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Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Новости. News » Джош Хартнетт на утреннем ток шоу Келли и Майкла, 20 мая 2014!

Джош Хартнетт на утреннем ток шоу Келли и Майкла, 20 мая 2014!

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20 мая 2014г. Джош Хартнетт будет на утреннем ток шоу Келли и Майкла!


Джош теперь просто нарасхват у всех)))


Шоу состоялось, фото с Келли и Майклом и несколько фоток экранов ТВ с твиттера



*бьюсь головой ап стену*

Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett Surfing + Penny Dreadful Review

Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett New York

Josh Hartnett is the star of the new psychological thriller Penny Dreadful on Showtime. He just moved to a new place in New York. He lived there for 18 years, but he was redoing his place and moved in a month ago. He loves interior design. He’s not sure how it came out though. He invited them over to check it out. He loves New York. He’s lived in every part of downtown and Brooklyn.Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett Surfing

He surfs in Long Island. He goes to Montauk and Far Rockaway. The beaches are about to get crowded. He hasn’t seen any sharks. He’s seen videos of sharks while people are surfing though.

Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett came by to talk to Kelly & Michael about his new show ‘Penny Dreadful’ and discussed surfing on Long Island.

Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett Football

Hartnett was a football player. They joked that he made Michael look like a benchwarmer. He played freshman year in high school and tore his ACL. People say he was going to go pro, but he actually wasn’t really good.

Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett Acting Start

He started acting after his injury. He was reluctant to be an actor, and still is. He said he would only do it if he got a lead. He got Huck Finn and the rest is history. Hartnett only vaguely remembers the audition. Michael said they had a clip but he was kidding. Hartnett called that one of the scariest moments of his life.

Kelly & Michael: Penny Dreadful Writing

Penny Dreadful is only eight episodes. Kelly saw the fist two and is panicking that it’s almost over. Hartnett wants to make another season. He loved it. The people working on it were great. The whole thing was written before they started, which is not the way TV shows are normally made.

Kelly & Michael: Penny Dreadful Monsters

Hartnett played Ethan Chandler on Penny Dreadful, but they couldn’t have guns on set in Dublin. It was different when they got to America though. There are a lot of classic monsters on the show.

Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett Guinness

He tried Guinness in Dublin. Kelly said that sometimes doctors proscribe it to nursing mothers.

Kelly & Michael: Penny Dreadful Name

Penny Dreadful was a gossip magazine with a dark twist. They were about Jack the Ripper and things like that. They cost a penny. It’s a good title for the show because the show is incredibly pulp.

Kelly & Michael: Penny Dreadful Review

They played a clip of Penny Dreadful. Josh Hartnett’s character talked about his plans and about America with a woman. Then they talked about someone they’re looking for. The other character talks about how she sees things. He doesn’t question it. Penny Dreadful airs on Sunday nights on Showtime.
Kelly & Michael: Josh Hartnett Surfing + Penny Dreadful Review


Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Новости. News » Джош Хартнетт на утреннем ток шоу Келли и Майкла, 20 мая 2014!