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Роман Хартнетта и Эллен Фенстер

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Hollywood heart-throb JOSH HARTNETT is single once again after parting ways with his childhood sweetheart ELLEN FENSTER.

The pair, both 25, had been together for a number of years and about a year ago, they bought a $2.5 million (GBP1.3 million) mansion together in their native Minneapolis, Minnesota.

But a source now tells American magazine the STAR, "They just broke up. He seems okay."

Pals are staying tight-lipped on why the two decided to go their separate ways after so many years.

01/03/2004 13:47


Ну мы знаем, что Джош уже давно не одинок... Но может кто-то не знал, с кем встречался Хартнетт все эти годы, пока не появилась Скарлетт :D  :D  :D


вот, собственно и предполагаемая причина раздора


Film hunk JOSH HARTNETT struggles to keep his girlfriend happy - because she gets jealous whenever he's on a movie set.

The smoldering HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE star - who is currently dating a mystery woman - admits the celebrity lifestyle he's immersed in puts extra pressure on his relationships.

Sexy Josh moans, "Relationships are hard anyway, but the celebrity aspect makes the person you're with crazy. They always assume that you'll cheat.

"My girlfriend said recently, 'I have this vision of you when you go off, just surrounded by these beauties who are throwing themselves at you. I know you're a good guy, but I don't know if you're strong enough for that.'

"It's incredibly hard so we're just trying to work through it."

06/08/2003 21:21



Hollywood hunk JOSH HARTNETT has set up home with his girlfriend ELLEN FENSTER in their native Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The high school sweethearts, both 24, are putting the finishing touches to a $2.4 million (GBP1.6 million) Victorian mansion on the Lake of Isles.

A source says the couple actually bought the home in July (02), but because of Hartnett's filming schedule, they're just finding time to furnish it.

The source adds, "This is where he plans to raise his kids."

18/04/2003 03:09


Ну как можно в Голливуде заводить детей в таком юном возрасте?!

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