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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Posters


Sana ():

Vanessa Ives 666 ():

    Ethan Chandler...

Great gifs

Thank you very much!


You can't escape what you are. No matter who you save, or who you love."


Vanessa Ives 666

Vanessa Ives 666 ():

Penny Dreadful Season 2 Posters


Ethan Chandler...


So, what do you think of that collages? What do we miss? Who will take the empty spaces?

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This pictures are from the, The Art of Making pennydreadful Book I received courtesy of @Show_Penny. (Is on pre-sale on the shop right now.)

Ive seen every interview, every video and read every Penny Dreadful article available out there, yet I still found immense amounts of new information in this book. If you want to get to know the characters and, over all, understand the show better, this is the book for you.
Every Penny Dreadful fan, seasoned or new, needs to get this book. It has approximately 202 pictures, (most of which I had never seen before) tons of concept art, behind the scenes, and everything you need to know about the making of the show.
It has an Ethan Chandler section and a separate one dedicated to The Werewolf. It also includes a section for Vanessa, Dorian, Victor, Brona, The Creature, Madame Kali, Mr. Lyle, Sembene, and Sir Malcolm, just to name a few (even Proteus!).
A few specifics about the book are: Hardcover with 176 glossy, magazine-style, pages. Dimensions: 11x 9


The carriage scene (How I think it will happen)

I think Ethan, after realizing what he did at the pub, and probably finding out what he is, will try to run awayagain. Vanessa will try to stop him (thats why shes inside the carriage with him) but in the middle of this, heated, conversation, the witches make their first appearance, scaring them a hair away from death. Also, to add to the danger (and to have fun Im sure) the witches will flip the carriage on its side, speak the language of the devil, and probably make Vanessa say a thing or two in this language as well. After all that, Ethan decides he needs to stay by Vanessas side to protect her.

You cannot escape what you are. No matter who you save, or who you love."


Dear Vanessa Ives 666! Happy Birthday!
On your birthday, We wish you  happiness and love. May all your dreams become a reality. Let this day be full of joy and celebration!
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70 thoughts on Little Scorpion
1. Im so glad Sembene made out alive after Ethans transformation.
2. I love it that Sembene doest say much but when he says something, you better believe its something wise and itll probably leave you thinking about it for weeks.
3. Yes, Sembene, never mind Ethan, tell us what you saw!
4. Female hysteria. Hahahaha! Malcolm is so gone at this point.
5. I hate so much that Vanessa never knows wtf is happening. Her answer to everything is, I dont know. How? You saw them! Smh.
6. I love that Victor went, Wait. Lol. You dont believe her? You can almost see that Victor knows Malcolm is more vag whipped than him.
7. And Ethan goes, Im coming with you and Vanessa, Im not sure. And Ethan, No, lol. You misunderstood. Im telling you Im coming with you.
8. Right there, when Lyle told them not to say where they were going was the moment when everyone shouldve been like, Wait, why are you saying this? How do you know so much? Who are you? And more importantly, How do you get your hair to stay up, no matter what you do?
9. Malcolm is hilarious! Man, you are a poppet. You are the must unreliable person in this show right now.
10. Why trust Ethan to go with her? Um, because she likes him? Look at him, Malcolm; come on youd take him with you too, dont deny it.
11. I like that Vanessa told Victor where they are going. I was getting a little worried about that. I mean, I want Ethan and Vanessa to be alone together in a faraway place but,  I still want people to know where they are, just in case.
12. Vanessa is like, Ok Malcolm needs our care but you deal with him for me, please. I need to do me for now. Also, dont worry about your cousin; shell come around, if not, well talk later.
13. I noticed that Vanessa didnt have to do anything to Ethan so hed be able to go inside the house. Thats why Roper will be able to go right in as well.
14. Why is Ethan even asking Vanessa where should he go? Come on, Ethan, dont play the gentleman with us.
15. Why does Ethan think he belongs in the Indian Graveyard in Arizona? Is it because he thinks hes a roaming soul? Is it because he thinks hes one of them? Or is it because he thinks he deserves to be there after killing so many of them?
16. I dont blame Vanessa for not liking trees. I wouldnt either or angry mobs, or branding tools.
17. My God, let him be happy. I like that Vanessa wishes Malcolm happiness, even if it means losing him.
18. Okay. Why in the fuck is Ethan bringing up Brona? Is it a hint from the show letting us know he belongs with her? If it is, theyll receive an angry email from me. All in capitals to emphasize my point.
19. So, from this conversation, Im understanding that Ethan sees Vanessa as a sister? Okay, my ship is sinking.
20. Why is Ethan telling Vanessa shell make a good wife of someone else? So, Ethan isnt even considering them being together at all? Its like hes saying, Yes, youre hot and I like you but not for me, no. Let someone else have you. That makes total sense. Why? Does he feel unworthy of her? Or does he feel shes unworthy of him? My ship. My poor ship!
21. I guess this little Ethans story is to let us know how big of an a-hole his father was and to show a little bonding experience between Ethan and Vanessa.
22. Oh? So, Vanessa had an older sister. I wonder what happened to her. My guess is, shes alive and hates Vanessa.
23. Okay. Ethan just went from laughing, bonding, and sharing cute stories to bat-sit crazy.
24. Wait, how is it possible that there was another full moon so soon? Hadnt they just arrived there a few days ago? Did a month go by so fast? Ethan should carry a calendar with him at all times imo.
25. Is chopping down the tree Ethans way of saying, Im sorry for being an a-hole last night?
26. Vanessa, he ate like 20 sheep last night, of course hes not hungry and, by the way, he didnt bring you any. Selfish.
27. Omg! Just tell her, Ethan! Why is he keeping the secret? Sembene knows already. How is he going to protect her if she doesnt know what he is? And more important, why havent they kissed? I mean, theyre caressing each others faces and staring into each others eyes. Whats it going to take? But no, Ethan just changed the subject. [Heavy, heavy sigh]
28. I think this advice, Ethan is giving Vanessa, about shooting will come in handy on future episodes.
29. Oh? Ethan doesnt know how to dance, thanks to his father, of course. Well, he doesnt need it to get girls; hes tall, hes cute, and knows how to shoot.
30. Its the opposite of homicide. Hahaha! And Ethan is so nervous too. Aw!
31. Im loving this marital scenes. My ship may make it after all!
32. Too much salt. No one gives a crap about Vanessas advice when it comes to cooking. Hahaha!
33. Aw! Ethan even practices on his own. Yassss! My ship is getting stronger by the minute!
34. Im melting watching them smile as they dance. I wish a priest would materialize and marry them right now.
35. Damn you wind, for interrupting my moment! I mean, their moment.
36. Oh? Do I sense Ethan making a move? Yassss!
37. Damn you thunder, for ruining yet another moment. [Rolls eyes]
38. Never mind. Bless you thunder! I love you!
39. Omg! Ethan picked her up like nothing. Go, Ethan! My ship is the strongest ship right now! [Heart eyes]
40. Wait, WTF? We are dangerous? What? After all that touching him and giving him hints. After all those looks and flirting she says No. What a fucking disappointment, Vanessa. Leave him alone, then. He finally, after an endless battle inside his head, makes the move and she rejects him? Nvm. My ship is the most confused ship ever.
41. Fortunately for Ethan, it was already raining outside.
42. I love it how Victor tries to rationalize love. Sorry but that wont help you hurt any less my friend.
43. Wait, so Caliban/John and Brona/Lily are hidden ones? Is Victor contributing to make an army of demons?
44. And if I dont believe in God? Hahaha! Victor is the best.
45. I like that Lyle went, I dont really care whether you believe or not. This is going to happen.
46. The demon, the hound, and the scorpion, endlessly circling one another. Does this mean that the devil is bad, Ethan is good, and Vanessa is the one who can change the odds depending on which side she decides to join? Because, if Vanessa marries the devil, itll be the coming of the beast but, what will happen if she marries Ethan? Is Ethan meant to kill her to save humanity?
47. They decided to ignore the kiss? Okay, cool then but it happened, guys, just fyi.
48. Vanessa needs to stop feeling sorry for herself, man. Im tired of it. Ethan too.
49. There you go again with the hints, Ethan. Just tell her! We have claws for a reason. Is way longer than, Im a werewolf.
50. Who the fuck are you? I love it that Ethan jumped to defend Vanessa. Good for you, Ethan!
51. Whats the purpose of this guy talking about feeding his dogs? We all know hes an asshole already.
52. This fucker has to go down.
53. Ethan needs to stop telling Vanessa who she is.
54. Why is Ethan even angry at Vanessa for wanting to avenge Joan? He knows the story. He knows that man branded her. The man threatened to return with his people again and kill her. Wtf is he going to do? He cant change at will. Is he going to shoot and kill all those people when they come for Vanessa? Is he so naïve that hes willing to take that risk?
55. Why is Ethan trying to guilt-trip Vanessa?
56. Dont you want me to have friends? Come on, Lily. You dont want Dorian as a friend. Dont try to fool us girl.
57. Poor Victor. Youre doing the right thing, for once.
58. Lily is all like, Im so innocent. Hehehe. And Dorians like, No, you arent. Hahaha!
59. There you go, Lily. Now you know the truth.
60. Poor Caliban/John. Always in watching from afar people falling in love.
61. Aw! Ethan was going to kill the man to save Vanessa.
62. Wait. If Vanessa can do that to that man, why hasnt she used it already on Evelyn? Is it because the devil will take her over?
63. Why is Lily turning tricks? She had always hated being a prostitute.
64. Okay, Lily is powerful. She flipped that man like nothing.
65. So, Lily is a psychopath now? Mkay. Hahaha! I bet Ethan is going to love that.
66. Oh, no. Ethans coming back and hes pissed off.
67. I dont understand why Ethan is being so judgmental. He has killed man, women, and babies. Hes in no position to judge anyone. Is it because Vanessa is not a saint as he wanted her to be?
68. Do you know what that is, little girl? Ok. So Ethan moved from being passive-aggressive to straight up dick. Why the need to project all the bullshit he has done on to her? Vanessa killed that man to protect herself and to avenge Joan, why has Ethan killed people? Stfu, Ethan. Just because you are a killer it doesnt mean she will become one.
69. Why did he say, Welcome to the night, Vanessa. Is Vanessa a nightcomer now? And how does Ethan know about that?
70. Well, my ship doesnt exist anymore I think.


66 Thoughts on Memento Mori
1. Wait, did Lily spend the whole night with the corpse of that man? Ew. Well, shes a corpse as well so
2. Omg. Shes humming and talking to him! Its official; Brona, I mean Lily, is insane.
3. Gross! She kissed his eye!
4. Where is Lily? So, Victor is Lilys keeper? Shes yours John, why dont you know where she is? These guys suck at keeping an eye on their prisoner.
5. I dont understand why Lilys actions are Victors fault. You wanted Lily in chains, John? You shouldve done it yourself.
6. She is mine. [Rolls eyes for five minutes] Okay, John. Go tell that to her, my friend.
7. John is delusional. He thinks Lily, who wont even look at him in the eye, and him are going to leave Victor and start a family together? Well see what Lily has to say about that. My guess is: Hell, no.
8. Im so tired of hearing John threatening Victor. Just kill him already but you know you cant, dont you?
9. I have a crush on the junior inspector. [Heart eyes]
10. Where are Vanessa and Ethan?
11. Wow! Evelys witches are trained well. Who has time to go to the spa when you have evil dolls, and stuff, to make and to plan?
12. Hahaha! I love how Mr. Lyle looks down as the nude Evelyn gets up and puts on her robe and I dont think he does it out of respect.
13. I am your creature. Translation: Im so not your creature. Im lying to you because Im scared to death of you and Ill say whatever I have to say to save my own ass.
14. The, Bitch, you didnt, snort from Evelyn is everything. Hahaha!
15. Well, there goes Lyles sass after Evelyn puts her deadly ring on his throat. How does she keep it so sharp? I wish I had that ring.
16. I know youre not lying. You always bat your eyelashes most coquettishly when you lie. Hahaha! Best line ever.
17. The look of complete repulsion from Lyle when Evelyn kisses him! Im surprised he didnt vomit into her mouth.
18. You taste like a fat little man. Translation: I have to hurt your feelings because you refused me. How dare you? I mean, I know youre gay and everything but still
19. Hecate has the gift to look psycho no matter what she does but, hey, at least she didnt lie to Lyle.
20. Oh, no. Hecate is obsessed with Ethan.
21. Poor Malcolm. He loves to torture himself.
22. I wish inspector Rusk worked for another show and solved that other crime instead of this one.
23. Hahaha! I love how Malcolm is like, Wait, let me think. Hmm Nope, I dont remember saying that. And Rusk is screaming internally.  I want to see Rusk having a full-on meltdown, with tears of frustration, foaming of the mouth, and everything.
24. Im proud of Malcolm for protecting Ethan even though he knows hes incriminating himself by doing it.
25. Omg, Lily. Thats the most bullshit explanation story ever. Im glad Victor didnt buy it.
26. Lily called Victor friend, instead of cousin, twice in less than two minutes. Shes gone, Victor.
27. Hahaha! The look on Lilys face when Victor mentioned leaving London! I knew it! She remembers everything.
28. Victor calling his love for Lily an addiction and trying to get rid of it an operation, is the best! But at the same time I feel so bad for him. Hes not in control for the second time in his life.
29. I like that Malcolm is openly admitting what he did to his family and that he knows hes not being himself lately.
30. Evelyn rubbing her nose on Malcolms doll, no thanks.
31. So, there are two devils after Vanessa? Dracula and Lucifer? It keeps getting better and better.
32. Oh, but Evelyn was not done
33. Yes! Sembene knows Ethan is the hound of God!
34. OMG! I love possessed Malcolm!
35. Hahaha! Lyle, Victor and Sembene are standing there like, WTF?
36. Yes, Malcolm! Release yourself from her power!
37. Well, Hecate, dont forget you couldnt charm Ethan with your beauty either, my dear.
38. Hecate cant wait to take her mothers place but I think shes not as wise as she think she is.
39. Will it matter if I did? And Dorian just leaves. Poor Angelique.
40. Why is Malcolm going alone to Evelyns house? WTF? You know how powerful these women are!
41. Yes, Dorian, Angelique found your portrait.
42. You see, Malcolm, I told you and now youre on the floor.
43. I dont think you can. Poor Angelique. She was doomed from the very beginning but Im glad I finally saw Dorian doing something dark. I was hoping for something more hands-on but its okay.
44. Its interesting that Dorian doesnt seem to feel a thing while looking at Angeliques corpse.
45. Finally! The painting had been revealed! Why is he in chains? Why is he so ashy? Why does he still have hair? Whats that on the background? Why dont I have this painting in my house so I can study it and make theories 2000 about it?
46. Im so tired of frightened Lily. Its all bullshit.
47. Hahaha! Yasss, Caliban! Call her out on her bullshit.
48. Jealous Caliban is scary as hell. He looks like hes about to beat her up. Please dont make me hate you Caliban. Please, dont do that.
49. I cant believe shes saying all those things to Caliban! You know what, Caliban? Nvm, kill this bitch right now.
50. Listen, Lily/bitch, you arent that hot either. Mkay, baby girl?
51. Yup. I knew it! Shes Brona. Her accent slipped out.
52. Okay, Brona. Caliban is not the men whove hurt you. Also, you are not the spokeswoman of hurt women around the world. I didnt vote for you.
53. I cant believe Caliban is just taking all of this!
54. The face Caliban makes when Brona tells him shell bring women so they can fuck them together! Hes like Ewwww.
55. I love you. Wait, wtf? Shes playing you, Caliban. Dont fall for it. No. Dont. Dont! Gah! He fell for it. Virgins [Sighs]
56. I hope Victor never returns.
57. Um, so, Brona wants to take over the world? Girl, you better take a number.
58. Its goods and services. I like how Evelyn sees things.
59. Hahaha! Evelyn fell in love with Malcolm. Aw!
60. I love desperate Evelyn. Take my hand and love me. And Malcolm is like, Hell to the no!
61. Aw! Malcolm offered himself to Evelyn to save Vanessa.
62. Did Evelyn just reveal that Vanessa is Malcolms actual daughter?
63. Oh, no! Theres a coffin in the room!
64. Aw! Its Peter. Poor Peter.
65. Wait, more coffins? Oh, no! Theyre alive! Dead but alive.
66. Where in the fuck are Ethan and Vanessa?



Vanessa Ives 666, bravo!!! :flag:  :cool:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! (and gifs  :love: ).

So, Lily remembers her past and now she needs a revenge? She blames everybody that shs became a prostitute... WTF? Everybody has a choice! She choose her path herself! Yes, I do hope that victor will never come back home!

For me the most shocking moment of Ep8 was The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Why is he sitting? Where? and of course how long? Maybe Portrait can speak, not just move?

Now I feel a parallel between Ethan and Dorian! This Portrait is like a Wolf inside Ethan!

I love possessed Malcolm, too!

But Evelyn surely needs to learn new tricks, or coffins of The Murrays will need credits soon  :D.

Why is Hecate so obsessed with Ethan? She needs a revenge, too? She wants to kill him or maybe something else?

And where are Ethan and Vanessa?  %-)


valerie ():

Vanessa Ives 666, bravo!!! :flag:  :cool:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! (and gifs  :love: ).

So, Lily remembers her past and now she needs a revenge? She blames everybody that shs became a prostitute... WTF? Everybody has a choice! She choose her path herself! Yes, I do hope that victor will never come back home!

For me the most shocking moment of Ep8 was The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Why is he sitting? Where? and of course how long? Maybe Portrait can speak, not just move?

Now I feel a parallel between Ethan and Dorian! This Portrait is like a Wolf inside Ethan!

I love possessed Malcolm, too!

But Evelyn surely needs to learn new tricks, or coffins of The Murrays will need credits soon  :D.

Why is Hecate so obsessed with Ethan? She needs a revenge, too? She wants to kill him or maybe something else?

And where are Ethan and Vanessa?  %-)

Yes. I think Brona feels like a goddess right now and wants to be worshipped by the world, especially men.

I'd love it if the portrait could speak but I doubt it. I think it moves every time he does something evil. I think Dorian's portrait is a demon in chains. So, Dorian's true self, to me, is a demon.

Yes, they're all slaves to something. Dorian to his portrait and Ethan to the moon. Victor to his creations and Van to her Demon. Malcolm to his past but what about Sembene?

I think Evelyn's specialty is to torment people with their guilt and regrets. With the things that hunt them down at night in their dreams. Things people choose to forget because they're too painful. It wouldn't surprise me if Vanessa saw her mother, Mina, Peter and Joan.

I think Hecate wants Ethan for herself like Evelyn wanted Malcolm. Another theory might be that Hecate wants to get on the good side of her master and bring him an offering in the form of the hound of God. ;D


Vanessa Ives 666 ():

Yes. I think Brona feels like a goddess right now and wants to be worshipped by the world, especially men.

Hope Caliban will kill his Bride! She is just insane! Btw, will Lily try to kill Dorian in Ep9?

I'm afraid we will not see a story of Sembene this season  :( .


Penny Dreadful gifs for episodes 9 and 10


Some more gifs for episodes 9 and 10


85 Thoughts on And Hell Itself My Only Foe

1. Ahh! What a lovely night...Wait.
2. Omg! Roper couldve killed Ethan in his sleep!
3. How did Roper fit through that window?
4. Hahaha! Roper's laugh.
5. Omg, Vanessa! Why did you have to call Roper names while he's pointing a gun at Ethan?   Thankfully he liked it. Ahem...
6. Hands down, Roper's face is scarier than Dorian's portrait.
7. Of course he wants Ethan's hands tied behind his back. [Rolls eyes]
8. I can't believe this guy still wants to take Ethan back to America! Look at what he did to you, man. You should be wanting to kill him. But, hey, what do I know.
9. Ethan is hilarious. All he does is threat people. "If you do this, I'll kill you. If you do that, I'll kill you" Stop, Boo. Just, stop.
10. Wait. Roper has scalped women and had sex with them afterwards? Ew.
11. Man, Vanessa can take a beating! Plus, she has awesome knife skills. Go Vanessa!
12. I wish Ethan did that trick guys do in movies, in which they jump while swinging their arms forward and, ta-da, their hands are in their front again but, hey, biting is cool too.
13. Aw! Ethan stepped in front of Vanessa...and got a KNIFE IN THE SHOULDER!
14. Wow! What a horrible way to die. Being stabbed about 50 times, just to make sure, while getting kicked on the face at the same time. Go Vanethan!
15. Hahaha! And for a moment Vanessa and Ethan are like "Is he dead? Is he dead? Oh, god, good." [Both exhale]
16. I can't believe Ethan is still angry at Vanessa for killing that other guy last week. Ethan, let it go. She took a beating for you! Well, maybe to get out of getting scalped, then raped, but still.
17. And once again, Ethan misses an opportunity to tell Vanessa what he is... [Heavy, heavy sigh]
18. Thank goodness Victor carries his doctorly supplies with him everywhere.
19. "The witches castle." Victor never misses an opportunity to be sarcastic. Lol.
20. I'm thinking that room Malcolm is in, projects people's guilts back to them in 3D.
21. Why does Evelyn look so weak all of a sudden? What happened?
22. Hecate keeps calling Evelyn old. Hahaha!
23. Omg! Rusk again! Ethan should just kill him already.
24. Ethan is like, "Me, live here? Never! lol" while screaming internally.
25. Oh? So Ethan's name is Ethan Lawrence Talbot? Why do these people keep changing the characters' names? First Brona to Lily, then Caliban to John, and now Ethan? Wtf? It's hard to keep up with this crap! Btw, Lawrence? Kill me now...
26. So, Ethan was born in New Mexico in 1857? Hes 35! Ok. Finally they let us know something about him.
27. Poor Sembene. Now he's Ethan's babysitter on the full moons. By the way, how is it a full moon again?
28. Finally Mr. Lyle came clean but Victor is having none of it. Hahaha!
29. How did Vanessa's lip healed so fast? She didnt have that power before.
30. Hahaha! "Okay, everyone, we're going to rescue Sir Malcolm." But Ethan is like, "Um, no, we aren't." Vanessa looks at him like, "Excuse me?" And Ethan goes, "I said hell to the no." And wastes yet another opportunity to tell her what he is. I've lost count already. [Growls]
31. Vanessa, my dear, you're getting a little overconfident. Just saying.
32. I love how Vanessa tells Ethan his faith is not strong enough. It's not. He doesn't believe in her anymore.
33. "We go tomorrow. In the day, all of us. We save that man, kill that woman, and all her like. It will be unholy slaughter." Ah, Sembene. You are the best!
34. Mr. Putney smiles way too much. One can never trust people who smile too much...
35. "True evil is, above all things, seductive." Poor Caliban/John. He's so wise. I love him. "A mirror. Nothing but a mirror."
36. I think Dorian is wearing the same clothes he wore when he first met Brona.
37. Lol. Brona trying to sound like she doesn't remember everything.
38. Yassss! I love that Dorian is not a stupid man.
39. Brona is trying so hard to play Dorian.
40. "Kneel, boy." Ahem. Brona, my dear, Dorian is older than you.
41. Victor, get a grip, man! You better survive this season, damn it!
42. Lol. Victor trying to scientifically explain why he's not a junkie.
43. Aw! Vanessa and Victor sharing a brother/sister moment.
44. I like that Vanessa tried to give Victor a little hope.
45. Precisely, Sembene! Make Ethan come to his senses. He needs to tell Vanessa what he is!
46. Vanessa has no limits? Mkay.
47. Ethan keeps taking his anger out on everyone. Why? Wtf is wrong with him?
48. Finally! At last they told us something about Sembene.
49. Aw! Sembene and Ethan are bros now.
50. Wtf is Hecate doing in Ethan's room?
51. How can Ethan move his arm? He was stabbed on the shoulder! Please don't tell me that NOW he can heal quickly because he didn't have that power before.
52. Hecate is proposing Ethan to serve him? I thought Ethan couldn't be evil. Hmm...
53. Ethan can only be killed with silver bullets. At least they kept that werewolf aspect in the show.
54. Why in the fuck did Hecate kiss Ethan? And why did he let her and allowed her live? He knows what she is! He knows she and her witch friends have been tormenting Vanessa! He pretty much told her to eff off when he first saw her! Wtf?  Oh, no! I know where this is going... [Growls again.]
55. Of course Vanessa leaves the house alone, without help, just like Malcolm. [Sighs] they're related, alright.
56. Lavinia is awfully talkative tonight.
57. I can't believe Lavinia did that to Caliban! Wtf? Fuck you, Lavinia! And to think I was shipping Caliban with you.
58. "Find out." Hahaha! Dorian dgaf.
59. What is it with people biting tonight? And how does Brona know that Dorian can heal?
60. Lyle. You are in no position of being judgmental, mkay.
61. Hahaha! Lyle got the smallest gun ever...and loved it!
62. It seems that everyone keeps ignoring Sembene on this episode!
63. Oh? 'Let it'? Okay, Ethan.
64. Again, fuck you Lavinia and your whole family as well. Never trust people who smile all the time...
65. How can Dorian be so careless? He showed Brona the way to his painting! For sure Brona will steal it now and get money, probably other things too, out of him.
66. Wait. Dorian can only heal if he looks at the painting? Interesting...
67. It looks like Evelyn doesn't believe in locking her doors.
68. I hope Vanessa brought a knife with her.
69. No, Evelyn, you're not bored with Malcolm. You're bitter because he refused you.
70. Why is Vanessa wasting time talking with Evelyn instead of killing her?
71. Wow, Hecate. "I still taste him." How old are you? 13? Please, just drop dead. [Rolls eyes]
72. And she's still talking with Evelyn! Wtf?
73. This is extremely poor planning. Why would the only two assassins out of that group leave together?
74. So now Sembene not only has to worry about, Vanessa, Ethan, Malcolm, Victor, and Lyle's life, without counting his own, but has to worry about killing Ethan if he gets out of hand? Great. You guys suck.
75. OMG! Ethan is going to kill Sembene! I hate Hecate so much!
76. And now Victor is trapped as well...with Malcolm who's insane now.
77. Omg! Proteus!
78. Ethan, why you keep being mean to Sembene? Chill, damn it!
79. Thank goodness Sembene stopped Ethan from killing himself.
80. Why would Ethan want to kill himself, by the way? Where did all the, let's-protect-Vanessa, go? Sembene told you to stay, and what did you say? "Let it."
81. I feel bad for Ethan. I think he can't take being what he is anymore and is having a moment of weakness like Vanessa, begging someone to end his life.
82. "I'm just a man, but you have been chosen by God. My friend, Ethan Chandler." Sembene is the true hero and protector of Penny Dreadful.
83. The dolls can speak?
84. NOOO! Ethan is killing Sembene!
85. [Cries for 20 years]


Vanessa Ives 666,   :flag:

Thank you, darling for your Thoughs!  :cool:

I love that scene when Hecate disappeared in a mirror!

After watching the Episode I was thinking that Ethan can accept her "invitation" and becomes an evil as well. Because nobody tild him that he is a GOOD guy before!  %-)  And Ethan always thinks he is a devil. But after Sembene's death I'm sure he will not come with Hecate!  :)

And I hate Lily / Brona so much!!!!  :mad:

On Ethan
I think the reason why Ethan has been acting so strange lately is because he's overwhelmed. He just can't take it anymore and after Sembene told him what he is, he just couldn't deal with it. Plus Rusk constantly harassing him, Roper threatening him, and having to deal with Vanessa at the same time was probably more than he could bear. I think he reached his breaking point when he knew he was going to kill Sembene. That's why, like Vanessa asked him, he asked Sembene to end his life. It's interesting to realize that, although, Ethan is a werewolf and after all the strength he shows, he's just a man like everyone else and his life is a constant torment, just like Vanessa's. I think that sometimes he wants to be free. I think he sometimes wants to let his demon take over as well.


Such a heartbreaking letter.


84 Thoughts on, And They Were Enemies

1. OMG! Sembene is gone [Cries forever]
2. Oh? So, it was the doll talking to Vanessa. I knew it!
3. Its kind of weird to hear a doll with Vanessas face and voice calling Vanessa My beloved.
4. I like that Vanessa has always known they cant take her soul.
5. Why is Evelyn almost crying?
6. You have no power to tempt me. I have faced eyes more cruel than yours, woman. Hahaha! You go, Vanessa!
7. This witches and their hissing. [Snores]
8. Poor Victor. Hes tormented as well by his guilt over his creations.
9. Okay. Im bored with those three tormenting Malcolm.
10. Poor Victor. Hes too fragile as it is.
11. All these bastards want to make Malcolm and Victor kill themselves! NO!
12. OMG! This is heartbreaking. The perfect family, the perfect children, and Ethan as the perfect husband.  A loving husband at that. They look so happy together. How cruel because Vanessa knows it will never become a reality.
13. Hahaha! Ethan just wanted an hour with Vanessa. Aw! [Cries forever]
14. Its so sad to see Vanessas smile slowly vanishing.
15. Poor Vanessa. How much more suffering must she endure?
16. At least the doll let us know Vanessa is in love with Ethan.
17. Kiss me. Who would ever kiss a doll that looks exactly like them? Eff that.
18. And the doll closed her eyes and opened her mouth! Ewww!
19. I hope Vanessa didnt mean it when she said she doesnt want a normal life anymore.
20. Verbis Diablo throw down! Im team Vanessa.
21. Hahaha! Evelyn is just screaming like she did in season one!
22. Beloved, know your master. I love that line. Finally Vanessa showed her true power!
23. Evelyn freaking out because shes losing her beauty is the best.
24. And just like that, Ethan killed her. [Sighs] He couldve done that in the beginning of the season and Sembene would still be alive But yay! Ethan, the protector, Chandler, I mean, Talbot. Ah, whatever.
25. OMG! Werewolf Ethan recognized Vanessa! Yasss! But he didnt let her touch him. Aw.
26. That witch stayed hissing at Lyle for 15 minutes? Useless!
27. Never underestimate the power of a queen with lovely hair, my dear. Hahaha! Mr. Lyle dgaf anymore.
28. Im glad the spell was broken as soon as Evelyn died.
29. Well, I guess Vanessa is the scorpion.
30. I wish Vanessa had burned that place to the ground, just to add a little spark to her exit.
31. I was hoping Sembene would make it but now Im sure hes gone. Noooooo!
32. Please, John. Kill the Putneys. Kill them all!
33. This bastard, A few shillings and a candle. I hope he suffers the most. No! I want Lavinia to suffer the most.
34. Hahaha! Yasssss! He snapped that bitchs neck like nothing. Ah, John, Im so proud of you.
35. Im glad he let Lavinia alive. Suffer bitch! But Im sure shell be able to make a wax figure of his face so the police can recognize him[Sighs]
36. Ah, nothing like Hecate singing us a song before she sets her mothers house on fire.
37. No, Victor, youre so not fine.
38. Aw! Mr. Lyle offering his friendship to Victor is the cutest thing ever.
39. Poor Victor. He expected Lily to be impatiently waiting for him. Sorry, man. She gone.
40. I hope Victor doesnt think he can go to Dorians house and just kill him.
41. When did Brona learn to dance so well? Why are they dressed in white? Did Mr. Lyle go to Dorians house to do Bronas hair? So many questions.
42. Dorian looks gorgeous in white. Oh, lord!
43. Okay. Normal people stop dancing when the music stops but not these two. These two keep going like idiots.
44. Spare me your gallantry. Translation: Go fuck yourself, Dorian.
45. Oh? So just like that, Lily moved in with Dorian? Be careful, darling. We know what happened to the last person who moved in with him.
46. Wow! Dorian and Lily truly deserve each other. They have no heart and as such theyll end up killing each other for sport.
47. Victor, honey, have some dignity please!
48. Oh, I hope Lilys ending is slow and painful.
49. Im glad Victor shot Brona but, unfortunately, she didnt die. He needs John for that and only one match to end Dorians life. Also, Dorian got scared for a moment.
50. Ahem. Dorian doesnt waste an opportunity, does he?
51. Im glad that now Victor knows Dorian is an immortal.
52. They are made for killing. Its interesting to realize that Dorian sees himself as a sort of God but I doubt that Brona has forgiven him for humiliating her at the theater.
53. Poor Victor. This is too much for him.
54. Okay. Ill say it again. Brona is insane. Does she think she can rule the world? Hahaha! Wait until Dracula appears or the devil. Shes a walking corpse. Im sure one of them will be able to control her like a puppet, then she will know terror.
55. Enjoy your time together, Brona and Dorian. Enjoy it while it lasts.
56. Oh, no! Malcolm will go to Africa and leave Vanessa behind! Wait, maybe they can bring Sembene back to life there! Yes, I still have hope.
57. Aw! Ethan was waiting for Vanessa inside her room. Now, kiss!
58. Poor Ethan. He feels so guilty. ButI have to say, Sembene told you not to go.
59. Yes, Ethan, she knows what you are and not because you told her, by the way. What if youd killed her as well, huh? Youre lucky youre cute, tall, have nice hair, a sexy voice, and a perfect nose because those are the only reason why I keep forgiving your bullshit. P.S. I love you.
60. Come on, Ethan! Shes saying yes right now. You couldnt kill her as a werewolf. What else do you want?
61. He wouldnt even let her kiss him? Wtf, Ethan? Please dont go to the police.
62. Omg. He did go to the fucking police.
63. NO! Not a goodbye letter. EthanI have only so much patience, my boy.
64. And now he confessed. You have two guns man. You didnt need help to die. Well, I guess he wanted to pay for what he has done as a form of self-torture. Ah, Ethan, how you love your precious guilt.
65. Wait, Ive just realized that Vanessa told Ethan that Malcolm would leave her alone in the house but he decided to turn himself in anyway? So, now Ethan doesnt care about Vanessas safety? Ah, he doesnt know there are two evils who will hunt Vanessa until the end of time and he hasnt accepted that he is the only one who can help stop them.
66. Ethan, what have you done
67. I hate Rusk so much!
68. Noooo! Ethan is going back to America to his monstrous father!
69. OMG, Victor. What the fuck are you doing? You better not over dose!
70. I hope Mr. Lyle or Vanessa pays Victor a visit and save him.
71. It breaks my heart to see both John and Vanessa in complete despair.
72. Poor John. He has tried too long to connect with people. I dont blame him for feeling the way he feels and still he has kind words for Vanessa.
73. Poor Vanessa.  Shes so hurt and lonely. Ethan shouldve stayed instead of running away from her and Vanessa shouldve told him what she saw at Evelyns house. Perhaps their future wouldnt be exactly as she saw it but they couldve had a future together.
74. I wish Vanessa had invited John to live with her when he asked her to go with him.
75. Omg! John cried! And now, Im crying too!
76. Three ships, three different destinations, and all three have tormented people in them.
77. Fucking Rusk put Ethan in a cage! And he cut his hair! Oh, you fucker! I hope he kills you.
78. I thank you for your affection and understanding. By leaving you.
79. Poor Vanessa. Its so sad to see her go around the house turning off the lights. No Malcolm, no more Sembene, and no more Ethan.
80. So in that letter, Ethan pretty much told Vanessa he was going to his death and asks her to be strong.
81. Written with love; Ethan. Oh, Ethan, you shouldve stayed with her.
82. I dont blame Vanessa for burning the cross. She has nothing left in her.
83. So we walk alone. How heartbreaking.
84. Dear Vanessa: Your many kindnesses, I will always carry with me. Such generosity has not been a part of my life and I thank you for your affection and understanding. In my most frightened and lonely moments, you were there and such light you brought to me but Im made for the dark as we both know. I am fit for only one place and shouldve been there, long ago. Deep in the cold clay, on a forgotten hill. Your rode may be difficult but mine is doomed. So, we walk alone. Written with love: Ethan.


Vanessa Ives 666 ():

Such a heartbreaking letter.

Vanessa Ives 666!

Thank you very much!
I have read and weep ...   :'(
The answer is not soon...


Penny Dreadful season 3 theoryish

First, Im not even sure whether Victor will live to be on season three after seeing his state at the end of season two but I certainly hope Mr. Lyle pays him a visit and saves him. Second, why would the send Malcolm, John, and Ethan to different destinations?  I think to get them out of the way so Vanessa can be alone.

Ethans letter pretty much sounds like hes leaving Vanessa to go die somewhere. I think Vanessa will try to move on and probably think of Ethan as a dead man. I think this will give Dracula, or the devil, the perfect opportunity to walk into her life as a beautiful and mysterious man who will sweep her off her feet and probably make her fall in love with him. I dont expect to see Vanethan happening on season three; maybe a kiss but thats it.

Meanwhile in America, Ethan will be suffering at the hands of his father and Im sure Hecate will be there lurking in the shadows, shes probably in the boat with him and Rusk right now. I expect to see lots of Ethan suffering, crying, and being tormented by his father, not only physically, but psychologically as well.

I think Hecate will wait for Ethan to be at his lowest point to make her entrance. I think shell be the one who helps him escape and shell probably be the one who kills his father. All this will, but hopefully not, lead to a romance between Hecate and Ethan. [Gags]

Hecate has been the only one who has told Ethan how powerful and important he is. I think she will reveal more things to him and by doing so, Ethan will realize that the fight didnt end with the death of Evelyn. Hopefully hell also realize that Vanessa is in danger and will make his way back to London but it wont be as easy as he thought if Vanessa is infatuated with the new man in her life and is still hurt because he left her when she needed him the most.

I think Malcolm will be able to bring Peters remains back home during his trip to Africa and will find trouble there as well. I hope the people from Africa through some sort of incantation can bring Sembene back to life but thats highly unlikely to happen. [Sniffles]

I think that Caliban/John will learn in his trip, to wherever he went, that no matter where he goes, people will always treat him in the same unkind way they have always treated him. I hope he realizes that Victor was not as bad to him as he thought he was and decides to return to London. I think Caliban is the only one who can kill Lily and to be honest, I hope he kills her on season three.

I think Lily hasnt forgiven Dorian for humiliating her at the theater in season one. I think shes using Dorian because he has the financial means she needs to accomplish her plans to take over the world. I think Lily will hide Dorians picture to be able to control him and if you ask me, he deserves it.

A friend of mine, @HoundofGod, made a post about Rusk cutting Ethans hair to humiliate him. This reminded me of a conversation Victor and Ethan had on S1E7:

VICTOR: He cares for her. She's like a daughter.
ETHAN: No. She's not. That's the problem. You know the saddest thing I ever saw? When the army pacifies a native tribe, they take the children away. They cut off their hair, which is a source of spiritual strength to them, you see. They take away their medicine bags, they give them new names. John Smith. William Sherman. Then they ship them East to boarding school.
VICTOR: Awful.

I agree that Ethans haircut was meant as a humiliation tactic and to remind him that hes not and Indian American. But what if he is?


After the kiss...[/align

[align=left]We are dangerous I said. Ethan stared at me in astonishment for a moment then, he went outside into the storm while I stayed inside the house. I wrapped my arms around me and paced back and forward, ignoring the rain coming through the hole in the roof. Cold drops trickled down my face as I recalled the events that took place in Mr. Grays house.  I shook my head. Its too dangerous. I cannot treat this lightly, no matter who I Iove; Im destined to be alone. This sudden realization brought tears to my eyes. Why me? Why cant I be free from this curse? The violent opening of the door brought me back to the present. It was Ethan returning. I saw anger and sadness in his eyes.
You know what, Vanessa? We are dangerous but thats not it, is it? Youre afraid of loving me. I refused to look at him in the eye, trying to remain true to my resolve but he came closer and held my face with his hands. Look at me. He said but I shut my eyes tightly. Look at me! He said again as he shook my head as if to awaken me. Resigned, I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. The idea of loving me frightens you more than anything else in the world, doesnt it? He said.
Yes. I whispered.  His countenance changed from anger to compassion. He sighed and embraced me tightly.
Why, Vanessa? I wont hurt you. I wont let anyone or anything hurt you, not even yourself. He broke the embrace and cupped my face once again, gazing into my eyes. No one, you understand me? He whispered and smiled at me.
His conviction made me feel, perhaps for once in my life hope. I nodded. He gently pealed some of my hair from my face. He carefully tucked it behind my ear and caressed my cheek with his thumb. I leaned my face into his touch, my eyes closing on their own. He tenderly kissed my forehead and he embraced me once again.
I didnt want to let go of him and it seemed that he both shared the same feeling. I wanted to stay in the safety of his arms for as long as I could; taking in the lovely scent of his neck but that was not enough for me. My lips needed to make contact with his skin and after I kissed his neck once, I continued kissing him until my lips found his.
Our kiss was slow and gentle in the beginning, as if our mouths and souls had resumed the waltz we couldnt finish earlier. Soon our passion grew stronger, stronger than the storm outside the house. The need to feel skin on skin had us nearly tearing off each others clothes. With one swift motion, Ethan took me into his strong arms and carried me upstairs.
Once there, he placed me on the edge of the bed with the outmost care; he got on one knee and removed my shoes, then my stockings, and so on until there was nothing left. He then laid me on the bed, making it clear that he didnt need assistance with the removal of his garments, and as he did, his eyes trailed over my body with admiration, as mine did over his. Soon our lips, bodies, and souls started another waltz, fusing us into one.       


Vanessa Ives 666 ():

After the kiss.

o.O , , . , , . , .    .

tentrah (2015-07-17 22:07:14)


37 gifs about Josh. Happy Birthday, Josh!!


We walk alone

When I opened my eyes the in the morning, for a cruel moment I believed it had all been a dream. I could hear Ethan, Sembene, and Sir Malcolm having a conversation in the hallway. I jumped to a sitting position on the bed, with a wide grin on my face from utter joy but too soon my smile slowly began to fade away.  My heart sank I'm my chest, my throat began to ache, and my eyes welled up as I gazed upon the wall and noticed the crucifix missing.
Suddenly the voices of Sir Malcolm, Sembene, and Ethan vanished. I turned my head towards the fire place with dreadful slowness as if to delay the discovery of what I knew would be there and as I saw the remains of the crucifix, a cold tear rolled down my cheek.
I got off the bed and went downstairs towards the kitchen. I suppose I needed more proof to believe it had all been a dream, or perhaps I needed the pain, I needed something to remind me that I was still alive.
I found the kitchen was empty, like me. Except, the kitchen was clean; almost pure, unlike my soul. I stood there motionless, my eyes traveled across Sembene's seat, his apron... If only I had listened to him. I thought. His last words to me resonating inside my mind, daggers piercing through my heart.
We go tomorrow, in the day, all of us. We save that man, we kill that woman, and all her like. It will be unholy slaughter. Sembene had said but I wouldnt listen.
I closed my eyes and walked away. I couldn't bear to hear any more and as I wrapped my arms tightly around me I heard Joan's words.
"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." I realized then, that she had spoken the truth. I'm a wicked, selfish, person and I'm responsible for Sembene's death.
I began to shiver as I walked up the stairs. The tears in my eyes made it troublesome for me to see clearly, causing me to miss the last step. I tripped and fell down on my hands and knees crashing down on the upstairs hallway. I couldn't help so sob for a moment. If I had fallen backwards, I would've tumbled down the stairs and lost my life, and my curse. All of it could've ended right then and there but I had been spared once again.
I wiped my face with my hands and pulled myself up with the help of a wall. I cannot recall walking towards Ethan's room but suddenly I was opening his door. I walked inside and carefully closed the door behind me. My eyes traveled across his room noticing all the things he had left behind. He had left his guns on top of on chair. I traced my fingers over the guns as I passed them by. I went over to his desk. His dip pen was still where he had left it, surely after he had written that dreadful letter. There was also a book, a journal, on the desk. I opened it and recognized Ethans writing throughout its pages.
It hurt too much to see hisribbons of words. I closed the journal, placed it back where I had found it, and walked away from the desk. Ethan's bed was neatly made but not by Sembene, by him. I saw his sweater on the sofa, the one he wore when he attempted to teach me how to shoot, the one with the buttons on the side of the neck. I picked it up and sat at the edge of his bed. I brought it close to my face and inhaled deeply with my eyes closed. It still held his delightful scent. "God! Why, Ethan?" My voiced cracked as I spoke those words, my own voice sounded foreign to me as if it had been an eternity since I had heard it and no matter how hard I fought to suppress the tears, it was all futile. I embraced the sweater as if it were Ethan himself and began to weep uncontrollably.
I, unconsciously, let my head fall on Ethans pillow and covered myself with his blankets. I turned on my side, pressed the sweater to my breast, and brought my knees as close to my chest as possible. I stayed there, only god knows for how long, thinking about cold clay in a forgotten hill and Ethan's final words as I wept. "So, we walk alone."
Ethan thought I had lost my soul that night at the moors but he had been mistaken. My soul died when he left me.


I know who you are
One day during a card reading
I grow tired of people attempting to tell me who I am and judging me. Do you fancy yourself so unique that you dont give yourself away? Do you believe I cant see who you are by just talking with you, or by glancing at your clothes? Well, let me tell you this: I know who you are.

I am not afraid of being who I am. I accept myself; I know exactly what and who I am. I dont hide behind a mask of contentment just so others can feel comfortable and safe around me. I do not seek approval from others or will ever change who I am to gain their acceptance. No.

Ive sinned, Ive hurt countless people around me, and Ive committed terrible things in my life but Im facing the consequences of my actions out in the open. I do not hide behind a mask or anyone and I dont try to make others carry my guilt to make the bulk lighter. No. My guilt is my own and I must live with it.
Do you believe that my silence is a sign of me not having anything to say? No. I remain silent because, if I were to tell you what I know about yourself, you might crawl into a dark place, never to be seen again. I remain silent because, after I show your true self to you, you might not show your face in public again out of shame.

I can see whod you wish to be, but you know you are not, by the way you dress. I can see your pain by paying close attention to the words you speak. I can see your insecurities by the way you walk, sit, or stand. I can see how little you think of yourself just by taking one glance at your hands and hair. [Whispers leaning closer] And I can see the darkness in your soul by looking into your eyes. How dare you judge me? Do you fancy yourself better than me? [Chuckles] Well, since youve told me who I am in your eyes, allow me return the courtesy.

Youve expend your entire life being someone you are not out of fear, fear of not being accepted, fear of not being loved. Youve been not better than a trained dog obeying his masters orders with the hopes of getting a treat in return or a pat on the head followed by the words, Good boy.  Youve been nothing but a horse with blinders on his eyes, guided by his master, your father, through a path filled with confusion because you dont know where youre going and why you must go there; a path without purpose for you and seemingly endless but you go anyway because you must.

You stopped trying to be who you truly wanted to be a long time ago and have fooled yourself in to believing that dreaming is for children but you have wondered from time to time, havent you? Yes, you have wondered how your life wouldve been if you had stood up to your father that day, long ago, when you knew your life would never be your own if you married that girl you didnt love, but you didnt have the courage to do it and you still dont.

You wonder what your life wound have been if you had followed your heart and married the girl you truly loved instead of the girl your father picked for you to grow the familys fortune. Twenty years have passed and you still think about her, dont you?  You think about her during those sleepless nights you suffer from time to time.

You close your eyes and remember her lovely face, her voiceyou can even still feel her soft rosy lips upon yours as you bring your hand close to your lips but then, you shake your head, as if by doing so, youre shaking those thoughts permanently out of your mind and you believe this to be true, until the next sleepless night arrives. You remind yourself that you had to break her heart and leave her for the good of family; you make yourself in to a hero of sorts, even though you know thats not the truth. You know you did it because youre a coward.

Now the roles have reversed, havent they? The story is repeating itself; now your son is you and you are your father. Your eldest son is in love with a girl whos not of your choosing. You despise seeing them together gazing into each others eyes with a love you know well. You could let him marry her but you wont, not because the marriage will bring destitution to your family, no. You wont allow it out of jealousy because the simple act of seeing them together brings back memories of your youth and many what if questions that bring sorrow to your heart. You cant even look at the girl because she reminds you of her, your beloved.
You dont want your son to have the life you didnt dare to pursue, If I can live with it, so will he! Youve told yourself bitterly. You used to love him but now you resent him for having the courage you didnt have. You are following in your fathers steps, furthering the familys tradition. Youre punishing your son because of the suffering your father caused you but your son is not a coward like you or your father, is he? Your son is not afraid of starting a new life, your son is not afraid of poverty or about what people might think of him if they ever see him working at the butchers shop.

If you refuse to accept your sons loved one, you will never see your son again. His life will be full of hardship but he will be happy. You, on the other handYou will lose a part of your soul when your son leaves. Your wife will never forgive you. She could endure knowing youve never loved her but she will never forgive you for making her lose her son, especially now that shes ill. Your other sons will grow apart from you and your life will be even more empty and meaningless than it was before.

Your wife is dying but you knew that already. Youve often wondered if you could find your beloved again, if your wife were not alive, but youve shaken that thought out of your mind as well since the last thing you learned was that your beloved had married the next man that came along after you broke her heart and left her.

You think life has been unkind to you but you know it has all been a fruit of the decisions you have made. You ruined three peoples lives when you decided to do what your father commanded: Yours, your beloveds, and your wifes. Now, you have to make another important decision that can ruin even more lives but, before you go, Ill tell you something:

Your beloved is a widow now. She has a daughter who is in love with a young man. Her daughter lied about his name because she thought her mother would forbid her to see him again if she learned he came from a wealthy family. The young man reminds her of the man who broke her heart once, a man who she still loves even though twenty years have passed.

Now, tell me, are you going to be your father? Or, are you going to start thinking for yourself?


"Penny Dreadful", , -...

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