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(2015-01-25 19:48:46)


I hope we can discuss Penny Dreadful and all it's glory for many, many years to come!


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I hope we can discuss Penny Dreadful and all it's glory for many, many years to come!

Hi! Of course, we will! It's a long and a great show!!!



Penny Dreadul !

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We create this topic especially for your twitter friends and fans of Penny Dreadful all over the world!
Lets talk here about Penny Dreadful, the development of the plot, etc.


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My thoughts on Penny Dreadful. Episode 1 Night Work.
I think the creature that took that woman in the toilet did look like Ethan.
I suppose that the voice that calls Vanessa saying Soon, child, soon. Im hungry is AMUN Ra. And hes hungry for souls.
Have you noticed that Ethans doesnt always have an accent? Only when he says Darlin or Somethin.
Its so interesting to see Ethan persistently flirting with Vanessa in the beginning and Vanessa ignores him at every turn.
Vanessa: You didn't tell the truth. By my reckoning, you were a boy when General Custer died and its well known there were no survivors.
ETHAN: Thats what we call a tall tale, darlin'.
Vanessa: Exceedingly tall.
ETHAN: Vice of my nation. We're storytellers. Join me, won't you? You saw my exhibition?
Vanessa: Highly impressive, especially your finale.
ETHAN: Well, you gotta leave them wanting more, as we say in show business. And what might I do for you?
Vanessa: I have a need for some night work.
Ethan: Oh, honey, don't we all?
But then Ethan commits the mistake to, almost dare Vanessa to tell him what she thinks.
Vanessa: Expensive watch, but threadbare jacket. Sentimental about the money you used to have. Your eye is steady, but your left hand tremors. That's the drink, so you keep it below the table, hoping I won't notice. You have a contusion healing on your other hand, the result of a recent brawl with a jealous husband, no doubt. Your boots are good quality leather, but have been resoled more than once. I see a man who's been accustomed to wealth, but has given himself to excess and the unbridled pleasures of youth. A man much more complicated than he likes to appear.
Now I understand why Ethan doesnt warm up to Malcolm right away. The first thing Malcolm does is about Ethan as if hes not even there. He asks Vanessa (without even looking at Ethan) Is this the individual? Ethans face at that moment is priceless and when Vanessa says yes, Malcolm asks him, You bring your weapon? Ethan doesnt respond, he merely smirks and moves his coat aside to show Sir Murray his gun.
I wonder how many gunmen died before Ethan came along?
I think the vampire guards knew Ethan is not entirely human because they went after him first, surrounding him, even though Malcolm was the one shouting at one of them.
Why Vanessa does leave Ethan and Malcolm while they are fighting (for their lives, literally) and goes into the other room by herself as if shes thinking Ill be safe?
I can almost hear Malcolms thoughts when he glares at Ethan after he helps get one of the vampires off him. I told you not to hesitate, DIDNT I?
Why all those vampire women have dead babies next to them? Are the babies theirs? Or did they take the babies?
Why does that Vampire tell Vanessa Little girls shouldnt play with toys like that Was he talking to Vanessa? Or was he referring to the vampire women playing with babies?
One of my favorite parts of Penny Dreadful episode 1 is when they meet Victor. He has tongue for everyone!
Malcolm: Your master said you might assist us.
Victor: I have no master.
Malcolm: The proprietor out front, I mean.
Victor: Go away.
Malcolm: I'll pay you for your time.
Victor: You'd not afford it.
Vanessa: You're very proud.
Victor: Take it to a slaughterhouse. I'm not a medical practitioner. I'm engaged in research.
ETHAN: You're a man with a bloody knife like everybody else out there, so stop putting on airs.
Victor: American?
ETHAN: You are clever.
And that was just the beginning!
Have you noticed Ethans reaction every time Vanessa touches his hand? He looks as if his heart skips a beat.
I wonder how well react when we learn Ethans past. I predict well all forgive him everything. We never had a chance, did we?


Vanessa Ives 666 :flag:  :cool:

Thank you for detailed analysis of the first 20 min of PD!!!

I didn't know that Ethan has a specific accent sometimes! It's really interesting!

Vanessa Ives 666 ():

I think the vampire guards knew Ethan is not entirely human because they went after him first, surrounding him, even though Malcolm was the one shouting at one of them.

I payed attention on this but I couldn't explain it for myself!!! You're right! They feel that Ethan is a supernatural creation.

And I love the tongue of Dr. F. very much!!!

Ms Ives, bravo!


Vanessa Ives 666 ():

Have you noticed Ethans reaction every time Vanessa touches his hand? He looks as if his heart skips a beat.
I wonder how well react when we learn Ethans past. I predict well all forgive him everything. We never had a chance, did we?

I'm ready to forgive everything to Ethan!  :love:  I can't believe that he killed that family on the beginning of the Episode! I know, it should be him, but... Can a werewolf jump so high? They were living on the second floor, as I remember.  :confused:

I really hope we will know a backstory of Ethan in Season 2! We need it.

valerie (2015-01-27 00:07:55)


Vanessa Ives 666 ():

Why Vanessa does leave Ethan and Malcolm while they are fighting (for their lives, literally) and goes into the other room by herself as if shes thinking Ill be safe?

I suppose Vanessa was kinda obsessed at that moment! You remember how Vampire stare at her? It (he?) was surprised! She is his Master! And he is her servant!


Penny Dreadful Episode 1. Night Work (My thoughts part 2)
Victor: Well, it would appear you have an Egyptian man of no particular age, who, at some point in his indeterminate lifespan, decided to sharpen his teeth, cover himself in hieroglyphics and grow an exoskeleton. Or you have something else altogether.
I think that was the moment in which Victor realized there were more creatures out there in existence besides the one he had created.
Then Ethan decided to, delicately, ask Malcolm and Vanessa who they were by saying, Who the fuck are you people?
Malcolm never truly answers a question that Ethan asks, does he? For example:
ETHAN: Who the fuck are you people?
MALCOLM: Do you know Grandage Place in Westminster?
He just never answers his questions.
Ethan was already upset and to top it off Vanessa hits him with, Unless you'd rather spend the rest of your life shooting clay targets and telling lies.
Sembene even pointed to the very spot Ethan was standing on when he said, Wait here, please. But what did Ethan do? As soon as Sembene turned his back on him, he started exploring the house.
I think Ethan wanted to know whether Vanessa was married or single thats why he said, Or is it maam? and lets not forget he didnt know her name either.
Why is Vanessas reading table exactly in the center of an eight point star?
Its so amusing to see Ethan treating Vanessa as just as an ordinary fortune teller. He had no idea of how mistaken he was.
My eyes cannot roll any further at Ethan when he said, I think I should see Sir. Murray. (His wouldnt even face Vanessa as he said this)
I liked that Vanessa (being a woman used to that type of treatment from men of her era) didnt let his comment bother her.
VANESSA: Are you a wise man, Mr. Chandler?
Ethan: Not especially.
Vanessa: A wise man would walk away from this house and make a concerted effort to forget everything that occurred last night. He would not look back.
Ethan: That sounds like a warning.
Vanessa: It's an invitation. Should you be so unwise as to entertain the idea, we have continued use of a man of your skills. Your kind of man.
ETHAN: And what kind is that?
VANESSA: One of great violence and hidden depths. You play your role well, Mr. Chandler, but this is not who you are.
I loved how Vanessa practically kicks Ethan out as soon as he refuses to work for them on the grounds that, Theres no exaltation in killing for gold.
Vanessa takes advantage of the opportunity to diminish Ethans Life as an actor (She almost made the air quotes with her fingers) but she also leaves the door open just in case he decides to come back.
Ethan: And what do you seek to escape?
Vanessa: Perhaps the same thing you do. We all have our curses, don't we?
I could almost hear Ethans thoughts when Vanessa said that to him. OMG! Does she know?
Ethans demeanor changed at the reading table. I think he was trying to intimidate her a little. He was glaring at Vanessa when he said, Miss Ives. As he was about to leave but she disarmed him when she touched his hand.
I think Malcolm and Vanessa knew from the beginning what Ethan is. Why would Malcolm tell Vanessa, He wont. We wont let him When Vanessa told him Ethan was intending to leave town?
Poor Sir Murray. Always staring at the photograph, letting it break his heart.
I adore how Mr. Lyle fangirls over Sir Murray. He even fixed his hair!
I love how Mr. Lyle asks questions and also answers them himself. Could I be more charmed? No. I could not!
I think Malcolm brings Vanessa with him some times because she knows how to read people, or because she can tell when people are lying, etc.
Ive just realized that Vanessa, Ethan, Victor, Dorian, and Malcolm all have/had wealth. Victor and Ethan are poor by choice.
I think Malcolm and Vanessa work well together as they know each others weaknesses and strengths and use them accordingly.
I think it was planned in advance that Vanessa would see Ethan and Malcolm would see Victor. I think Malcolm knew he had a better chance of succeeding in bringing Victor in if he saw him alone and on the other hand, they knew Ethan would respond better to a lady.
I was convinced that the brains of the, Lets-save-Mina, operation was Vanessa but now I know it had always been Malcolm.


Vanessa Ives 666 ():

He just never answers his questions.

Really! Sir Malcolm never answers Ethan's questions! But why?  :question:

And I agree that Sir Malcolm knew something about Ethan before hiring him. He needed Ethan.

How long Vanessa and Sir Malcolm were searching for Mina before they met Ethan? Have they met Vampires before? How has Mina disappeared?  :question:  :question:

I can't build any theories about Victor!  :dontknow: He is obsessed with science, he is selfish but not wise. But he needs family, love and friends!

Vanessa Ives 666, thank you  :cool:


Penny Dreadful Episode 1. Night Work (My thoughts part 3)

The only thing missing from Victor as he enters The Explorers club to join Sir Murray was a continuous roll of his eyes. I can almost hear his thoughts. Youre all beneath me! Look upon your master.

Only Victor can say, So, you are the explorer. In a condescending way (and a face to match as well) but Malcolm was so absorbed telling his tale about mount Murray that he didnt have time to notice this.

I think Victor was uninterested in the beginning but everything changed after Malcolm said:
But you couldn't resist. When you see a river, you must follow it to its source, no matter the perils, no matter those comrades that fall along the way. You must know how things work. You must unlock. You are dissatisfied always.

Did you notice that Vanessa and Malcolm used almost the same phrase on Ethan and Victor?
ETHAN: And what do you seek to escape?
VANESSA: Perhaps the same thing you do.
Victor: What?
Malcolm: Perhaps the same you do.

But Victor disagreed:
VICTOR: I seek the truth.  (I could almost see Malcolm rolling his eyes at this answer)
MALCOLM: Ah, you are a young man; Ive long since learned that the truth is mutable.

I highly enjoyed Victor throwing a little fit of passion once he started giving his, I-will-plant-my-flag-on-the-truth, speech:
I would never chart a river or scale a peak to take its measure or plant a flag. There's no point. It's solipsistic self-aggrandizement. So, too, those scientists who study the planets seeking astronomical enlightenment for its own sake. The botanist studying the variegation of an Amazonian fern. The zoologist caught up in the endless fascination of an adder's coils. And for what? Knowledge for itself alone? The elation of discovery? Plant your flag on the truth? There is only one worthy goal for scientific exploration...  Piercing the tissue that separates life from death. Everything else, from the deep bottom of the sea to the top of the highest mountain on the farthest planet, is insignificant. Life and death, Sir Malcolm. The flicker that separates one from the other, fast as a bat's wing, more beautiful than any sonnet. That is my river. That is my mountain. There I will plant my flag.

I think that Victor had never in his life talked with anyone about his ambitions. I think that after he shared them with Malcolm he felt relieved.

I like the fact that none of the characters in Penny Dreadful are who or what they seem to be but, if you think about it, arent we all the same way?

I liked that Victor refused to work for Malcolm without knowing the truth first (or at least part of it) but its all right since we all know that Victor didnt offer to tell Malcolm his truth, did he?

I find it fascinating that Victor doesnt give the appearance of being a threat, yet we all know what he is capable of. I think the only person who doesnt underestimate him is Vanessa.

This is how Ethan and Victor answered when asked if it matter to them to commit murder:

I think that Ethan was ready to move in with Vanessa and had forgotten about Malcolm until he saw him getting off the carriage.
Why did Ethan leave? Was it that Malcolm reminded him too much of his father? Or was it that he was about to turn into a werewolf and knew bad things would happen to the people inside that house?

Its so sad to see all this characters living with guilt and the worst thing is that their biggest tormentors are themselves.

I think that Malcolm, from the first moment he saw Mina as a Vampire, knew she was gone.
MALCOLM: We cannot unmake the past. We shall live with our guilt, you and I. After all this time, she came to me. I will find her. There was another thought when she was so very close to me, a strange working of memory. I thought of a particular lion hunt many years ago. You're moving through the tall grass, getting a glimpse of the prey, the shoulders mostly, the mane. You prepare your rifle. You're very quiet. And then there's a moment. The wind changes, the grass stops swaying. The lion turns, looks at you. The moment you realize you are no longer the hunter, you are the prey.

I also think it was Caliban (Or the creature) who was observing Victor when he arrived at his laboratory.

Did you notice that the crucifix magically gets turned upside down (after the levitating candles suddenly fall to the floor) and Vanessa turns to look at it, as hundreds of spiders crawl from behind it? I didnt [Sighs]


Penny Dreadful Season 2 theory (Part 1)

I think Sir Murray is going to kill Evelyn (Madame Kali) Why? Because I think Malcolm and Evelyn are going to start a romantic relationship (false on her part). I think Vanessa is going to accept her in the beginning but soon shell realize, or have a premonition about Evelyn being a danger to them, especially her.

I think Malcolm is going to fall in love with Evelyn, (maybe she casts a spell on him). That love is going to cloud his judgment and, of course, he wont believe a word Vanessa has to say about his angelic Evelyn. Meanwhile Evelyn will make Vanessas life miserable while Roper comes after Ethan.

At that point Vanessa and Ethan decide to split (maybe thats when the carriage accident happens) but somehow they arrive at this other house in which they fall in love with each other and make sweet, sweet love.

Meanwhile Malcolm starts to realize that Evelyn is not as angelic as hed thought she was (maybe he starts noticing things or catches her doing something terrible) but at that stage of the game is no longer going to matter to her what Malcolm thinks or does so, shell show her true intentions.

After that Malcolm will realize that Vanessa is in danger (hell be extremely upset with himself for allowing himself to actually have feelings). Hell rush to help Vanessa and Ethan; he will unleash his whole wrath on Evelyn and say something meaningful and poetic before he kills her. 

I think that Brona and Victor will fall in love. Brona will have no memories, which will facilitate this, and Victor (after realizing love is missing from his life) will start to develop feelings for her and her for him as hell treat her with such sweetness (remember hes a poet at heart) that she wont be able to resist him but once they are in love, her memories will begin to come back to her.

Brona will have confused feelings towards Victor when she remembers he was the one who killed her, also once she remembers Ethan (shell probably look for him) but by that time Ethan will already be in love with Vanessa and Brona oblivious to this will present herself to Ethan one night (its always at night) which in turn will confuse Ethans feelings as well.

Now, Caliban will be upset that his father (Victor) stole his bride but it wont matter much after he falls in love with Vanessa.


Penny Dreadful Episode 2. Seance. (My thoughts part 1)

The silhouette of the man in the beginning, the one who killed the prostitute on the bench, did look a lot like Ethan.
When Ethan woke up he looked to me as if he was thinking, Oh, no! Not again.

According to Ethan Chandler, whats the first thing one should do after waking up without having any recollection, whatsoever, of what happened the previous night? The answer is quite simple: Drink a bottle of whiskey.

I like that Victor shows a completely different side of himself when hes with Proteus. The way he talks to him and smiles at him, even the little game he plays with him to pick his name. He actually looks content, for once.

VICTOR: We should give you a name. You're a form of new mankind, so... perhaps Adam? No. Theological connotations aren't very "us" are they?

Imagine Calibans reaction when he heard Victor (Im sure he was listening to all of this) saying to Proteus, I have two mouths to feed now.

I love Ethan and Bronas first encounter. I loved the way she takes one look at him and steals his whiskey right in front of his face and the best thing was Ethans reaction to this.

ETHAN: Well, nice to meet you too.
BRONA: And you. (Gasps) What happened to your hand?
ETHAN: Long story.
BRONA: Lucky it's early.

To me, Ethan doesnt look interested in Brona at all in the beginning but his attitude towards her changed when he started noticing there was something wrong with her. I think right after she said:

BRONA: A couple of years. I came in search of those green pastures you hear tell about. I tried it in the looming trade but it's all industrial now with the big machines. I worked over in a factory in Shoreditch, but 'twas a dispiriting endeavor. One by one, we were all replaced by better new machines. It's no harm. There is always a way to make a living when you've a bit of flesh, isn't there?
ETHAN: I couldn't say.
BRONA: I'll bet you could.

And what about Malcolm? He had no problem at all with ordering Vanessa to unbutton the top of her dress, did he? Im sure it was meant for Victor and he did look at her throat on a couple of occasions by the way so, it worked. Well done Sir Murray, well done.

Isnt is cute that Victor carries a volume of poems in his medical bag? After all:

VICTOR: A man does not live only in the empirical world. We must seek the ephemeral or why live?
VANESSA: "If this belief from heaven be sent, if such be nature's holy plan...
VICTOR Have I not reason to lament... "
BOTH: "What man has made of man."

Dorian always says My name is Dorian Gray. In a way that makes it sound like hes saying, Yes, I know. Im irresistible.

It was funny that the inspector was trying to shield Malcolm from the crime scene pictures saying they were not from the faint-hearted. Malcolm had to let him know what time it was, didnt he?

MALCOLM: My hearts never fainted. Isnt that the truth.

What if Sir Murray went to pay a visit to the inspector to see if he had anything on Ethan?

Another thing, why was Dorian wearing a robe when he was taking pictures of Brona? He was fully dressed when she arrived.

Dorian couldnt have looked more bored if hed tried but when he saw Brona coughing, it was as if hed just witnessed something magical.  And Dorian, being Dorian, of course wanted to have the full, dying-person, experience.

BRONA: Sir, you shouldn't. (But we all know she didnt mean it)
DORIAN: I don't know the word.
BRONA: I mean, my sickness, sir.

His response? He licked her bloody lips. Ah! Only Dorian Gray!

Brona has the gift of asking men to not do things (like kissing her) while sounding and acting as if shes dying for them to do them.

I loved seeing Dorians dominant side with Brona. I cannot stress this enough!

DORIAN: I've never fucked a dying creature before. Do you feel things more deeply, I wonder? Do you feel pain?
BRONA: Do you?
DORIAN: Find out.

And lets remember that all this was happening right in front of Mr. Frawley (the photographer). I wonder if he works for free, since he probably gets a show every time Dorian employs him.

I so love how warm Mr. Jared Chandler is to his son Ethan.

"Ethan, it's time for you to come home. You can't run away forever. I can handle your legal problems. The Federal Marshall has been paid. Stop your foolishness and do as I instruct. Your father."

It makes one wonder why Ethan is not with his father, doesnt it?

Victors drawing skills amaze me every time I see him in action.

Did Vanessa feel Dorians presence inside Mr. Lyles home? I think she did.

It seems that Dorian Gray not only doesnt know the word shouldnt he also seems to not know the meaning of personal space. He got so close to Vanessa right before introducing himself he could almost kiss her!

Then Dorian started to, pretty much, read Vanessas mind. You can see Vanessas confidence vanishing. I think she had never experienced that feeling before in her life.

DORIAN: You do not belong here, even less than I. You are not frivolous. Your eye is careful and appraising. This is not a careful room, although there is much to appraise. That can divert you for only so long. You do not like it here. You are closed to it. Yet... you're the only woman in this house not wearing gloves. Your hands want to touch, but your head wants to appraise. Your heart is torn between the two. You were skeptical because you thought... This was going to be a wasted evening, but now you're not so sure.

I think Vanessa was used to be the one exposing peoples most inner thoughts but when Dorian did it to her she didnt know what to do. I think thats when Dorian knew he had her.

Vanessa Ives 666 (2015-02-07 09:02:53)


Penny Dreadful Episode 2. Séance. (My thoughts part 2)

Dorian and Vanessa wouldve kissed right then and there but, alas, Mr. Lyle had to ruin the moment for them, or perhaps he save them?

Vanessa clearly didnt want to participate in the séance but Dorian dragged her with him. Poor Dorian, he had no idea of what he was doing, or did he?

Sir Murrays eyes could not roll harder as he sat at that table but we all know what happens to him, dont we?

MADAME KALI: I ask forbearance. I ask you to suspend your disbelief and imagine your minds floating in the darkness of time. Let your imaginations be liberate and roam with me back in time to the ancient seas. Back in time to the time before when the spirits walked, when the sun was new and the old gods walked. I call forth Mut, mother goddess. I call to the speakers of the dead. Come to me, come to me.

Then Dorian started to freak out when Madame Kali said Oh, theres another one here. And Vanessa squeezed his hand. (Sorry Dorian, just getting started)

But what really started the party was:
MADAME KALI: Amunet. Serpent. Hidden one. Know your master, your lover, your master.

If you look at Malcolms face as Vanessa is being taken over by Amunet, you can almost hear him thinking, Oh, NO! Please, NO!

VANESSA AS YOUNG MINA: Father, mine, let me come with you. What a ripping time we'll have. Let me come with you. It'll be an adventure. You'll teach me! I'll prove myself a proper explorer. Peter loves you, father.

VANESSA AS PETER: But Father, if the porters go, how are we to survive? I'm not frightened, I'm not. What an adventure! It's so green, so beautiful. But the porters are dying and I can't go on, I'm sick. Is it the dysentery? I'm bleeding. Oh God, I'm bleeding. I'm shitting blood now. I have no more clean trousers. I'm sorry. I'll stay at base camp. You go. Leave me. Will you name a mountain after me? Are you proud of me? Go! Goodbye. I'll see you soon, father. Father

That (extremely public) attack on Malcolm is one of the scenes like the least in Penny Dreadful. It makes me feel sick and so very sorry for him and for Peter too. The lengths that boy was willing to go just to please Malcolm, to mean something to him. All he wanted was to make his father proud of him (even if it killed him!) but he never succeeded. So sad.   

♪ close the window, my true love ♪
♪ and gently drops the rain ♪
♪ I have never had but one true love... ♪
I am... weak. Can't feel my hands. There's no water. I can't swallow. You knew I was dying... didn't you, Father? Did you name a mountain after me?

By the way, the name of the mountain is Murray Mountain but Malcolm didnt name it after Peter.

Poor Malcolm; he looks inconsolable after hearing the awful things Peter went through as he died.

Then Amunet was like, Oh, Im sorry. You thought I was done? (Insert evil laugh)

Wait. Did she say her masters teeth are as sharp as Malcolms when he bit (Vanessas mother) Clairesahem? That certainly was, way, too much information, wasnt it?

I wonder what Dorian was thinking: Oh my God! You look seductive, dangerous, evil, and supernatural just like me! I LOVE YOU!

Imagine what would've happened if Dorian had reached Vanessa before the sailor. And let me add that Dorian looks worse, spying on Vanessa and that guy, than them having sex on the street (under a lamppost).

I liked that, after all the things Vanessa put Malcolm through that night, he still went to her room to check on her and he covered her so she wouldnt get cold.


Vanessa Ives 666
Many thanks for the article! Very interesting, new ideas, unexpected and interesting!  :cool:

My poster I got from @Show_Penny It's autographed by Josh and Reeve!


Vanessa Ives 666,   :cool:  :crazy:

Josh is gorgeous on this poster!  :love:


If the Penny Dreadful characters were cats.


Penny Dreadful inspired Valentine's Day cards.


My very first Ethan gif in here!


Van, you're the best! I love your cards and gifs!!! Thank you for sharing!  :cool:  :flag:  :D  :love:

I can stare on that gif forever

Waiting for more of your theories and gifs etc!!!


valerie ():

Van, you're the best! I love your cards and gifs!!! Thank you for sharing!  :cool:  :flag:  :D  :love:

I can stare on that gif forever

Waiting for more of your theories and gifs etc!!!

Thank you, darling!  :love: I'll post some more gifs right now.



Vanessa Ives 666
Many thanks for the article! Very interesting, new ideas, unexpected and interesting!  :cool:

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me to hear this from you!  :love:


valerie ():

Vanessa Ives 666,   :cool:  :crazy:

Josh is gorgeous on this poster!  :love:

I love his look in Penny Dreadful so much!  :love:  :love:


Ethan Chandler...


Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 3 - Resurrection (My thoughts Part 1)

YOUNG VICTOR: "There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream. The earth, and every common sight to me did seem, appareled in celestial light, the glory and the freshness of a dream. It is not now as it hath been of yore turn wheresoever I may by night or day. The things which I have seen I now can see no more."

I think Victor is a little boy at heart. I think Victors mother taught him to think of death as a movement because she thought he was going to die; I think she was trying to distract him.

YOUNG VICTOR: Death is not serene.

CALIBAN: Your first born has returned, father."

CALIBAN: "Did you think I wouldn't find you? Did you imagine that I was dead? That I could die? You know better, Frankenstein. I would seek you even unto the maelstrom of the blackest tempest of the darkest night. Stand and face me! Look upon this face anew. Is it not well made? Is the language not rich with felicity of expression? Are the eyes not alert? Are these not the eyes that you looked into...Once? Hear how I bled.

I feel so sorry for Caliban/The creature. All he wants is to be loved by Victor; just like Peter wants to be loved by Malcolm and maybe Ethan by his own father.

CALIBAN: That it was a difficult birth there can be no doubt. I was born in sheer, terrified agony. But surely this was not the Protean man you'd envisioned. This was not a golden triumph over mortality, the lyrical Adonais, of which Shelley wrote. This was abomination.

I understand why Victor fled from Caliban. Who wouldnt with him screaming like that? I also think Victor mustve been very young when he made him.

CALIBAN: Has there ever been a creature so alone? So utterly helpless? Was every new-born creature abandoned the moment they were born? Was this what life was?

CALIBAN: There was no doubt in my mind that I was an animal. How could there be a doubt? Was it not a countenance made for predation?

I do think Victor thought the world would see eternity in a daffodil.

CALIBAN: You ran from me once, never again. We are the Janus mask. Inseparable.

Poor Caliban! He was so lonely he had to swallow his pride and ask, well force, Victor to make him a bride.

Also, poor Vanessa! She cant even have a cup of tea in peace without Mina showing up to ruin it for her.

Thank the lord Vincent was a little drunk when he met Caliban/The creature, otherwise, who knows if hed helped him.

For how long do you think Vincent spoke before he realized he had been talking nonstop? My guess: 2 hours.

Vincent is like, If you like, you can live here. And he points to a 2x1 yards space! And Caliban is like, Wow!

I will never understand why Caliban lets Simon bully him. He could snap him like a twig! Literally.

CALIBAN: I learned to stay in the shadows to protect such a heart as this you gave me.

I told you Caliban was stalking Victor and had overheard him being a nice daddy to Proteus.

CALIBAN: Did you not feel me near, I wonder? Did you not feel my gravitational pull? My inexorableness?

The face Caliban makes when he says, "If only you had made me handsome..." It breaks my heart.

VICTOR: I'm sorry for the cruelty you've endured, that I inflicted upon you, but...I cannot unmake the past!

Ethan gets attached way too fast.

Ethan Chandler. The savior of lost causes, except his own. Hes a lost cause because he wants to save everyone but forgets about himself.


Vanessa Ives 666 ():

Ethan Chandler...

Great gifs


Possible Penny Dreadful Season 2 Posters


Vanessa Ives 666


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