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Крепкий Харт / Die Hart

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Крепкий Харт (сериал) / Die Hart

Год производства   -
Страна   США
Жанр боевик, триллер, комедия, ...

Режиссер  Эрик Аппель, Лин Одинг
Сценарий  Триппер Клэнси, Дерек Колстад
Продюсер  Дэйв Бекки, Джефф Клэнаган, Кевин Харт, ...
Оператор  Glenn Brown
Композитор  Лео Биренберг, Зэк Робинсон
Художник Эрик Берг, Райан Берг
Время  -

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    Кевин Харт

Актёр устал сниматься в комедиях и хочет стать звездой боевиков. Ему подворачивается шанс получить роль мечты, но сперва он должен пережить обучение в школе для экшен-героев, которой руководит безумный преподаватель. Теперь ему предстоит пройти через серию немыслимых экшен-сцен в компании других студентов.




Джош Хартнетт уже снялся в 1 эпизоде сериала, в роли самого себя.

Кадры со съемок сериала:


Джош Хартнетт пополнил звездный состав нового проекта Quibi.
  Джош Хартнетт, недавно завершивший съемки в триллере Гая Ричи «Инкассаторский грузовик», пополнил актерские ряды сериала потоковой платформы Quibi «Крепкий Харт». Экранными партнерами несостоявшегося Супермена выступят Кевин Харт, Джон Траволта и Натали Эммануэль.
Главный герой проекта — актер (Харт), который устал сниматься в комедиях и хочет стать звездой боевиков. Ему подворачивается шанс получить роль мечты, но сперва он должен пережить обучение в школе для экшн-героев, которой руководит безумный преподаватель (Траволта). Теперь ему предстоит пройти через серию немыслимых экшн-сцен в компании других студентов.
Сценарий написали ответственный за трех «Джонов Уиков» Дерек Колстад и автор «Али, рули!» Триппер Клэнси. В режиссерское кресло умостился телевизионный комедиограф Эрик Аппель («Кремниевая долина», «Бруклин 9-9»).


Watch the Trailer for Kevin Hart and John Travolta's Quibi Action Comedy Die Hart

On Monday — Kevin Hart's birthday — Quibi released the trailer for the hardworking comedian's new action comedy Die Hart, which will be released in chapters every weekday from July 20 to July 29. In Die Hart, Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself who's tired of being The Rock's comedic sidekick and wants to be an action movie star himself. He gets his wish when a famous director offers him a leading man role, but there's a catch: He has to train at an action star school run by Ron Wilcox (John Travolta), a certified lunatic who pushes him to do outrageous, over-the-top action sequences that imperil his life but will make him the star he wants to be.

The series was created by Stuber scribe Tripper Clancy and John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad, one of the biggest names in action films at the moment, and directed by Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Eric Appel. In addition to Hart and Travolta, the cast includes Game of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel as Hart's action-school rival, Milana Vayntrub from the AT&T commercials as a talk show host, and late '90s/early '00s icon Josh Hartnett as himself.       

Quibi is a streaming service that's currently only available on mobile devices where every episode of every show is under 10 minutes long. Other Quibi programs include thriller Most Dangerous Game with Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz, a revival of the comedy series Reno 911!, and a goofy, homemade, star-studded remake of The Princess Bride where each chapter finds a different cast acting out a different scene from the classic 1987 movie.

The first three chapters of Die Hart release on Quibi on Monday, July 20.




‘Die Hart’ Red Band Trailer: Kevin Hart Attempts To Be An Action Hero In New Quibi Series
Kevin Hart is known for his fun comedy, but when it comes to being an action hero — well — he is often adjacent to it in all the movies he appears in. However, we see that he is looking to change all of this in the new trailer for the 10-episode Quibi series Die Hart, which is set to land on the short-form streaming platform on July 20 with new chapters debuting every weekday until July 29.

In the new comedy-action series, Hart plays a version of himself who is trying to step out of the role of “comedic sidekick” by going to the world’s greatest action star school. While there, the school’s lunatic director (John Travolta) and tough-minded rival student (Nathalie Emmanuel) push him to his limits as he is thrown into the deep end. He must survive a series of hilarious, over-the-top action sequences and face his fears which will lead to a role of a lifetime.

Summer Premiere Dates 2020: Here’s What’s On As Lockdown Starts To Lift

The new Quibi series, which was created by Tripper Clancy (Stuber) and Derek Kolstad (John Wick), also stars Jean Reno and Josh Hartnett. Eric Appel (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) directs the teleplay by Clancy. Hart seres as executive producer. Producers are Jeff Clanagan, Candice Wilson and Bryan Smiley.

Watch the trailer above and check out the poster below.



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Кадры из сериала "Die Hart"


На DEADLINE новость о втором сезоне сериала Die Hart / Крепкий Харт.
Состав актеров второго сезона пока не озвучивают.

Kevin Hart Action Comedy Series ‘Die Hart’, Born On Quibi & Now On Roku Channel, Renewed For Season 2

Kevin Hart’s comedy action series Die Hart, which debuted last year on short-lived streaming service Quibi before being resurrected this year as a Roku Original, has been renewed for a second season.

The show is the first Roku Original to get a renewal. The streaming purveyor used the dozens of Quibi shows it acquired in January to launch its original programming banner, with shows all streaming on the free, ad-supported Roku Channel. The first 30 Quibi alumni debuted May 20.

The second outing of the show will be titled Die Harter. Hart will return as star and exec producer but the rest of the cast will be announced down the line. John Travolta, Nathalie Emmanuel, Josh Hartnett and Jean Reno appeared alongside Hart in the first season.
Hart’s Laugh Out Loud returns as the show’s producer in partnership with Roku.

In the show, Hart plays a version of himself, a comic actor who yearns to play the action star instead of the comedic sidekick. In order to make the leap, he is given training in the fine points of being an action hero.

The streaming provider credited a “a spectacular weekend debut” in its announcement of the second season, citing “a record number of households streaming the series.” It didn’t offer any numbers in connection with the superlatives. The Roku Channel reaches 70 million U.S. households, per Roku, via its connected-TV platforms as well as other major venues like Amazon Fire TV.

Colin Davis, as Deadline reported exclusively in March, joined Roku as head of original scripted programming after a run at Quibi as head of comedy. Fronted by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman and financed with $1.75 billion in start-up capital, Quibi launched in April 2020 but went dark a few months later after failing to gain traction.

Addressing the surge in popularity once the show hit Roku in an interview with Deadline, Davis said, “Personally, being involved in that first season of Die Hart, we couldn’t have dreamed of an audience this big. To be able to marry this content with this engaged audience is what resulted in a record-breaking weekend.” Given the “scale and scope” of Roku’s well-established audience, he added, “when you bring them something of quality, they devour it.”
Laugh Out Loud CEO and Hart’s longtime business partner, Jeff Clanagan, will be a  producer on the project. Tripper Clancy, Candice Wilson, Bryan Smiley, and Thai Randolph are exec producers. Derek Kolstad is co-creator and executive producer. Eric Appel will return to direct the second season.

“The return of Die Hart marks a pivotal moment in the continued growth and expansion of LOL Studios,” Clanagan said. “We’re excited for the opportunity to team up with Roku and be the first Roku Original to get a second season. We can’t wait for fans to dive into what is sure to be an even bigger, more action-packed season two.”

Launched in 2017, the Roku Channel now has 40,000 free movies and programs as well as nearly 200 free live, linear channels.

Rob Holmes, Roku’s VP of programming, said the number of unique Roku accounts was only one factor in why the company decided to extend the series. “Advertisers are trying to reach viewers who have left linear television and trying to reach them at scale,” he said. “Die Hart in particular is in a movie-type format, and we’re seeing a very nice view-through rate as a part of that.”

The talent involved in the Quibi slate, which is now on Roku — in addition to Hart, Anna Kendrick, Chance the Rapper and the Reno 911 cast — gives the company tangible ways to promote. During the 24 hours around the premiere of Die Hart, Holmes said, there was a “takeover” of the platform urging viewers to tune in. “We have the ability to put Kevin Hart on the home screen for tens of millions of viewers,”Holmes said. “The streaming world in the U.S. loves Kevin Hart.”


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