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Джош Хартнетт на шоу Friday Night Feast

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9 февраля Джош Хартнетт стал гостем шоу "Friday Night Feast"- Кулинарный поединок с Джеймсом Оливером.

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Превью программы:
Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast
8pm, Channel 4

Jamie and Jimmy welcome Josh Hartnett to their gastronomic gala, with the film star learning how to make his favourite ramen dish. Jamie concocts a curry containing game and aubergine, while Jimmy aims to build the Ray Winstone of culinary components – the butcher’s block. Mark Gibbings-Jones



Джош Хартнетт готовил лапшу

Видео в Твиттере

У него спросили, готовит ли он дома)))

Все в восторге от милашки Джоша))))


Джош готовил блюдо Pork ramen- Рамэн со свининой, японское блюдо с домашней лапшой
это его блюдо

“Josh Hartnett is a bit of a ramen addict, and says he has a favourite noodle bar in almost every city he’s been to. This particular version is inspired by a restaurant called Soba that Josh visited in Tokyo, when he was filming there. As simple and comforting as it might seem, homemade ramen is serious business. There are 35,000 ramen restaurants in Japan alone, and it’s a bit of an iconic dish. I’m going to be straight with you, and tell you that this isn’t a dish for the faint-hearted! Plus, as if there weren’t enough elements to bring together, we’re doing it all from scratch – even the noodles! But, the flavour that you get from carefully making all the different pieces of the puzzle and bringing them together is just mind-blowing. ”



Превью программы и новое фото

For the series finale, Hollywood star Josh Hartnett joins the boys at the café on the pier. Jamie shows the actor how to cook his favourite ramen dish before tasking him to feed the rest of the café. He also whips up a curry made from game and aubergine.

Jamie and Jimmy take a look at a method of farming that could be the future in crowded cities – aquaponics. And finally, Jimmy takes on the challenge of building a butcher’s block.



Новые фото Джоша на шоу Friday Night Feast

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