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Josh Hartnett attends the Filming Italy 2022 red carpet on June 12, 20

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Josh Hartnett cuts a summery figure in a floral shirt as he makes rare red carpet appearance at Filming Italy 2022 event

Josh Hartnett dressed to impress as he hit the red carpet at Filming Italy 2022 on Sunday.

The American actor, 43, soaked up the summery weather while rocking a stylish green and pink flowered short sleeve shirt.

He teamed the eye-catching ensemble with a pair of black trousers and opted for matching sliders.
Josh swept his luxurious locks over to one side as he hid behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

The star is serving as president of the jury for the prestigious film and TV festival, which celebrates Italian and global film and television, and is held at Forte Village resort near Cagliari, capital of Sardinia   

In the mid 2000's he appeared set for a long career in Hollywood before turning his back on Tinseltown.

Previously Josh revealed the real reason why he stepped away from a career in big-budget movies and took a more artistic path.
The esteemed star told Channel Seven's Sunrise: 'It was the best thing for my mental health and my career to keep Hollywood at bay...

'Luckily I think I hit onto it early on in my life: it’s about creating a good home life and being able to do things that are wild and wonderful like making films, which is such a privilege'.

It comes after Hartnett revealed the one role he regrets turning down during his early Hollywood career, as he was offered a role in the award-winning 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, which was eventually taken by the late Heath Ledger.

He explained: 'Unfortunately, I was going to do Brokeback Mountain And I had a contract with the [2006 film] Black Dahlia that I had to film, so I had to drop out of it'.
He explained he was originally meant to star in the drama with Joaquin Phoenix.

This was soon changed to Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, who both went on to receive several awards and separate nods at the 2006 Academy Awards.

The movie received six more nominations at the Oscars and numerous accolades across the globe.

Harnett has been vocal about not having regrets about some of the huge roles he's turned down in the past, including playing Superman in a three-picture deal and Batman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.
But he does admit there's a bit of regret for Brokeback Mountain, joking that he 'always wanted to kiss Joaquin'.

Hartnett got his big start in the 2001 war films Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down.

He turned to independent films in recent years, starring in Ida Red and Target Number One, but he has also made appearances in bigger productions such as Guy Ritchie's Wrath of Man.

One of Hartnett's most renowned starring roles was in the hit horror drama series Penny Dreadful, which ran from 2014 to 2016.



Josh Hartnett Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance at Filming Italy 2022

Despite keeping a low-profile for years, Josh Hartnett attended several public events during a recent film festival in Italy, including a rare red carpet appearance with wife Tamsin Egerton.

It feels much longer than 40 Days and 40 Nights since we last saw Josh Hartnett on a red carpet.

The actor made several rare public appearances during the Filming Italy 2022 event in Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy, where he is serving as president of the jury for the prestigious film and TV festival.

On June 12, the 43-year-old hit the red carpet in a green and pink retro-inspired floral-print shirt, styled with black trousers and Louis Vuitton slides. The day before, he was joined by wife Tamsin Egerton, who he quietly wed in November 2021.

The outings were a rarity for Hartnett, who stepped away from the spotlight in the mid-2000s after his roles in blockbusters such as Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down.

"I know what it's like to be in that whole world," he told The Chronicle in 2013. "I think trying to stay at the top is a shortcut to unhappiness. I spent a bit of time really thinking about whether this was the right thing for me."
Most recently, Hartnett starred in Guy Ritchie's 2022 spy action comedy Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre alongside Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza and Hugh Grant.
He is also set to appear in Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Oppenheimer alongside Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh and Rami Malek.

Josh previously opened about his new chapter in Hollywood and admitted that being a dad has shaped his definition of success.

"The thing I am most proud of is that I'm a father of three," he told Mr. Porter in January 2021. "I have a good relationship with my partner, a great family life and I'm still able to do good work."

He added, "As I've got older, the characters have become more interesting."


OH MY JOSH! Josh Harnett, 43, looks unrecognizable after recluse ex-teen heartthrob resurfaces in rare red carpet appearance
JOSH Hartnett has made a rare red carpet appearance in Italy and the actor looks unrecognizable.

He is best known for his roles in films such as Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.
Now, the star has resurfaced and to any fans who haven't been keeping up with Josh, you might not even recognize him.

Josh made several appearances at the Filming Italy 2022 on June 12.

He is serving as president of the jury for the TV and film festival.

The now 43-year-old walked the red carpet in a green and pink floral print shirt.


Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Новости. News » Josh Hartnett attends the Filming Italy 2022 red carpet on June 12, 20