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Josh Hartnett is not your regular actor - or guy for that matter. Joshua Daniel Hartnett was born in St. Paul Minnesota on July 21, 1978 (source: Josh said himself in Movieline Magazine). He has three younger siblings - Jake, Joe and Jessica. In high school Josh was already experimenting with acting and theater - his first role was as Huck Finn. He also played on his school's football team and varsity soccer team but was forced to stop playing football after an accident occurred which tore his ligament. Josh's high school job was working in a video store. After Josh graduated from high school he attended the SUNY acting program in New York. He didn't stay in New York long, he soon moved out to California in search of acting opportunities. he didn't have to look very hard - he quickly landed the role of Michael Fitzgerald in the TV series Cracker. Cracker was a mystery series, that didn't last very long.

Josh finally struck it big in 1998 when he was cast as John Tate in the last movie in the trilogy Halloween H20 Twenty Years Later. The movie got mixed reviews - but Halloween fans and horror film suckers flocked to see the film. Josh got some reconization for his role. He soon followed up his Halloween success with another horror film, The Faculty. The Faculty could be considered Josh's breakthrough role. He was cast along side other up and coming co-stars including: Clea Duvall, Elijah Wood, Usher Shawn Hatosey and Jordana Brewster. The cast was definitely a cool set of young actors and a highlight of the filming. The Faculty cast also teamed up with fashion guru Tommy Hilfiger to promote not only the movie but the clothing line as well. The movie was a hit with teenage fans everywhere. Josh had finally made his mark. Not necessarily on the mainstream of A-list actors but he had created a fan base and websites began popping up on the web devoted to him after his role as badass Zeke. Next came The Virgin Suicides. An indie film that proved Josh's acting ability. Josh was cast alongside Kirsten Dunst (who rocks) James Wood and Kathleen Turner for Sophia Copoola's adaptation of her favorite book. The movie was an indie hit and was a big plus for Josh - who received good reviews for his performance as the cocky- hotshot-weed smoking Trip Fontaine. After The Virgin Suicides, Here on Earth was released. Lelee Sobieski and Chris Klein starred along side Josh in Mark Pizinarski's teen romance. Josh still refers to Lelee as one of his closest co-stars. Chris also, had a positive experience working with Josh:"Josh is such a great guy, he's a true professional, he's a brilliant actor, I really think he's a brilliant actor, and not only that, he's a real cool guy. He's from Minneapolis-St. Paul, where we shot this movie and so I got to be real good friends with him and he'd take me to the ins and outs, all the good spots, and we hung out with his friends from college and stuff and it was great. " The movie got bland reviews and did ok at the box office. Josh also starred alongside buddy Rachel Leigh Cook in the comedy Blow Dry.

Josh's career only went uphill from this point on - despite some minor glitches. His film O had been delayed nearly 2 years by Miramax Films because of the violence the movie depicts. Miramax didn't want to release the movie because of the school shootings - the film also contained a brutal rape scene. The film was eventually picked up by Lion Gate Films when Miramax dropped it. His movie Town and Country has also been delayed for almost a year - despite having Warren Beatty as the director and an all-star cast - the film bombed at box offices. It didn't really matter though because soon, all eyes, magazine covers and fansites were focused on Josh who played Danny Walker in Pearl Harbor. Without a doubt - Josh's most popular role. Pearl Harbor skyrocketed Josh into the mainstream. Cast along side Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale Josh hit the spot with audiences everywhere and managed to not only appear on the big screen but on the cover of Vanity Fair, Movieline and landed slots on Conan O' Brien and Jay Leno. Josh has made his mark on Hollywood which will remain for years to come.

Next, Josh will be directed by Ridely Scott in another war movie - Black Hawk Down. He most challenging role by far will be his role as Matt Sullivan in 40 Days and 40 Nights. Josh will have his hands full with this romantic comedy, 2001 will prove to be another huge year for Josh Hartnett.


Birth Place: San Francisco, California, USA

Attended Cretin-Derham Hall High School in San Francisco, California
Garduated from South High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June 1996
Attended State University of New York in Purchase, New York

Father Daniel Hartnett
Mother Molly Hartnett (step mother)
Brother Jake Hartnett (younger), Joe Hartnett (younger)
Sister Jessica Hartnett (younger)
Relation Ellen Fenster (up to February 2004), Estella Warren (2001), Izabella Miko (1999), Gisele Bundchen, Monet Mazur, Scarlett Johansson (since July 2005)

Drawing attention with a charmingly self-effacing demeanor in his quietly imposing presence plus decent performances he is frequently capable to display of in his growing career, Josh Hartnett has wonderfully soared to be one of the brightest stars of his generation. Born Joshua Daniel Hartnett on July 21, 1978 in San Francisco, California, he was raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota by his father and stepmother since the departure of his mother who left the family not long after her divorce. His involvement in acting began at an early age when a relative encouraged him to attend an audition for a role in the stage production of Tom Sawyer. Surprisingly won the part, the boy afterwards became heavily attracted to the art of performing and thus enthusiastically plunged himself into a series of plays during his teens while also took time to undertake some commercial stints.

Continued his study to State University of New York in Purchase following his graduation from Minneapolis' South High School in 1996, things apparently did not run well for Josh and he soon decided to head for L.A. to start an acting career there. Within a short time, this brown-haired guy successfully nabbed a regular part in TV series of Cracker which sadly was cancelled in 1998 after being aired for a year. Even so, the feature seemed to have provided him enough experience to land another role quickly as he managed to join the cast of Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later (1998) alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Williams, plus LL Cool J. The film turned out to score quite well in box-office with domestic gross of over $55 million, catapulting him to national recognition together with wide exposure subsequently.

Next appeared in another horror flick, The Faculty (1998), which also did good in garnering profit, Josh eagerly shifted to drama genre to star opposite Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides, a fine directorial debut from Sophia Coppola aimed for a 1999 release but was delayed until the year 2000. Though the movie was not a commercial success, it delightfully received rave reviews from critics with him sharing the praise as well and therefore slammed people's doubt about his acting knack. 2001 even saw him satisfyingly elevated his status to be a promising young commodity in Hollywood when he was involved in two blockbuster pictures of Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down, the latter being suchan effective vehicle for him to show his capability in delivering convincing screen portrayal of an American soldier trapped into a pitched battle between his country's forces and Somali militia.

Walked his path steadily in the industry, Josh wisely chose to explore the diversity of human characters, playing a brokenhearted young man in 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002), a reluctant LAPD detective in Hollywood Homicide (2003), and a romantic, chameleon-like assassin in Sin City (2005). Afterwards teamed up with Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis, also Lucy Liu to film Lucky Number Slevin (2006), the brown-eyed actor apparently did not have much difficulty to move on for he has already been slated to be the lead in both The Black Dahlia (2006) and The Prince of Cool (2007) besides star in Texas Lullaby and Resurrecting the Champ which both slated to hit theaters in 2007. Taking a look into his private life, this heartthrob previously had a long relationship with his high-school sweetheart, Ellen Fenster, before they concluded to separate by February 2004. Also reportedly dated Izabella Miko, Gisele Bundchen, and Monet Mazur among others, he then sincerely gave his heart to fellow thespian Scarlett Johansson in 2005 after meeting her on the set of The Black Dahlia.

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A starring role in the WWII melodrama Pearl Harbor put Josh Hartnett at the forefront of the emerging twenty-something actors of the time, though it was not the most indicative work of an actor who preferred the murky waters of dark indie drama. His breakout role in the horror hit Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) jettisoned him to teen heartthrob status, but Hartnett was able to break from the post-adolescent pigeonholing that might have resulted from The Virgin Suicides (1999) and the multiple appearances on People magazines Hottest lists. He went on to build a solid reputation with his strong, understated Midwestern presence in films like Lucky Number Slevin (2006) and The Black Dahlia (2006).

Josh Hartnett was born on July 21, 1978, and raised in St. Paul, MN. He played soccer and football in high school; not thinking much about acting until he was sidelined with a knee injury. He looked to the schools drama program for an alternative extracurricular activity and found himself cast in Huck Finn. Hartnett had always enjoyed watching classic films like On the Waterfront (1954) with his father, but now he became interested in acting on a whole new level by getting involved with regional theater productions with the Steppingstone Theater and the Youth Performance Company in Minneapolis. He even worked at a video store. It was enough of a dedicated background to woo the drama department at the State University of New York in Purchase, where Hartnett began as a student in 1996. In an interview, Hartnett claimed that irreconcilable differences with the schools administration were to blame for his departure after only one year. The move did not seem to hinder the upward trajectory that the boyishly handsome, quietly imposing figure was clearly heading on.

From the very start, Hartnett seemed less concerned with fame and the Hollywood lifestyle than with following his interest in a challenging variety of material. And the offers came quickly. Months after leaving school he was cast as the troubled son of a crime stopper in a remake of the British series "Cracker" (ABC, 1997-99). But he first turned a lot of heads with his big screen debut in "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), playing the son of Jamie Lee Curtis' tormented Laurie Strode. The newcomer was on a roll, next being asked to join the ensemble cast of Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Williamsons sci-fi teen thriller "The Faculty" (1998). Hartnett played the roguish cool kid and resident smart aleck of a group of high school students warding off an alien. The popular film and its promotional tie-in campaign with Tommy Hilfiger including print ads featuring Hartnett launched the actor reluctantly into teen heartthrob status. An engaging turn as teenage lothario Trip Fontaine in Sofia Coppola's "The Virgin Suicides" (1999) introduced Hartnetts surprisingly sturdy handle on art house fare, which he exercised in several independent shorts before snagging the lead in the 2001 blockbuster Pearl Harbor. Everything was about to change.

Hartnett still was not sure if he was mentally prepared for the new level of fame his co-lead role was likely to bring when he signed on to play a US Air Force pilot caught in a love triangle in Michael Bays sweeping period piece. At press time, "Pearl Harbor" was likened to Jim Camerons "Titanic" (1997) in sheer size, scope and historical context, but even if it did not mirror its predecessor's monumental success, it did put Hartnett at the top of the hunk heap. In fact, he gave his co-star, well-established heartthrob Ben Affleck a run for his money onscreen.

In contrast to the gauzy, romantic edges of Bays film, Hartnett next appeared in Black Hawk Down (2001), Ridley Scotts harrowing look at the botched United States humanitarian mission to Somalia. The film was well-received by critics and Hartnett proved he could hold his own alongside a seasoned ensemble cast including Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore and Sam Shepard. The respected film might have left Hartnett wishing that 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002) the romantic comedy about a guy who gives up sex for lent that was shot in 1999 but not released as a follow up. Fortunately, the unfortunate timing did little to take away from Hartnetts growing dramatic reputation with his loyal tween fans probably preferring this film allowing him to continue his focus on more consistently darker onscreen themes.

Hartnett spent a year or so out of the spotlight before pairing with Harrison Ford in the buddy cop flop "Hollywood Homicide (2003). After struggling to carry the erotic thriller "Wicker Park" (2004), Rodriguez and Miller recruited Hartnett again for a brief but memorable turn as a suave, chameleon-like assassin in "Sin City" (2005). All those years spent watching old movies with his dad came in handy for Hartnetts ensuing run of film noirs. The mistaken identity thriller Lucky Number Slevin (2006) was praised by critics and earned a Best Film honor at the Milan Film Festival. It also primed Hartnett for a lead in Brian De Palmas The Black Dahlia (2006), a richly-textured noir about two hard-edged cops investigating the brutal murder of would-be actress. The highly anticipated remake made a strong debut at the 2006 Venice International Film Festival but ultimately did not win over critics or audiences stateside.

Hartnetts starring role as a journalist who unwittingly discovers a presumed dead former boxing champ in Resurrecting the Champ (2007) barely made a blip on the radar in the summer of big-budget blockbusters, but there was plenty of hype for his fall release 30 Days of Night (2007) a stylized thriller about a flock of vampires descending upon an Alaskan town during the one dark month of winter.


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Josh Hartnett: Joy forever
Monday, 12 July 2010 01:18

Josh Hartnett or Josh, as lovingly called, is a gifted actor as well as producer. Just 31 years old, Josh was born and brought up in Minnesota. His childhood was picture perfect as he had all the good things in life t enjoy and grow up. Joshs father and step mother pampered him to the core. He had a gala time with his siblings. His love for acting came to the front during his school days only. He stunned everybody around by playing Adam Apple in Krazy Kamp, a school production. In 1996, he graduated from South High School in Minnesota. Josh auditioned for an upcoming stage production of Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. One of his close relative motivated him to appear for this audition that bagged him the role of Huckleberry Finn. This was just a beginning to a series of plays that he acted in the days to follow.

Apart from acting, Josh Hartnett took special liking for sports in his school days. He pursued football with all his grit and determination. He was hell-bent on becoming a professional footballer till he met with an accident that caused serious injury. Doctors gave him mandate that he cant play athletic sports ever. And this statement put a stop to Joshs dream of becoming a footballer. The next option was of course acting. After studies his search for a job landed him at a local video parlor. He even dabbled with short stints at food joints like Burger King, McDonalds etc. His first break came with an acting assignment with Minneapolis based Youth Performance Company. However, Josh tasted success first with the TV series Cracker, where he played the role of Michael Fitz Fitzgerald in 1997.

But Halloween H20: 20 that released in 1998 was his first full-fledged role in a movie. He was cast opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in this movie and the on-screen chemistry set the ball rolling for him. 1998 proved to be double lucky for him as he was nominated for the MTV Movie Award in the Best Breakthrough Male Performance category. Next came the success of Pearl Harbor where his character of Captain Danny Walker was much appreciated by critics and movie enthusiasts alike.

During 2007, Josh starred in Resurrecting the champ, an author backed drama. This supernatural film got him the kind of recognition and acknowledgement that he was eagerly waiting for. But the film that changed his life as an actor as well as a human being is none other than The Black Dahlia. This thriller gave him a challenging role of an investigator who aims only at solving the murder mystery that shrouds the death of Elizabeth Short. As a human being too this film reformed his life style. It is during the shoot of this movie that Josh got back to eating non-veg which he denounced just at the age of 12.
2009 saw Josh in a new avatar when he took to production. His remarkable venture as a producer was of course the video clip for the song Pursuit of Happiness sung by Kid Cudi. With other feathers in his cap, Josh has also won award for being an environmentalist. Kudos to this man who does it all with perfection and style!!!

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