Stealing Onscreen Styles: Josh Hartnett

The Film: 2006’s dark comedy, Lucky Number Slevin, starring Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley, and Morgan Freeman.

The Scene: The morning after their tryst, Slevin [Hartnett] and Lindsey [Liu] discuss the perplexity of Slevin’s case of mistaken identity.

The Style: While the sweater vest may have an unbecoming “preppy” stigma attached to it, rest assured that the garment can be worn with style. And Josh is certainly one gent who knows how to pull it off.

This outfit steals the scene with its fusing of different trends: layers, different patterns and bright color. Combined with a pair of brown slacks, the onscreen style is a little less frat boy and a lot more urban contemporary. Hartnett’s ensemble screams: former college boy meets suave, up-town man. It’s a great business-casual look that let’s you have fun with patterns and layers, and you’ll look smokin’ while you’re being chased by two of New York City’s biggest crime lords.