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Петитция за продолжение сериала "Penny Dreadful"

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Петитция за продолжение сериала "Penny Dreadful" ("Страшные сказки", "Ужасы по дешевке") на канале Netflix, поклонников сериала прошу присоединиться к кампании.

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Save Penny Dreadful


В продолжение кампании написано открытое письмо каналу SHOWTIME, Джону Логану и продюсерам сериала  "Penny Dreadful" с ходатайством о продолжении сериала

Open Letter and Petition to #SavePennyDreadful

To SHOWTIME, John Logan, Co-Producers representing Desert Wolf Productions and Neal Street Productions and the Penny Dreadful Cast and Crew:

We, the undersigned fans of Penny Dreadful collectively known as The Dreadfuls, greatly enjoyed watching Penny Dreadful on SHOWTIME network. The actors, writers, and everyone associated with the TV show are highly skilled and top notch in their respective craft. They did a brilliant job in producing the high quality, original, detailed and faithful universe and characters in Penny Dreadful.

The cancellation or end (whichever version you wish to believe or stick with) of the show has left us devastated as we find it to be hastily done, the complete opposite of what the show has been about and what we were sold from the very start. This open letter also serves as a petition for Mr. Logan and the Producers of Penny Dreadful to save the series or end the series in a proper manner through the following possible propositions: a limited last season run, a different network pick up or a standalone Penny Dreadful film. Our objective as supportive fans and consumer of your art is to have closure on the dangling storylines and correct the character and plot errors you have committed, especially on the last three episode of the series due to the hasty end that you presented us.

To Mr. Logan, we are beyond grateful to you for dreaming up this world and characters. It has been a great pleasure to watch and listen to your brilliance in paying homage to classic literature and characters and for properly paying tribute to the English language of yester years. With all due respect, we refuse to believe that a TONY winner and Academy Award nominee dramatist like yourself would spend almost a decade thinking and drafting these characters with such detail and love only to end your masterpiece in a messy whimper. Watching the video you made on behalf of the network and the cast and crew was like a punch in our gut and intelligence. We are sorry that your vision and creative muscle was stifled by network executives who have zero idea of what their subscribers or consumers of their programs and services want. We are sorry that you have to sit there and lie to us because they do not want to take responsibility for the mess and backlash from your jilted fans. We understand that you have an overall deal with SHOWTIME. We know how to read between the lines and we do know what the saying "you don't bite the hand that feeds you" means. We do sincerely hope that your new endeavor of telling the story of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe in "Just Kids" will find an audience the way Penny Dreadful did, and may they stick with it. We really do want to believe in your sincerity and love for Penny Dreadful and we greatly hope that you are not a real life Victor Frankenstein who gave life to something beautiful and precious only to abandon it because you found something else to fancy. That or you are just a terrible writer after all. We appeal if you really cannot continue with Penny Dreadful, kindly let another writer or showrunner handle it that will treat it with respect and love the way that you did.

To the cast and crew of Penny Dreadful, thank you for your dedicated and excellent work on bringing forth to life such intricate and intelligent show. We are forever indebted to you for making us feel the way we did everytime we watched the episodes. To the cast, your acting, individually and as an ensemble, is unparalleled and we only have sincere gratitude to all of you. We’re sorry that your network never appreciated your hard work and excellent acting through the shameless affairs within the show whilst fighting billions of Victorian terrorists while mastering the nuances and intricacies of darkness, mental health, relationships and sex, enough to rally for you on awards shows or just plain promote you and your wonderful work and show. We will remain your fans beyond Penny Dreadful and will follow your careers on screen and in theatre.

To SHOWTIME, thank you for being the home of Penny Dreadful for three years despite it being under-promoted, under-supported and placed in the graveyard calendar of television where it will be barely noticed and cannot qualify on award shows despite it deserving every accolade there is. We sincerely hope that you will stop the It Was Foretold PR spin that you are currently doing because it's embarrassing and insulting and no thinking fan of the show believes it. We apologize for the cancelled subscriptions. We just don’t trust you anymore and therefore do not deserve our subscription money after you just obliterated our favorite show without notice. We hope that this experience will serve as a lesson to you to kindly listen to your audience especially to your paying subscribers. Please note that the world of television viewing and the world itself does not revolve in the USA and the American viewing habits (or lack thereof). There are people, fans, outside of the US who actually have a good grasp of what shows like Penny Dreadful is about. We, fans within and outside the USA, are intelligent viewers with decent taste, do exist and you do make money out of us both directly and indirectly. We hope that no other show and fanbase on your network ever suffer the same fate as we Dreadfuls and our beloved Penny Dreadful has. With all due respect, you do not deserve this show and its cast and crew on your network. You have repeatedly taken it for granted in favour of other shows and talents on your network because you deem them more "marketable" and have better chances of bringing you awards than Penny Dreadful. Still, thank you for the ride and for not letting Penny Dreadful run its course enough for Vanessa Ives to end up as a lumberjack.

To close this open letter, we respectfully appeal to you John Logan and to your co-producers to please reconsider and to give life back to Penny Dreadful. We understand the financial and logistical aspects of it so we are not asking more than the three options that we have presented earlier: a limited last season run, a different network pick up or a standalone Penny Dreadful film. You already have a growing fanbase in the US, UK and the rest of the world. Capitalize on it. And bring Eva Green back in whatever capacity the supernatural mythology aspect the show allows -we are not naive, you will make more money with her on board because we want her in it. We would gladly support it and rally behind it more than we have with your time on SHOWTIME. Penny Dreadful is one of the smartest and classiest show in the history of television. Please don’t let a show like this die. Be part of the intelligent side of television, film and general life conversations. Tie up loose ends. Give us closure. Don’t let us walk alone like you did with Vanessa Ives.

Thank you for your consideration.


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