other at such a crucial point is really meaningful.

Did you have any crucial points in your life like that?
Brady:  I’ve definitely had nights like that where I meet someone and end up staying up until four in the morning talking.  What I really loved about the script, and what I think it represents very well is how when you meet someone like that and you have the experience of falling in love and getting to know someone, you end up developing an intimacy pretty quickly, and revealing things about yourself that you wouldn’t necessarily to someone who is ostensibly a complete stranger.  Casper’s character has issues with his father’s death, and that’s one of the reasons that he’s back in Minneapolis; I’ve dealt with that stuff myself, so those things really spoke to me.  And I know both of these characters.  They are people in the world that I know.

text by Taiyo Okamoto & Joseph Reid



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а что? все уже посмотрели? одна я застряла?
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