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The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw+ Good Morning Britain+JH

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10 мая 2016 на Радио 1 утреннее шоу с Ником Гримшоу. В гостях у телеведущего Джош Хартнетт и Джастин Тимберлейк.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw
Grimmy is joined by guests Justin Timberlake and Josh Hartnett.
Cast & Crew
Host Nick Grimshaw
Guest Justin Timberlake
Guest Josh Hartnett
Producer Victoria Easton



Сегодня снова джош Хартнетт на шоу  :flag:

MORNING! Today is all about @jtimberlake & Josh Hartnett, You're welcome.


Cлушать  :flag:

Пока слушаю, как поет Джастин Тимберлейк, и интервью с ним


Richard Arnold ‏@RichardAArnold 56 мин.56 минут назад

@NOWTV @GMB - #JoshHartnett chats #PennyDreadful with @susannareid100 & @piersmorgan - he's on the left, to be clear

фото сегодняшнее


Джош будет в программе через 10 минут. А пока я присылаю в тему все сегодняшние его выступления- на утреннем шоу и на Магик шоу


Josh Hartnett spoke to Magic's Green Room about the new series of Penny Dreadful on Sky Atlantic, and how a childhood watching 80s horror movies has changed the way he watches them!


Фото с шоу "Доброе утро, Британия"  Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan 24 мин.24 минуты назад

Dream Foursome. @susannareid100 @reallorraine #JoshHartnett @GMB


Sour grapes from @piersmorgan yesterday when Prince Harry was on the show. Now today he has THIS to contend with...

Josh Hartnett's a Bake-Off fan? He truly has settled into UK life! #JoshHartnettonGMB

Sorry you missed Josh, Laura - but remember, you always have @piersmorgan ♥️


Talking to Magic's Green Room, it turns out Penny Dreadful's Josh Hartnett had a minor addiction to watching the Great British Bake Off… but has it inspired him to pre-heat the oven and have a go himself?

Снова разговор о кулинарном шоу!!


Good Morning Britain



Ссылка+ ВИДЕО

Josh Hartnett gushes over 6-month old daughter and confesses he is obsessed with Great British Bake Off

The Hollywood heartthrob who had a child with Brit actress Tamsin Egerton, splits his time between the UK and New York

Josh Hartnett became a father just six months ago and he's said the birth of his daughter has totally changed his outlook in life.

The dad gushed over his little girl, who he had with Brit actress Tamsin Egerton , telling Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that his life has only just started.

“It changes everything what can you say. The rubber finally meets the road and everything you have done beforehand is just preamble. You're actually living your life for the first time because everything matters a bit more doesn't it?"

Piers, who along with Susanna was drooling over the hunky American, asked the dad what he felt thinking about his young tot growing up.

"Are you feeling murderous towards her first boyfriend? I am towards my daughter's, I don't even know who he is but I already want to kill him."

He agreed that he was worried how fast she would grow up adding about his own career choices because of her: "There's no time for naval-gazing anymore.

"For me it's not just about who I'm potentially working with, I just want to take that opportunity and I want to live as much of a full life as I can because I'm taking care of my daughter and thinking about her."

The Hollywood star who is currently promoting the return of his Sky series Penny Dreadful, also confessed he was obsessed with The Great British Bake Off and his favourite cake was lemon.

Admitting that he binge-watched the show he is a huge fan of Mary Berry and was gutted he didn't get to meet her when he attended the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday.

Read more: Penny Dreadful season 3 spoilers

"I do watch the Bake Off and I do eat a lot of cake as well. I would love to meet Mary Berry, that would be great."

The handsome actor, who splits his time between the US and the UK, also confessed his love for Channel 4 series First Dates.

“First dates as well that has absolutely blown my mind. I think you get a real sense of how people are when they're nervous.

Josh gushed further over the BBC show: "In my opinion Bake Off brings this competitive atmosphere and then layers frosting on top. Then everyone is really sweet but underneath you can tell there's some ruthlessness there and I love seeing that."



Джош на радио 1, рассказывает о Пенни Дредфул!


BBC Radio1 Breakfast ‏@R1Breakfast 1 ч.1 час назад

Josh Hartnett is here 😍 Watch him chatting to @grimmers NOW 👉


BBC Radio1 Breakfast ‏@R1Breakfast 53 мин.53 минуты назад

Josh Hartnett LOVES watching Great British Bake Off when he puts his kid to bed 👌

BBC Radio1 Breakfast ‏@R1Breakfast 38 мин.38 минут назад

Josh Hartnett in our InstaGrim Booth 👏😍


Not a bad way to start my day! Just wrapped @GMB with #JoshHartnett and now off to @R1Breakfast #PennyDreadful


Lindsey Bowers ‏@LindseyCBowers 3 ч.3 часа назад

Well this makes getting up at the crack of dawn a bit less painful #joshhartnett


В студии ВВСR1 Джошу задавали вопросы, присланные в твиттер

Josh Hartnett: What's going to happen on Penny Dreadful?

Awkward. Very Awkward.

Grimmy asked, innocently enough, "What's it like working with Billie?"

"I absolutely love working with Billie. We actually were love interests in the first season and then for the last two we haven't really seen very much of each other. So it's gonna be fun I think. If we come back for a fourth we're gonna be working a lot more together."

Which seemed fine until Grimmy said "I heard that the love-making scenes were somewhat troublesome."

And Josh said "Were they?"

Oops. Seems like we had some news to break to him. We're sure that will make it all much more natural...
Let's hope this picture was taken first

From Grimmy dropping shocking revelations to answering your calls...

Claire from Hertford had been a devoted Josh fan in her teens, plastering her bedroom walls with photos of him - until she visited her parents one day, 10 years later, to find out her mum had put them in the bath???

She asked Josh what poster he'd put on his wall. He said he had to go with Mary Berry, after binge-watching 12 hours of Bake Off (!) to prepare for the BAFTAs.

Chantelle asked Josh for a quick look into the future of Penny Dreadful and if he could tell us what's going on with Ethan and Vanessa.

"I can't - it was very clever to separate them at this point, because the whole first two series were about will they/won't they."

Tricksy! Maybe we'd had enough shocking revelations for the day, though.




В название темы все места, что посетил Джош 7 и 10 мая не помещаются!

Это анонс, интервью ждем 14 мая в  Heat magazine

Josh Hartnett tells us how to handle a kissing scene


гифки с визита Джоша на радио


Пропустила интервью Джоша каналу NOW TV

NOW TV Meets...Josh Hartnett

и скрины


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