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Джош Хартнетт в раздумьях о будущем

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Smoldering screen star JOSH HARTNETT was so upset by the events of September 11, he took a year off from Hollywood to reconsider his career choice.

The HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE actor found himself questioning the validity of his job in terms of how the world had changed following the terrorist attacks on America.

Toned Josh explains, "I make enough money. But some people say, 'Grab it quickly.' Well, that's not me.

"Right after PEARL HARBOR came out I took a year off against everyone's wishes. I wanted to re-evaluate my life. I'd done 10 movies and a TV show in five years, and I was tired.

"I'd spent five months in Morocco in a poverty stricken area and I felt so horrible about September 11. Then you start thinking, 'What am I doing being an actor?'"

He adds, "We are living in a time where things are rapidly changing. We just need to become more educated."

BLACK HAWK DOWN star Josh admits he has struggled adjusting to life in the spotlight.

He explains, "Well, it just seems like it's getting easier and then someone slaps you down to size. Honestly, the only thing I've learnt is not to read my own press."

06/08/2003 17:14


Серьезный мущина, страх  :D

Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Новости. News » Джош Хартнетт в раздумьях о будущем