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30 дней ночи / 30 days of night

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Какой шикарный постер  :cool:


Людмила ага СУПЕРРР!!!!


Обложка просто супер вышла!


Кажется, мне уже фиолетово, что именно пишут о фильмах с Джошем...хоть упоминают имя его...и на том спасибо...
Поскольку Дэвид Слейд уже пошти новый национальный герой, то не может такого быть, чтоб "30 дней ночи" не упомянули...
'30 Days Of Night' Leaves MTV's Gore Girls Lost In The Alaskan Wilderness
Welcome to Gore Girls! MTV contributor Terri Schwartz doesn't know crap about the horror genre, and she's volunteered to be our Movies Blog guinea pig. She has a good guide too. Fellow contributor Jenni Miller is a bonafide horror enthusiast, and she's willing to walk Terri through her formative experiences with blood, guts, monsters and maniacs. Together, this dynamic duo are THE GORE GIRLS!!! Good luck Terri... you're definitely going to need it.

Our vampire-themed month for the Gore Girls continues today with "30 Days of Night." The setup is actually pretty ingenious for a vampire movie. The blood-suckers hate sunlight, right? And Alaska has, what, 100 days or so of sunlight each year? There's no better place for them to call home, provided they can survive that long hibernation. And "30 Days of Night" has the added bonus of being directed by David Slade, who just wrapped filming on the third "Twilight" movie, "Eclipse." Take it away, Jenni and Terri.

Terri: Is it sad to say this movie made me miss Edward Cullen?

Jenni: Ahahaha! So I read the comic book a while ago, and its sequel, and the comics themselves are pretty sparse in the plot department. Ben Templesmith's art is amazing, but they're the type of comics that you can read in an hour or less.

Terri: Were the vamps as weird and zombie-like in the comics? Did they make weird bird calls there too?

Jenni: I'm kind of surprised that the writer of the comic was also one of the screenwriters because the strongest part of the comic, in my opinion, was the love between Eben and Stella. They weren't estranged. The vampires were super-freaky because of how fantastic Templesmith's artwork is, but as far as how they talked, it was indicated by the lettering that it was a different language, but not how it sounded. By the way, I have to give a shout-out to Ben Foster, who is awesome as the creepy Renfield type and is in "The Messenger," which peeps gotta see!

Terri: Bird calls, Jenni. Bird calls.

Jenni: Yeah, that was terrible. The Bird calls. it's like when your cat sees a bird in the window.

Terri: And as far as the love story goes, who likes watching happy couples. Seriously. Gotta cater to the audience.

Terri: It was weird seeing Josh Hartnett. Where's he been lately?

Jenni: He's made some movies that I haven't seen. I did, unfortunately, subject myself to "The Black Dahlia" a few years back, which was abysmal. But let's talk about David Slade. Do you think that because of the way he handles the action in this movie, he's a good choice for the more action-oriented "Eclipse"?

Terri: I don't know. It was all so corny! Visually it was okay I guess. But I don't know. Are we really holding the "Twilight" series up to any high standard? I have hope for Chris Weitz's take, but I have a feeling it's going to be shot down. And if this is how David Slade does vampire movies, I don't want to see it.

Jenni: I don't even know where to begin with "Twilight."

Terri: Let's not, and go back to "30 Days of Night." I'll start: I don't even know where to begin with "30 Days of Night." I think my favorite shot was when Eben had to be a man and chop off someone's head and Stella didn't want to see or hear so instead of walking into a different area she sat with HER BACK AGAINST THE WALL OF THE ROOM HE WAS AXE-WIELDING IN and covered her ears. I think that's my summary of how this movie made absolutely no sense. And it wasn't scary. I don't know, I wasn't very impressed.

Jenni: The plot, like in the comic, is bare-bones. I mean, just tossing in some very light drama about their split is the best they could do? The idea is good -- vampires, Alaska, a month of night. But planes take off in the dark! We're literally watching them wait out a snow storm.

Terri: I know, right? And the passage of time was so weird too. It felt like two days had passed and then they're like, "Day 18." I don't know where I missed days three through 16...

Jenni: I was asleep, perhaps.

Terri: And I thought the twist at the end was stupid. No spoilers, but is that how the graphics ended?

Jenni: Aaaactually, that is the real ending, and I liked it (spoiler: because I'm a sap!). It also sets it up for the sequel, at least in the comic.

Terri: Ah, okay. I felt in the context of the movie it didn't really work. And I didn't care enough about the characters to, well... care. It seems like it would work well in comic book format but didn't translate well to the screen.

Jenni: No, the characters are just flat. At least in the comic book, the couple's care for each other made ME care.

Jenni: Ugh. Of course, the terrible acting didn't help.

Terri: Maybe that's why we haven't seen Joshy-boy, eh?

Jenni: UGH. This movie should've been zesty and played on the fact that Barrow, Alaska is dark for 30 days, and that's how we felt watching it. In the dark. For far too long.



Переводить некогда, сорри, может позже выберу, что тут о Джоше написали :
Exclusive: Steve Niles on ‘30 Days of Night: Dark Days'


Call it counter-programming. At a time when vampire romance tales threaten to completely extinguish any reminder that the undead were once creatures to be feared rather than swooned over, shooting has at long last begun on the sequel to 30 Days of Night, the Josh Hartnett-starring film adaptation of Steve Niles fan-favorite comic book. Filling in for the Melissa George, the first film's heroine/survivor is Lost's Kiele Sanchez, who's joined by genre veteran Mia Kirshner and Sanchez's fellow Lostie Harold Perrineau. Last week we chatted with Niles from his home in LA about what we can expect from 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

How did this come about in the wake of the first film?

We thought the first 30 Days did really well.  It did really good at the box office and has certainly gained a lot of popularity online.  So we were pushing that right from the get go.  But at first we didn't get the immediate response we wanted.  Then [director] Ben [Katai] and I made the deal to just go ahead and do the script.  We had such a great time doing the script, pretty soon after that we got the whole thing greenl it.  This is really the strangest project in that it went from one week when it didn't look like it was going to happen to the next week, when they were like, "Pack your bags for Vancouver."  I've never had anything turn around so fast.  I think a lot of that goes to Ben and the script, and what he's been doing with directing and keeping this project moving forward.  It took sevens years to get 30 Days of Night on the screen so that was like the ultimate slow grind and then this was all the sudden, "It's happening!"  I've never had that happen.

Can you tell us a little about the changes that we'll see from the first film? Aside from the story of course, there's a new director, new cast, a new actress playing Stella.

It was somewhat of a funny situation because when we went back to the cast Ben and I were like "Alright now, who do we want to get? Okay, well Stella's pretty much the only one still alive; we've killed everybody."  We went after Melissa George first because basically it's her movie, and we wanted to give her the first shot at it.  But it just turned out to be one of those things with scheduling and all of that and it just didn't work out. So I talked to Ben, and the producers, JR and Nick Phillips at Sony and basically the decision was to go just a little bit younger in hopes of doing the other comics.  Because of course there are more comics than just the three.  There's plenty of material to keep it going.  So I kind of like the idea of hitting reset.  So there's this idea, even if we did get Melissa, there's no way we'd get Hartnett back.  So starting from scratch is actually working out really well.

Остальное здесь Источник
это что, Мелисса???? o.O


Blu-ray & Dvd
Comic-Con: il trailer del sequel di 30 giorni di buio

Uscirà ad ottobre negli USA il seguito horror 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, direttamente per il mercato home video
Giovanni Ragosa - 26/07/2010 

Al Comic-Con è stato presentato il sequel di 30 giorni di buio, il fortunato film sui vampiri con Josh Hartnett del 2007. 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, questo il titolo del seguito, riprende la trama dove il primo film l’aveva interrotta: Stella (Kiele Sanchez, che sostituisce Melissa George) si unisce ad un gruppo di cacciatori di vampiri (Diora Baird, Harold Perrineau e Rhys Coiro) che le chiedono di aiutarli nella loro missione di vendetta. La regia di questo secondo episodio è di Ben Ketai, mentre alla sceneggiatura c’è sempre Steven Niles, l’autore della serie a fumetti da cui entrambi i film sono tratti.

Nonostante il budget inferiore al primo film e la release direct-to-video, il look del film non sembra tanto diverso dal suo predecessore. Purtroppo, non ci sono ancora notizie su una distribuzione italiana.

Sotto, il trailer di 30 Days of Night: Dark Days:




хороший трейлер, спасибо
похож одновременно на Начало, Матрицу, Затмение
и не хватает Джоша
пусть бы уж здесь снялся что ли...


удача написал(а):

...и не хватает Джоша
пусть бы уж здесь снялся что ли...

Если бы он здесь снялся - меня бы хватил удар...
Мне достаточно  нашего мальчика в первом полярном месяце. Свое и наше любопытство удовлетворил - какой он "в бороде" интересный... И вполне качественный фильм для этого жанра получился.

Краткое описание пуквела:
Стелла, сначала сбегающая от первого парня на Аляске (все помнят, что ее особо никто не догонял?), теперь едет мстить за любимого (по видимому, так и не смогла простить, что он взял и так подло умер) в Лос Анджелес(!) - известное место гнездования всяких кровососов (все равно туда собиралась)... Кароче... Крышу снесло у бабцы окончательно...

Фильм я не смотрела, но считаю, что ему не хватает изюму: эскимосов-сектантов, выкравших кузена Эбена в младенчестве (вообще-то они на однояйцевых близнецах специализируются, но Д.Х в дальнейших съемках принять участие не смог), продавших мальчика по спекулятивной цене трансильванским монахам, которые вырастили из него ярого приспешника древних калифорнийских упырей...

Я не знаю, как еще вас убедить, что продолжение редкое и никомуненужное гуано...
Этому фильму, кроме как участием Джоша в 1-й части, больше хвастать нечем.


Чиффа написал(а):

Стелла, сначала сбегающая от первого парня на Аляске (все помнят, что ее особо никто не догонял?), теперь едет мстить за любимого (по видимому, так и не смогла простить, что он взял и так подло умер) в Лос Анджелес(!) - известное место гнездования всяких кровососов (все равно туда собиралась)... Кароче... Крышу снесло у бабцы окончательно...

Какой УЖОСС...

Чиффа написал(а):

Я не знаю, как еще вас убедить, что продолжение редкое и никомуненужное гуано...

Тебе уже это удалось  :D


Чиффа написал(а):

продавших мальчика по спекулятивной цене трансильванским монахам, которые вырастили из него ярого приспешника древних калифорнийских упырей...

это добаввит остроты!!! у тебя талант! тебе пора начинать писать сценарии
и загонять их в голливуд по спекулятивной цене...


Чиффа написал(а):

Краткое описание пуквела  пять баллов))) афтар, пеши есчо)))


30 дней ночи-один из моих любимых фильмов.Я его много раз пересматривала.Вот сейчас пишу, и снова захотелось посмотреть!Я тащюсь от героя Джоша!Он такой смелый,отважный,красивый,мужественный!Прямо,мой идеал мужчины!


Чиффа написал(а):

выкравших кузена Эбена в младенчестве

Чиффа написал(а):

трансильванским монахам

Чиффа написал(а):

калифорнийских упырей

господя...как я могла пропустить такой синопсис...
токо щас увидела....


Перебирала журнальчики:

КИНОДАЙЖЕСТ, Украина, №11, ноябрь 2007


Cкрины с дополнительных материалов к ДВД, о съемках фильма
дурачились на съемках, как хотели)
и есть кадры красивые Джоша




и еще чуть


Людмила написал(а):

дурачились на съемках, как хотели)и есть кадры красивые Джоша

...и как Джошку не любить за его позитив на площадке, дружелюбные отношения с коллегами, серьезное отношение к работе, сосредоточенное внимание к режиссерам....  :love:  :love:  :love:


12 ужасно холодных фильмов, что бы пережить зиму
12 frightfully cold movies to put your winter in perspective
TORONTO — It’s winter in Canada and, in most places, this means there is plenty of snow and ice as well as brutal wind chills.

It could be worse. At least we’re not freezing and battling vampires, fending off hungry wolves, or trying to decide which one of our friends to eat first.

Here to put the icy grip of winter into perspective are 12 bone-chilling movies. (Not surprisingly, 10 of them were filmed in Canada.)

Turn off the lights, cover yourself in a blanket and enjoy any of these snowy flicks that — like the weather outside — are frightful.
30 DAYS OF NIGHT (2007)

Residents of isolated Barrow, Alaska are being hunted by bloodthirsty vampires during the one month a year when the sun remains below the horizon. Can Josh Hartnett and Melissa George save the town? How many townsfolk will be alive when the sun comes back? And whatever happened to Josh Hartnett?



Обзор "30 дней ночи" в сравнении с "Dead Snow".

Face-Off: 30 Days of Night Vs. Dead Snow

We all had some silly holiday fun with our last Face-Off. The killer snowman Jack Frost defeated the killer Santa Billy from Silent Night, Deadly Night just in time to score some tasty milk and cookies.

Now, the holidays are over, which can be pretty depressing... however horror is the perfect cure! Plus, it's still wintertime which can produce some nice snowy action. In fact, it is currently snowing outside my window (no joke). This inspired us to pit two similarly themed snowy horror efforts against each other and watch as the white stuff is stained red. So curl up by the fire with some booze-infused hot chocolate as we prepare for 30 Days of Night vs. Dead Snow!


Thankfully, 30 Days does not shy away from the gore factor for a second! This is how a movie about vampires is supposed to roll. We are treated to graphic depictions of people getting their necks torn apart, heads being blown and chopped off, necks being snapped, and much more. One dude's arm is even ripped off, with bone still sticking out.
Best Kill

Oh this is a harsh one. After Hartnett and a recently bit "Billy" shred a vampire in this heavy-duty machine, Billy's hand ends up getting lopped off as well. He begins to scream and turn to a vampire, thus alerting the other bloodsuckers to Hartnett's location. Ol' Joshy has no choice but to bury an ax just beneath Billy's chin. Only one swing won't do. Hartnett has to take a few more whacks till Billy's head is dangling off to the side.

Remember when Josh Hartnett used to be in movies, particularly genre movies? Yes, it's been a while, but that just feels strange because I never found the dude annoying or trying to play off his pretty boy image. This is currently the case in 30 Days. He plays a very likable, subdued Alaskan officer of the law, who makes no bones about protecting his community at all cost.

Tough Chick
Melissa George is a beautiful genre lady, yet she also possesses this keen sense of toughness that is truly unique. This is probably because you wouldn't expect someone as gorgeous as her also kicking ass. Yet Miss George does just that as a police officer and Hartnett's semi-ex. It ain't easy surviving a huge vampire onslaught, but Melissa definitely had the chops to do so, despite hiding through a lot of it.

Undead Solution?
In order to rescue Melissa George from certain death, Josh Hartnett makes the ultimate sacrifice of injecting vampire-tainted blood into himself in order to ascertain enough strength to fight the blood suckers before he fully turns! Talk about bad f*cking ass! The dude then throws down with the head vampire and eventually punches through its mouth and out the back of its head! The rest of the vampire followers flee in fear. Boom!
30 Days of Night
Ah, nothing like a tight race to ring in the new year! It's still currently snowing outside as 30 Days of Night takes the first Face-Off of 2015. There's still plenty of red-soaked snow out on this battlefield and I'm curious as to which way you feel this bout should have gone. Both flicks are quite well-made and entertaining, so I'm sure opinions are bound to be varied on this one. So, blast them bullets below! And feel free to send any future Face-Off ideas to me at


Viking Night: 30 Days of Night
By Bruce Hall
April 5, 2018

The kind of horror films I enjoy are rarely about the monster. They’re about tapping into larger concepts that frighten us on shattering, primal levels. I know that zombies and werewolves are not real, and that nobody on screen is really being killed, so what else have you got? To truly get into someone’s head, you need to get their mind into a state of lonely isolation where their deepest fears can be stirred. That sediment gets whipped into a cloud of blackness not by the monster, but by the world the monster represents.

That said I guess I don’t “enjoy” them so much as I occasionally appreciate the effect they have on my perspective, not unlike taking a cold shower. So when a friend recommended I review 30 Days of Night for this column, I had to pause and do a quick Terminator-style memory scan. Do you mean:

28 Days Later?
50 First Dates?
3:10 to Yuma?

Every number-related movie title I could think of flashed through my mind, and I came up with nothing. I was informed that this was a vampire flick, which game me pause because those usually suck. But after running my concerns past a trusted colleague, I was told assured that 30 Days of Night was well worth my time.

I’m happy to report that it’s also well worth yours. The story takes place in (a movie version of) Barrow, Alaska. The town sits above the Arctic Circle, which means that that once a year it’s plunged into a full month of darkness. And why?

Because the Earth is round, people.

The town’s inhabitants are hardy, blue-collar folk who work on the nearby Alaskan Pipeline. Still, most of them can’t handle thirty days of darkness and flee for more forgiving climes until the event is over. Sheriff Eben Oleson (Josh Hartnett) and his deputy Billy (Manu Bennett) are responsible for preparing the town for the long night and this year, they’re not looking forward to it any more than usual. Eben is also estranged from wife Stella (Melissa George). So when she misses the last plane out of town and ends up staying, you can add “30 Days of Awkwardly Avoiding My Wife” to Eben’s list of woes.

It gets worse. A certain series of events leaves the town cut off from the outside world. The sabotage is clearly intentional and it coincides with the appearance of a disheveled and violent stranger (Ben Foster) whom Eben promptly arrests. What the unsuspecting townies don’t yet know is that this is merely the vanguard of a well organized vampire invasion force. But thankfully, this is not a From Dusk Till Dawn style grindhouse shoot-em-up.

The built-in excuse for shooting entirely at night makes for an obvious atmospheric advantage, and the Arctic setting is an added bonus in that department. But this is a movie about people who consider themselves to be a strong, self sufficient community finding themselves entirely out of element. Of course that’s not necessarily original either but if it works, who cares?

And like any good film, this one is truly the sum of its parts. It’s not without its flaws, but it combines atmosphere, drama and “brio” in the perfect proportion to keep me riveted. David Slade (Breaking Bad, Hannibal, Black Mirror) is probably an deal director for such a balancing act; a proven small screen talent who can be safely entrusted with a relatively low risk, high reward project like this one.

He certainly gets the most out of his actors, too. Horror and Noir themed comics often lean heavily on reaction closeups, and there are more of those in 30 Days of Night than a in a Mexican soap opera. But they’re effective; usually shot in narrow focus on an actor clearly reliving some kind of Method trauma. If you appreciate seeing actors emote, then you’re in for a real treat with 30 Days of Night. Maybe they brought Stanley Kubrick back from the dead to scare the living shit out of everyone.

Whatever it was and however it happened, there’s some pretty solid acting going on in this movie.

Hartnett’s character was plucked from a spaghetti western and stuffed into a parka. He’s a resolute and aggressive Sheriff, but also easily the most human of anyone in town. He’s often reluctant to make hard decisions but he’s conscious of setting an example, and eager to allow everyone whatever dignity he can. This is why they follow him, even when they’re not sure he knows what he’s doing. And of course, nothing mends a broken marriage like a vampire attack. Eben and Stella’s thawing feels earned though, and you hardly notice until after it’s already happened.

I’m not saying there’s no melodrama here at all. Things go over the top on occasion. But would you order a hamburger dry, or would you put something on it? Right - and that something is vampires.

I haven’t mentioned them yet because as I said, this story isn’t about them. most modern vampires, these are highly stylized. They look like characters from a slightly buggy Grand Theft Auto mod. Their spoken language sounds like a Klingon reading Hebrew while chewing on unsalted almonds. When they get worked up they screech at each other like howler monkeys on meth. I get it; they’re meant to be ancient creatures with feral tendencies. At first it’s suitably unsettling. But by the end, with all of them on screen at once, it reminded me of every Halloween party in the 90’s that had twelve guys dressed like The Crow.

Just. Fucking. Over it. But hey, they’re there to do one thing and they do it well. And as their leader, Danny Huston and his eyebrows are legitimately terrifying. There are also a number of things I’d be willing to bet are direct reproductions from the comic. One in particular made stupendous use of the film’s restricted color palette. Even the sound design is worth mentioning; what little music there is relies on weird, organic percussion sounds cued to horrifying events on screen. For comparison, I found 30 Days to be no less effective overall than Sin City, and I enjoyed this movie a whole lot more than that one. So there.

Simply put, I dug this film. It grabbed my attention. It got me engaged. And though it’s twenty minutes too long and almost goes off the rails in its last third, it recovers nicely in the final minutes and absolutely nails the ending. Even the credits are worth watching.

I can think of no higher praise.



Thoughts from the Ledge: Horror movies to beat the summer heat

With temperatures routinely over the 90-degree mark and in some cases higher, at 1428 Elm, we decided to give you a list of 5 horror movies that will help you chill out.

“It’s like a heatwave, burning in my heart.” – Martha and the Vandellas
Hot Stuff

It’s the beginning of July and the world is hurtling toward the sun. At least, it feels like it. With temperatures routinely 90 degrees and above, who wants to hang outside and bake in the heat? Not too many people.

So, at 1428 Elm, we came up with a list of horror movies that you can chill out to while the thermometer explodes. Grab your favorite frosty beverage, crank the air conditioner and watch these films!
Chillers to Beat the Heat
30 Days of Night

This is one of the best vampire movies ever made. Coincidentally, Ghost House Pictures (Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert) is behind it so you know it is going to be a frightening ride. The story was taken from  IDW Publishing’s three issue comic book miniseries from the early 2000’s.

Eben (Josh Hartnett) and Stella Oleson (Melissa George) are going through a rough time in their marriage. In a town as small as Barrow, Alaska it is hard to get away from one another. After Stella misses her flight, she ends up having to stay which makes for an awkward situation.

However, things are about to go from awkward to terrifying in 0 to 60. When a stranger arrives suddenly (Ben Foster) he turns everything upside down by destroying the only helicopter that Barrow has, trashing all of the cell phones and killing all of the sled dogs. Now, it seems everyone is going to have to hunker down to brave the harsh winter.

In the midst of the freezing temperatures and the inhospitable snowy conditions, a group of creatures of the night arrives with nothing on their minds but annihilating the inhabitants of the town. As the citizens are terrorized and the population is dwindling, Eben decides to make the ultimate sacrifice to rid Barrow of their unwanted visitors.



Фильм "30 дней ночи" открыл на канале ужасов неделю кино о вампирах.

Horror Channel Bares Its Teeth with VAMPIRE WEEK From 13th March 2021

Saturday 13 March @ 22:45 – 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (2007) *Channel Premiere

A remote, isolated town in Alaska is plunged into a state of complete darkness for 30 days every winter. It is here that a group of marauding and bloodthirsty vampires, led by Marlow (Danny Huston), are coming to feast on its helpless residents. It is up to Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett),his estranged wife, Stella (Melissa George), and an ever-shrinking group of survivors to do anything and everything they can to last until daylight.


Вы здесь » Josh Hartnett Forum » Фильмы. Movies » 30 дней ночи / 30 days of night